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Families covered: Fulwood of Alne Parva, Fulwood of Clay Hall, Fulwood of Fulwood, Fulwood of Ford Hall, Fulwood of Holborn, Fulwood of Midleton, Fulwood of Shelfield, Fulwood of Tanworth (Tamworth)

We suspect that this family derived its name from Fulwood in Lancashire.
Robert de Fulwood
1. Ralph de Fulwood
  A. Robert de Fulwood
i. Richard de Fulwood
  m. Margaret
  a. Robert de Fulwood
  m. Alice Woodward (dau of John Woodward of Tanworth)
  (1) John Fulwood of Tanworth
  (A) John Fulwood of Tanworth
  (i) Alice Fulwood
  m. William Beake of Hambrey
  (B) Jane Fulwood possibly of this generation
  m. William Shuckburgh of Shuckburgh
(2) Ralph Fulwood
  (3) William Fulwood of Fulwood
  m. Joan Sedenhall (dau/heir of John Sedenhall)
  (A) John Fulwood of Fulwood
  m. Isabella Harwell (dau of John Harwell of Wotton)
  (i) John Fulwood of Clay Hall in Fulwood
  m. Matilda Ernies (dau of William Ernies)
  (a) Richard Fulwood of Clay Hall
  m. Agneta Hubard (dau of John Hubard of Baidon)
  ((1)) Robert Fulwood of Clay Hall in Tanworth, Warwickshire (a 1521) - continued below
  m. Margaret Mitton (dau/heir of John Mitton of Salop)
  (ii) Robert Fulwood
2. Robert de Offord
  A. Robert de Offord



Robert Fulwood of Clay Hall in Tanworth, Warwickshire (a 1521) - continued above
m. Margaret Mitton (dau/heir of John Mitton of Salop)
1. Richard Fulwood of Clay Hall
  m. Margaret Trussel (dau of Thomas Trussel of Billesley)
  A. Edward Fulwood of Clay Hall (a 1563)
  m. Joyce Yardley (dau of John Yardley of Sutton Coldfield)
i.+ issue - Richarde, Robert, Raffaell, Humphrey, Elianor, Maria, Anna
2. John Fulwood of Ford Hall in Wotton
  m. John Heath (dau/coeir of Baldwin Heath of Ford Hall)
  A. John Fulwood of Ford Hall
  m(1). _ Winson (dau/heir of Henry Winson)
  i.+ issue - John (a 1613), Frances (dsp), Dorothy, Maria
  Visitation ends with the above. We speculate that this was the John 'of Tanworth' who (also) married the following Catherine Dabridgcourt. This is because Lipscomb, in his report on the Hampden family, identifies Eleanor (relict of Baldwin Barnard of Abington Abbey) as "second dau. and coh." of John Fullwood of Forde Hall by ...
  m(2). Catherine Dabridgcourt (dau of Thomas Dabridgcourt of Longdon Hall)
  v. Eleanor Fulwood (d 27.01.1634, coheir) probably of this generation
  m1. Baldwin Bernard of Abington (b c1554, d 11.09.1610)
  m2. Edmond Hampden (son of Griffith of Buckinghamshire)
  B. Margaret Fulwood
  m. Hugh Wilkes (yeoman)
  C. Philippa Fulwood
  m. _ Snede
  D. Anna Fulwood
  m. Thomas Bonner (yeoman)
3. Robert Fulwood of Alne Parva in Aston Cantlow, Warwickshire
  m. _ Hunter (dau of Thomas Hunter of Stodley)
  A. John Fulwood of Alne Parva
  m. Maria Hill (dau of _ Hill of Bearley)
  i. Robert Fulwood or Fullwood of Alne Parva
  m. Elizabeth Hill (dau of John Hill of Elford)
  The following comes from Visitation (Warwickshire, 1682, Fullwood of Alne Parva).
  a. Thomas Fulwood of Alne Parva (b c1599, a 1619)
  m. Johanna Wilkinson (dau of George Wilkinson of Farthington)
  (1) George Fulwood of Alne Parva (b c1629, a 1682)
  m. Anne Court (dau/coheir of Edmund Court of Ouldborough)
  (A)+ issue (a 1682) - George (b c1668), Thomas (b c1675), Edmund (b c1677), Robert (b c1680), Mary, Elizabeth, Anne
  (2) Richard Fulwood of Rous Lench, Worcestershire (a 1682)
  m. Alice Huband (dau/heir of Thomas Huband of Rous Lench)
  (A)+ issue (a 1682) - Thomas (b c1666), Richard, George, Adam, Robert, Alice, Mary
  (3) Elizabeth Fulwood
  m. Edward Wingfield of Leopards
  (4) Alice Fulwood
  m. William Willes of Cleeve Prior
  (5) Mary Fulwood
  m. Edward Ball of Walsall
  (6) Rebecca Fulwood
  m. John Parry of Somerfield Aston
  b. Joseph Fulwood of Shelfield, Warwickshire
  m. _ Smith of Shelfield
  (1) Robert Fulwood of Shelfield (b c1632, a 1682)
  m. Alice Beck of Staffordshire
  (A) Sarah Fulwood
  m. William Cooper of Studley
  (B) Elizabeth Fulwood
  m. Hugh Handley of Hendley (sic)
  (C) Dorcas Fulwood
  m. Timothy Collyer of Burford
  (D)+ other issue - Alice, Hannah, Rebecca
  (2) Adam Fulwood of Studley, Warwickshire (b c1642, a 1682)
  m. _ Steward (dau/heir of Walter Steward of Studley)
  (A) Elizabeth Fulwood
  (3) Elizabeth Fulwood
  m. _ Hopkins of Wedgbury
  c. Alice Fulwood
  m. John Burrows of Rutley
  d. Jane Fulwood
  m. Morice Walsingham of Couton
  ii. Avery Fulwood of Wilmecott, Warwickshire (3rd son)
  m. Jane Atkins (dau of Philip Atkins of Alne Parva)
  a.+ issue -- Robert (b c1599, a 1619), Avery, John, Maria
  iii. Richard Fulwood of Alcester, Warwickshire
  m. Anna Bailie
  a.+ issue - Thomas (d infant?), Thomas, Elizabeth
  iv. Katherine Fulwood
  m. Henry Hanbury of Hanbery
  v. Alice Fulwood
  m1. Theophilus Wilkin
  m2. George Wilkinson of Greaves Norton
  vi. Eleanora Fulwood
m. William Greene of Alne Parva
  vii.+ other issue - John, Adam of London
  B. Avery Fulwood of Woodhouse, Warwickshire (youngest son?)
  m. Johanna Gunne (dau of _ Gunne of St, Bury, widow of George Smith of Woodhouse)
  i. Maria Fulwood
  ii. Johanna Fulwood
  m. _ Parker of Arow
  C. Johanna Fulwood
  m. _ Robins of Etington
  D. Anna Fulwood
  m. Richard Gunne of Aston Cantlow
  E.+ other issue - Avery (dsp), Thomas (dsp), Adam (dsp), Margaret
4. Margaret Fulwood probably of this generation
  m. Avery (Addreis) Trussell of Billesley



Presumably connected to the above family in some way was ...
Thomas Fulwood of Midleton, Derbyshire
1. John Fulwood of Midleton
  A. Francis Fulwood of Midleton (a 1611)
  m. Mary Cook (dau of ?? Cook (Coke) of Trusley)
  i. Susanna Fulwood probably of this generation
  m. William Vyner of Eathorpe (bpt 31.01.1570, d 28.04.1639)
  B. Sir George Fulwood of Holborn, Middlesex
  m1/2. Anne Bentley (dau/heir of Thomas Bentley of Holborne by Susan, dau/coheir of John Manard of Poplar)
  i. Christopher Fulwood of Gray's Inn
  Seen on a web site as later 'of Holborn'.
  ii.+ other issue - George, Humfrey, Mildmay, Jane, Anne, Jane
  m2/1. Alice Fulwood (dau of John Fulwood of Ford Hal)
  viii.+ other issue - John, Rogert, Allice
  C.+ other issue - Thomas of Herst in Derbyshire (had issue), Humfrey (dsp), Joyce
2. Humfrey Fulwood of Hogsnoston or Hagneston
  m. Ellin Kniveton (dau of Thomas Kniveton of Mircaston)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper & middle sections : Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619, Fulwood) with input as reported above
(2) For lower section : Mundy's Middlesex Pedigrees (1914, Fulwood of Holborne)
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