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Families covered: Leigh of Birch, Leigh of Haydock, Leigh (Legh) of Lyme

Sir Peter Leigh of Hanley & Lyme (d Agincourt 24.10.1415)
m. Joan Haydock (d 1439, dau of Sir Gilbert Haydock of Haydock (by Isabell, dau of William Stanley of Hootton), son of Mathew)
1. Sir Roger Leigh of Lyme and Haydock (d 1478)
  m. Margaret Molyneaux (d 1460, dau of Sir Richard Molyneaux of Sephton)
  A. Peter Leigh of Lyme (dvp 1468)
  m. Mabel Croft (d 1474-5, dau of Sir James Croft of Dalton & Claghton by dau/heir of ffrekelton)
i. Sir Peter Leigh of Lyme and Haydock (d 11.08.1527)
  m. (1467) Ellen Savage (d 1492, dau of Sir John Savage of Clifton)
  a. Peter Leigh of Lyme and Haydock (d 1541)
  m1/2. Margaret Tyldesley (dau of Nicholas de Tyldesley)
  (1) Sir Peter Leigh of Lyme & Haydock 'of Bardleigh' (d 06.12.1589)
  m. Margaret Gerard (dau of Thomas Gerard of Bryn)
(A) Peter Leigh (dvp 1570)
  m. Catherine Venables (dau of Sir Thomas Venables of Kinderton)
  (i) Sir Peter Leigh of Lyme, Sheriff of Cheshire (d 17.02.1635/6)
  There appears to be confusion as to which wife came first. One died on 23.07.1603, the other died on 04.04.1639. The 1663 Visitation suggests that it was Dorothy Egerton who was the latter. It seems agreed that it was Margaret who was the mother of Sir Peter's children.
  m1/2. (sp) Dorothy Egerton (dau of Sir Richard Egerton of Ridley, relict of Richard Brereton of Tatton)
m2/1. Margaret Gerard (dau of Sir Gilbert Gerard, Master of the Rolls)
  (a) Piers Leigh of Lyme
  m. Anne Saville (dau of Sir John Saville of Howley)
  ((1)) Peter Leigh (b 12.08.1623, dvp 02.02.1640-2)
  ((2)) Frances Leigh
  m. Mauger Vavasour (dvpsp, son of William of Weston)
  ((3)) Margaret Leigh
  m. Thomas Brathwaite of Ambleside
  ((4)) Elizabeth Leigh
  m. Richard Standish of Duxbury
(b) Francis Leigh of Lyme (b c1590, dsp 02.02.1643-4)
  m. Anne Fenner (dau of Sir Edward Fenner of Hampton Poyle)
  (c) Thomas Leigh (d 1639, rector of Sephton and Walton, 4th son)
  m. Lettice Calveley (b c1610, d 14.10.1648, dau of Sir George Calveley of Lea)
  ((1)) Richard Leigh of Lyme (b 07.05.1634, d 06.09.1687)
  m. Elizabeth Chichley (dau of Thomas Chichley of Wimpole)
((A)) Peter Leigh of Lyme (dsp after 1727)
  m. Frances Leigh (dau of Piers Leigh of Birch) @@ below
  ((B)) Thomas Leigh (d before 1723)
  m. Elizabeth Fleetwood (dau of Thomas Fleetwood of Bank)
  ((i)) Fleetwood Leigh of Bank (d 21.01.1725)
  m. (1723) Meriel Leicester (b 25.11.1705, dau of Sir Francis Leicester, Bart of Nether Talbey)
((a)) Anne Meriel Leigh (b c1719??, dsp 1740)
  m. Peter Brooke of Mere (d 1793)
  ((ii)) Peter Leigh of Lyme (b 1706, d 20.05.1792)
  m. Martha Benet (d 21.06.1787, dau of Thomas Benet of Salthorp (Bennett of Salthrop))
  ((a)) Harriet Leigh
  m. Robert Vernon Atherton of Atherton & Bewsey
  ((b)) Elizabeth Leigh
m1. James Anthony Keck (not Knock) of Stoughton Grange
  One of their sons inherited Bank Hall and assumed the name Legh.
  m2. William Bathurst Pye, later Benet
  ((c)) Esther Leigh (d unm 20.06.1809)
  ((iii)) Ashburnham Leigh (rector of Davenham)
  m. Charlotte Elizabeth Egerton (dau of Sir Holland Egerton, Bart of Heaton)
  ((a)) Thomas Peter Leigh of Golborne, later of Lyme (d unm 07.08.1797, Colonel)
  partner(s) unknown
(((1)))+ issue - Thomas, William
  ((b)) Cholmondeley Leyburn Leigh (dsp 09.02.1784)
  ((c)) Martha Anne Leigh
  m. (04.05.1775) Lawrence Ormerod of Ormerod (b c1764, d 22.03.1793)
  ((iv))+ other issue - Piers (dsp), Elizabeth, Anne
  ((C)) Elizabeth Leigh probably of this generation
  m. (1690) Sir Streynsham Master of Codnor Castle
  ((2)) Margaret Leigh (d 19.06.1703)
  m. (07.02.1654-5) John Arderne of Alvanley (b 05.1630, d 06.02.1701-2)
((3)) Frances Posthuma Leigh
  m. (04.1656) Sir Richard Brooke, 2nd Bart of Norton (d 02.1709-10)
  ((4))+ other issue - Dorothy, others (d young - Peter, Thomas, Lettice)
  (d) Peter Leigh of Birch (bur 18.12.1641, 6th son)
  m1. Frances Bellot (dau of John Bellot of Moreton)
  ((1)) Peter Leigh (dvpsp bur 15.06.1639)
  m2. Anne Birkenhead (dau of Henry Birkenhead of Blackford)
  ((2)) Piers Leigh of Birch (a 1666)
  ((A)) Frances Leigh
  m. Peter Leigh of Lyme (dsp after 1727) @@ above
((3)) Frances Leigh who married ...
  m. William Bankes of Winstanley Hall (b 1636)
  ((4))+ other issue - Thomas, Henry
  (e) Anne Leigh
  m. (03.01.1612-3) Richard Bold of Bold (d 1635)
  (f)+ other issue - Gilbert (d young), Radclyffe (d infant), John (d young), Catherine (dsp)
  (ii) Elizabeth Leigh
  m. (Richard) Lathom of Parbold (d 1602)
(iii)+ other issue - Thomas, Edward
  (B) Thomas Leigh (4th son)
  m. Catherine Langley (dau of Sir Robert Langley (not Thomas Langton) of Agecroft)
  (i) issue (dsp)
  (C) Margaret Leigh
  m. Thomas Birch of Birch
  (D) Ellen Leigh
  m. John Booth of Barton
(E) Margaret or Margery Leigh
  m1. Robert Barton of Smithells
  m2. Richard Shuttleworth (dsp 04.11.1599, judge in Chester)
  (F)+ other issue - James, Robert (dsp), Thomas, John
  (2) George Leigh
  (3) Jane Leigh
  m. Thomas Gerard of Bryn
  m2/1. Janet Gerard (d 1510, dau of Peter Gerard of Bryn)
  (4) Cecilia Leigh
  m. Thomas Butler of Bewsey
  (5) Ann Leigh
  b. Margaret Leigh
  m. Lawrence Warren of Poynton (d 18.09.1530)
  c.+ other issue - James, John, Gowther
ii. James Leigh (d 1514)
  m. Cicely Gerrard (dau of Sir Roger Gerrard)
  iii. Margaret Leigh
  m. Raffe Orrell
  iv.+ other issue - John, Elizabeth
  B. Jane Leigh
  m. Richard Kighley
2. Margery Leigh
  m. John Ireland
3. Margaret Leigh
  m1/2. Nicholas Bloundell
  Possibly the Margaret who (also) married ...
  m2/1. Geoffrey Lowe of Macclesfield (d 1451)
4. Blanche Leigh (dsp)
  m. _ Clayton

Main source(s): Commoners (vol ii, Legh of Lyme, under Hargreave of Ormerod House) with support/input from Visitation (Cheshire, 1580+1613+1663, Leigh or Legh of Lyme)
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