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Families covered: Hugford of Apley, Hugford (Higford) of Dickleston (Dixton), Hugford of Edmonscott (Emscote), Hugford of Henwood, Hugford of Solihull, Hugford of Wilden

(1) It appears that variations of this family's name include not just Hugfford & Huggeford but also Hockford, Higford & Hickford and sometimes even Hungerford.
(2) The families shown below share the page for our convenience. HoP ('Robert Hugford (d 1411)') reports that "There is no evidence to connect (Robert) Hugford (shown in the lower section) with the important Shropshire family of this name" (shown in the upper section).
William Hugford
1. Walter Hugford of Middleton, Salop (d c1380)
  m. _ Middleton (dau of William Middleton of Middleton)
The above comes from the schedule kindly provided to us by a contributor (see under Main Sources below). We have also seen the above on various web sites, some of which identify Walter's wife as Alice de Middleton (## see here ##, dau of Peter de Middleton by Eustacia de Plummpton). HoP reports that a son of William of Middleton was ...
  A. Sir William Hugford of Apley (Salop) & Wilden (Bedfordshire), Sheriff of Salop (d before 28.11.1404, MP)
  The following is supported by Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 4, 'Pedigree of Haversham', p187).
  m. (by 1388) Margery Pavenham (b 1354, d 08.08.1408, dau/heir of Sir James Pavenham of Wilden by Katherine, dau of Walter Trailly)
  i. son (dvp c1401)
  ii. William Hugford of Apley & Wilden (d c1406)
  Lipscomb shows that William dsp but possibly that should have been dspm as HoP refers to a granddaughter of Sir William (and niece of Alice) being ...
  a. Margery Hugford (b c1406, d 1413)
  iii. Alice Hugford
  m1. Sir Thomas Lucy of Charlecot (d 1415)
  m2. Richard Archer of Tamworth (d 1471)



John Hugford of Warwickshire
1. Robert Hugford of Edmonscott or Emscote, Warwickshire (d 12.05.1411, MP, controller of the household of the Earl of Warwick)
  m. (by 1391) Joyce Cumberley (d 21.10.1415, dau/heir of Thomas Cumberley or Comberley)
  A. Thomas Hugford of Edmonscott (Emscote) (b c1392, a 1438, MP)
m. Margaret Dinge (a 1438, dau of Sir John Dinge)
  i. John Hugford of Edmonscott (d 1485)
  The following comes from VCH (Warwickshire, vol 6, 'Parishes: Milverton') except that the following name of John's wife is identified in 'The Antiquities of Warwickshire' (William Thomas, vol 1, p278) as ...
  m. Margaret Metley (dau/heir of Nicholas Metley)
  a. Joan Hugford
  m. Humphrey (probably not Henry) Beaufoe (d 1485-6)
  b. Alice Hugford
  m. Richard Cotes (d 1504)
  (1) John Cotes (a 1512)
  c. Anne Hugford
  m. Gerard Danett (d 1520)
  (1) Elizabeth Danett (dsp)
  ii. William Hugford (3rd son)
  m. Alice Gadier (dau of William Gadier of Pinchthorp)
  a. Thomas Hugford of Pinchthorp
  m. Beatrix Rody (dau of William Rody)
  (1) John Hugford
m. _ Charde
  (A) John Hugford of Henwood, Warwickshire (d 1558)
  m. Katherine Hennage (dau of John Hennage or Heneage, brother of Thomas of Howton)
  (i) John Hugford of Henwood (b 1543, d 03.1602, MP)
  m1. Margaret Hugford (dau of Sir John Hugford of Bindisleston and/or Dixton) @@ below
  (a) John Hugford of Henwood (b c1576)
The following is supported by Visitation (Rutland, 1681-2, 'Hugford of Glaston').
  m1. Lettice or Lucy Holt (dau of Edward Holt of Duddeston)
  ((1)) William Hugford of London (b c1609, d c1665, rd son)
  m. _ Scott (from the West of England)
  ((A))+ issue - William of London (b c1653.a 1681), Thomas in London (a 1681), 2 sons (d young)
  ((2)) Abigail Hugford (b c1597)
  m. Thomas Coldecot of Catthorpe
  ((3)) Margaret Hugford (b c1600)
  m. William Spooner of Cleyall then Henwood
  ((4)) Jane (or Frances?) Hugford (b c1602?)
  m. Richard Palmer of Wing then Glaston
  ((5)) Elizabeth Hugford (b c1604)
  m. Henry Cooper of Arthingworth
  ((6)) Katherine Hugford (b c1607)
  m. John Green of Market Overton
  ((7)) Lettice Hugford (b c1612)
  m. Flower Green (half-brother of John)
  ((8)) Mary Hugford (b c1613)
  m. _ Duguard of Warwickshire
  ((9))+ other issue (a 1619) - John (b c1598, d unm c1673), Edward of Glaston (b c21.01.1607, a 1681, d unm?), Anna (b c1605, a 1681, d unm?)
m2. Mary Cooper (dau of Richard Cooper of Warmington, widow of Thomas Farrent of Lutterworth)
  ((12)) Peter Hugford (b c1617, a 1640)
  (b) Thomas Hugford 'of Solihull'
  m. (03.06.1599) Frances Butler (dau of George Butler of Aston-in-the-Walles)
  ((1)) Henry Hugford or Huggeford (b c1606) possibly the Henry of Solihull who married ...
  m. Catherine Giffard or Gifford (sister of Walter of Chilligton)
  ((2)) Anne Hugford (or Hungerford) possibly fits here
  m. (sp) Walter Giffard or Gifford of Chillington (b 1611, d 1688)
((3))+ other issue (a 1619) - Humphry (b c1607), Thomas (b c1613), Elizabeth (b c1601), Frances (b c1603), Lettice (b c1605), Maria (b c1611)
  (c) Lettice Hugford
  m. Charles Waring of Beriehall
  (d) Katherine Hugford
  m. Edward Hungerford of Windridg
  (e) Margaret Hugford
  m. William Laurence of Shernton
  (f) Ursula Hugford probably of this generation, of this marriage
  m. Thomas Fettiplace of Fernham (d 02.1616)
  m2. (sp) Anna Dabscourt (dau of Thomas Dabscourt (Dabridgcourt))
  B. John Hugford of Dickleston (Dixton), Gloucestershire
m. Matilda (probably not Elizabeth) Dickleston (dau of John (or Sir William) Dickleston by Margaret Besford)
  i. John Hugford of Dickleston
  m. _ Washborne (dau of Norman Washborne of Winchinford)
  a. Thomas Hugford or Higford of Dickleston
m. Isabell or Elizabeth Hungerford (dau of Sir Thomas (probably not Anthony of John) Hungerford of Downe Ampney)
  (1) John Hugford of Dickleston
  The following is supported by Visitation (Worcestershire, 1569, 'Handford'), which mainly follows the Vampage family.
  m1. ?? ## see here ##
  m2. Elizabeth or Dorothy Vampage (dau/coheir of Robert Vampage, m2. Thomas Winchcombe)
(A) Margaret Hugford of Higford (d 18.11.1594)
  m. Thomas Handford (Hanford) of Wolshull or Wollashall
  (2) William Hugford of Dickleston (d 11.12.1545)
  m1. Elizabeth Rudhall (dau of William Rudhall (Sergeant at law))
(A) (Sir) John Hugford of Dickleston (Higford of Dixton) (b 05.01.1529, d 24.02.1607, MP)
  m(1). Elizabeth Fettiplace (dau of Edmond Fettiplace of Besilesleigh)
  (i) John Hugford or Higford of Dickleston (Dixton) (b c1551, d before 19.05.1612, MP)
  m. (19.10.1579) Dorothy Rogers (dau of William Rogers of Dowdeswell)
  (a) William Hugford or Higford of Dixton (b c1580, d 06.04.1657, MP)
  m. (by 1607) Mary Meux (d by 14.08.1658, dau of Sir John Meux (Meulx) of Kingston)
  ((1)) John Higford of Dixton (b 1607, d 1634)
  The following comes from forestofdeanhistory.org.uk (see here).
  m. Frances Scudamore (sister of Sir John Scudamore)
  ((A)) John Higford (b 1630, d 1703)
  m. Elizabeth (d 1687)
  ((i)) John Higford (b 1650, d 1706)
  ((ii)) William Higford (d 1733)
  m2. Anne
  ((a)) James Higford (d 1748)
  m. Margaret Keyte (d 1727)
  (((1))) Ann Higford
  m. Francis Davis of Chepstow
  ((b) William Higford (d 1770)
  m. Elizabeth
  (((1))) Elizabeth Higford
m. (1754) William Parsons
  ((c)) Henry Higford (d 1795, cleric)
  m4. Mary Meaux
  ((iii))+ other issue
  ((B))+ other issue
  ((2)) William Hugford or Higford (b 1608, d 1645) probably the William of Dixton who married ...
  m. Dorothy Tracy (dau of Robert Tracy, 2nd Viscount of Rathcoole)
  ((3))+ other issue (a 1623) - Edward (d 1658), Thomas (d 1651), Robert (b 1622, d 1649), Dorothy (b 1617, d 1678)
  (b) John Hugford
m. Anne Machin (dau of Henry Machin of Gloucester)
  ((1)) William Hugford
  (c) Mary Hugford
  m. John Yong
  (d) Bridgett Hugford or Higford
  m. John Whittington of Hampton
  (e) Elizabeth Hugford
  m. John James
  (ii) Abraham Hugford (dsp)
  (iii) Jane Hugford
m. William Pershall of Staffordshire
  (iv) Mary Hugford
  m. _ Alley of Barkhamsted
  (v) Dorothy Hugford or Higford
  m. Walter Compton of Hartbury
  (vi) Margaret Hugford
  m. John Hugford of Henwood @@ above
  (B) Elinor Hugford
  m2. Margaret Horgan of Sylvin
  (C) George Hugford
  C. Margery Hugford
  m. Richard de Edmundescote (aka Reynolds), later Rivel (son of Geoffrey (de Edmundescote or Reynolds) by Joan, dau of William Rivel)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : HoP ('Robert Hugford (d 1411)') with input/support as reported above
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619, 'Hugford'), Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1623, 'Hugford') with input/support as reported above
with thanks to a contributor (OWC, 04.08.17) for a schedule which helped us identify these sources and pull together the above
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