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Families covered: Langley of Agecroft (Edgecroft), Langley of Pendlebury, Langley of Prestwich

Richard de Langley of Middleton, Lancashire
m. Joan (Johanna) de Tetlow, heiress of Prestwich (d by 1374, dau/heir of Jordan de Tetlow or Tetlawe by Alice (sister/heir of Thomas de Woolley or Wolverley and of Robert), dau of Richard son of Henry de Pontefract)
MGH (NS2 vol 3 p75) starts with the following Roger. He is shown as son of Richard & Johanna on MGH (NS2, vol 2, p274). We start with Richard & Johanna because that was the first generation covered when we uploaded part of the following within a Temporary page on 09.02.10 using Visitation & VCH. At that time we noted that "We need to investigate Joan further. It appears that her mother Alice also married Adam de Prestwich."
1. Roger de Langley of Agecroft Hall, Lancashire (d 21.10.1393)
  m. Margaret (not Katherine) Bothe (dau of _ Bothe of Barton)
  A. Thomas Langley of Prestwich not mentioned by MGH
  i. Margaret Langley (a nun in 1360)
  m. (sp?) Robert de Holland
ii. Agnes Langley (dsp)
  B. Robert Langley of Pendlebury & Prestwich (b 06.06.1379, d 04.1447)
  m. (before 1393) Katherine Atherton (dau of Sir William de Atherton)
  i. Thomas Langley of Pendlebury, Prestwich & Agecroft (b by 1407, d 20.01.1471-2)
  m. (1419) Margaret Ashton (dau of Sir John Ashton (Assheton of Ashton-under-Lyme))
a. John Langley of Agecroft Hall (d 08.1496)
  m1. (Maud) Radclyffe (dau of James (not Ralph) Radclyffe)
  (1) Robert Langley of Pendlebury, Prestwich & Agecroft (b c1456 (or 1462?), d 06.1527 (or 1512?))
  m. Eleanor Radcliffe (dau of William Radcliffe of Ordsall)
(A) Thomas Langley (dvp?)
  m. (1518) Cecily Davenport (dau of William Davenport of Bramhall)
  (i) Sir Robert Langley of Pendlebury & Agecroft (b 1492, d 19.09.1561)
  m. Cecily Trafford (d by 1572, dau of Sir Edmund Trafford of Trafford (by Elizabeth, dau of Sir Ralph Langford), m2. Edward Holland of Denton)
(a) Dorothy Langley (b c1531, dsp)
  m. James Ashton of Chadderton (b c1535, dsp 1612)
  (b) Margaret Langley (b c1537)
  m1. John Reddish of Reddish (Redish of Redish)
  MGH shows Margaret m1. Richard Holland m2. John Redish but Visitation (Langton, Lancashire, 1533, 'John Redyshe of Redyshe') reports that Margaret's 2nd husband was ...
  m2. Richard Holland of Denton & Heaton (b c1546, d 02.03.1618-9)
  (c) Anne Langley (b c1536, d 1618)
m. (1561) William (not Thomas) Dauntesey of Agecroft (d 1622)
  (d) Katherine Langley (b c1553, dsps)
  m. (by 1568) Thomas Legh (son of Sir Peter)
  (ii) Ellen Langley
  m. Thomas Holland of Denton
  (iii) Joan Langley
  m. Robert Holt of Ashworth
  (iv)+ other issue - Ralph (dsp), Thomas (Secretary to Cranmer), William (b 1512,m d 1569?, Rector of Prestwich)
  (B) Lawrence Langley (d before 1560, 4th son) - continued below
  m. Katherine
  (C) Anne Langley
m. _ Grembury (son of John of Cramdills)
  (D) Agnes Langley
  m. Ralph Prestwich of Holme
  (E)+ other issue - William (d 1552, Rector of Prestwich), Osmund (Edmund)
  (2) Margaret or Joan Langley
  m. Geoffrey Shakerley (son of Peter of Shakerley)
  (3) Agnes (Anne) Langley married twice?
  m1/2. Ralph Holt of Gristlehurst
  m2/1. John Greenhalgh of Brandlesome (d 20.12.1555)
  (4)+ other issue - Thomas (d 1525?, rector of Prestwich), Ralph (priest), James, Richard
  m2. ?? (relict of _ Osbaldestone)
  (7) Nicholas Langley
  (8) Katherine Langley
  m. John (nor Ralph) de Caterall
  b. daughter possibly of this generation
  m. James Hopwood of Hopwood
  ii.+ other issue - Ralph (d 1493, rector of Prestwich, warden of Manchester), John, Piers, James
  C.+ other issue - Henry (d 1404, cleric), Peter (d 1445?, Rector of Prestwich)



Lawrence Langley (d before 1560, 4th son) - continued above
m. Katherine
1. Robert Langley (b 1534, bur 02.07.1606)
  m. Mabel Tildesley (dau of Thomas Tildesley of Warkley)
  A. Thomas Langley (a 1579)
  i. William Langley (Rector of Cheadle)
  m. Katherine Assheton (dau of James Assheton of Chadderton)
  B. Mary Langley
  m. (25.09.1582) Symond Harward (Rector of Warrington)
C.+ 2 sons + 2 daughters
2. William Langley (bur 14.10.1613, Rector of Prestwich)
  m. Anne
  A. Deodatus Langley of Prestwich (bur 16.01.1623-4)
  m. (09.11.1612) Maria Edge
  i. Henry Langley (bpt 23.08.1618, d 1666, to Ireland)
  m. Anne
  ii.+ other issue - Edmund (bpt 05.05.1622), Thomas (bpt 27.06.1615), William of Whittle (bpt 18.10.1615, a 1666), Jane (bpt 21.01.1616-7), Dorothea of Bury (bpt 06.01.1620-1, a 1666)
  B. John Langley (d 1632?, Rector of Prestwich)
  i.+ issue - William (bpt 18.10.1615), Anna (bpt 04.10.1612, bur 06.09.1623)
  C. Matthias Langley
  m. Mary Moore (dau of _ Moore of Bank Hall)
  i. William Langley (b 1618, Vicar of Wellington, Salop)
  m. Jane Browne (dau of Ralph Browne of Meers)
  a.+ issue - William (b 1648, a 1669), Matthias (b 1650, a 1669), Ralph, Joy, Jane
  ii.+ other issue - John, Joan (bpt 17.04.1617), Ellen (bpt 26.08.1621, bur 13.09.1621), Anne
  D. Elizabeth Langley
  m. (23.07.1604) John Glover
  E. Ellinor Langley
  m. (27.01.1606-7) William Edge
  F.+ other issue - William, James
3. Isabel Langley
  m1. Edmund Chadderton
  m2. William Radclyffe

Main source(s): MGH (NS2, vol 3 (1890), 'Langley Pedigree - Langleys of Lancashire and afterwards of Ireland', p75+) with some input/support for the upper section from Visitation (Langton, Lancashire, 1533, 'Robert Langley of Agecrofte'), VCH (Lancashire, vol 4, 'Townships: Pendlebury')
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