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This section first uploaded 30.01.10.
Morris Walter, Mayor of Hwllfford, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire
m. Jane Warren (dau of William Warren of Trewern)
1. William Walter of Roch, Pembrokeshire (a 1601)
  m. Jane Laugharne (dau of Francis Laugharne of St. Bride's by Janet, dau of John Philipps of Picton)
  A. Roland Walter
i. William Walter of Roch Castle near Haverfordwest
  m. Elizabeth Prothero (dau of John Prothero of Hawksbrook (Nantyrhebog) (by Eleanor, dau of Walter Vaughan of Golden Grove), niece of John, 1st Earl of Carbery)
  a. Richard Walter of Roch, Sheriff of Pembrokeshire (a 1657)
  (1) Sir Richard Walter of Roch 'of Rosemarket', Sheriff of Pembrokeshire (a 1727)
  b. Justus Walter
  c. Lucy Walter ('Mrs. Barlow') (b c1630, d 1658)
  p1. Algernon Sidney or Sydney (d 07.12.1683, Colonel)
  p2. Robert Sidney or Sydney (d 1674, brother of Algernon)
  p3. Charles Stuart, King Charles II of England, Scotland & Ireland (b 29.05.1630, d 06.02.1685)
  Lucy claimed that she had been secretly married to Charles but this is widely not believed. Her son James was accepted by Charles as his although it is thought that Robert Sidney may have been the actual father. Provisionally we show James as son of the King. Her daughter Mary claimed to have been the King's child but this was not acknowledged by the King. Provisionally we follow those sources which show Mary as a daughter of Theobald Taffe but some sources suggest that her father may have been Henry Bennet.
  p4/5. Theobald Taaffe, 1st Earl of Carlingford (b c1603, d 31.12.1677)
  p5/4. Henry Bennet, Earl of Arlington (b c1620, d 28.07.1685)



This section first uploaded 02.02.10.
Warinus de Burwardsley
1. Phillip de Burwardsley (dsp)
2. Alice de Burwardsley
  m. Sir Walter Bromley
  A. Sir Robert Bromley (d 1307-8)
  i. John Bromley (d 1332-3)
  a. John Bromley (d 1349-50)
  m. Hillary
  (1) Alice Bromley (heir)
  m. John Frodsham
4. Mabell de Burwardsley
  m. _ Besyn
  A. Warin Besyn possibly husband rather than son of Mabell
  i. Sir Walter Besyn
  a. Sir Thomas Besyn (a 1282, 1316)
  (1) Sir Walter Besyn
  m. _ Mortimer (dau of _ Mortimer of Chelmarsh)
(A) Sir John Besyn (a 1343)
  (i) Elizabeth Besyn (heir)
  m1. Richard Bracey (a 1373)
  (a) Sir Richard Bracye
  m2. Sir Roger Charlton
  (b) Mary Charlton (heir)
  m. John Clopton (son of William Clopton by sister of John Delmorehall)
  ((1)) Sir William Clopton 'of Clopton & Radbrook' (d 1419-20)
  m. Alice Besford (dau of Alexander Besford of Besford) @@ below
  ((A)) Jane Clopton (coheir)
  m. Sir John Burgh of Salop
  ((B)) Agnes Clopton (coheir)
  m. Roger Harewell of Wootton Shottrey
  m3. John Delamorehall
5. Margery de Burwardsley
  m. _ Leighton of Salop
  A. John Leighton
  i. John Leighton
  m. Ellenor (m2. Henry Beresford)
  a. James Leighton (a 1282, 1319)
  m. Rose (widow)



This section first uploaded 02.02.10, reviewed 07.10.17.
Alexander Besford alias Pearesford of Besford (a 1412)
1. Margaret Besford
  m. John Dickleston (or Sir William) of Dickleston, Gloucesteshire (d 1422-3, son of William of Dickleston)
  Visitation (Gloucestershire) shows just one daughter of this marriage although she is identified as coheir: Elizabeth (m. John Hugfford), but with a note that the official record in the Herald's College names her Marilda. Visitation (Worcestershire) shows 2 daughters, Elizabeth, wife of William Harewell, and an unnamed daughter married to _ Hickforde. We combine these as follows.
  m. John Dikleston or Dickleston (d 1422-3)
  A. Elizabeth Dickleston
  m. William Harewell (of Besford)
  B. Matilda Dickleston
  m. John Hickforde or Hugfford of Dickleston (Dixton)
2. Alice Besford
  m. Sir William Clopton @@ above



This section first uploaded 20.02.10, reviewed 02.10.15 & 17.12.22.
Sir Edmund Harrison of Laurence Pountney Hill, London
m. (1684) Mary Fiennes (dau of Nathaniel Fiennes (brother of James, 2nd Viscount Say & Sele) by Frances, dau of Richard Whithead of Siderley)
1. Fiennes Harrison (d unm)
2. Mary Harrison
  m. Samuel Read of Hackney
3. Cecilia Harrison
  m. William Snell of Laurence Pountney Hill, London, later of Ickford (b 1691-2, d 04.07.1759)
A. William Snell of Clapham (b 1719-20, dsp 16.01.1789, Director of the East India Company later of the Bank of England)
  m. Elizabeth Bond (dsp 1810, dau of Benjamin Bond of London, relict of Joseph Brooksbank of Bealaugh Manor)
  B. Cecilia Snell (d 1790)
  m. John Hood of Bardon Park Snell (b c1700, d 18.10.1799)
  C. Mary Snell (b c1716, d 10.12.1784)
  m. William Jacomb of Laurence Pountney Hill (d 23.02.1783)
  i. Robert Jacomb of Wellingborough, Northamptonshire (d 13.10.1806, Rev.)
  m1. Sarah Danvers (b 1762-3, dsp 10.06.1791, dau of Daniel Danvers)
  m2. (1793) Elizabeth Hillhouse (d 13.10.1806, dau of William Hillhouse of Clifton by Rachel)
  a. Robert Jacomb, later Hood of Bardon Park (b 08.07.1794) had issue
  m. (29.03.1821) Susan Kemp (dau of John Kemp of Broom Hills)
  b. Thomas Jacomb had issue
m. Janet Pierce (dau of Nathaniel Pierce of Wellingbro')
  ii. Cecilia Lucy Jacomb (b 1766-7, d 14.09.1796) had issue, shown by FMG a generation later
  m. William Wilkin Wilkin of Costessy
4. Sarah Harrison
  m. Joel Watson of Clapham
  A. Cecilia Watson
  m. Thomas Delaval of Norfolk (dsp)
  B. Mary Watson (d 17.09.1800)
  m. (09.10.1752) Sir John Danvers, Bart
5. Jane Harrison
  m. Matthias King of Hackney
  A. Mary King
  m. Daniel Danvers of Bath

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