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Families covered: Birkenhead of Backford, Birkenhead of Crowton, Birkenhead of Huxley

John de Birkenhead (a temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377) mentioned by Commoners as ancestor of Adam of Huxley
1. ?? de Birkenhead
  A. ?? Birkenhead
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  i. ?? Birkenhead
  a. ?? Birkenhead
  (1) Henry Birkenhead the first mentioned by Visitation
(A) Henry Birkenhead
  (i) Adam Birkenhead of Huxley (a 1509) the first in Commoners
  m. Alice Huxley (dau/heir of John Huxley of Huxley)
(a) John Birkenhead of Crowton (d by 1552)
  m. Jane Done (dau/heir of Ralph Done of Crowton)
  The following comes from Ormerod (Cheshire, vol II, 'Done of Crowton').
  ((1)) Ralph Birkenhead of Crowton (dvp)
m. Margaret Grosvenor (dau of Richard Grosvenor, son/heir of Sir Robert of Eaton, m2. George Wood (Justice), m3. John Molyneux of Huth)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Birkenhead
  m. (sp) George Ireland of Hutt & Hale (d 25.07.1596)
  ((B)) Margery Birkenhead
m. (after 1551) Henry Eccleston of Eccleston
  ((C)) Mary Birkenhead (dsp)
  m. _ Lawton of Lawton
  ((D)) Constance Birkenhead
  m. John Bruen of Tarvin
  partner unknown
((2)) Richard Birkenhead (recorder of Chester) ancestor of Birkenheads of Manley
  (b) Henry Birkenhead (d 1558, protohonotary) - continued below
  m. Alice Horncliffe (dau of John Horcliffe of Hallowbury)
  (c) Hugh Birkenhead ancestor of Birkenheads of Rivington, Lancashire
  (d) Sir Ralph Birkenhead (a 1505, recorder of Chester)
  m. Mary Bradshaw (dau of Roger Bradshaw of Haigh)
  ((1)) Robert Birkenhead
  (e) Margaret Birkenhead
  m. Thomas Touchet of Whitley
  (f) Alice Birkenhead
  m. John Whitmore of Thurstanton (dsp)
  (g) Elizabeth Birkenhead
  m. Thomas Hurleston of Hurleston



Henry Birkenhead (d 1558, protohonotary) - continued above
m. Alice Horncliffe (dau of John Horcliffe of Hallowbury)
1. Henry Birkenhead of Huxley & Backford (d 07.03.1613, protohonotary)
  m1. Mary Bostock (dau of Hugh Bostock of Huxley)
  m2. Elizabeth Bunbury (d 12.08.1629, dau of Henry Bunbury of Stanney)
  A. Henry Birkenhead of Backford (d 07.03.1646)
  m. (1596) Alice Singleton (dau/heir of John Singleton of Staining)
  i. Henry Birkenhead of Backford (bpt 09.1599, d 1660)
m. Margaret Mainwaring (dau of Sir Randle Mainwaring of Over Peover)
  a.+ issue (dvp unm) - 3 sons and 2 daughters
  ii. John Birkenhead of Backford (b 1600, d 1657)
  m. Jane Berrington (dau of Captain _ Berrington of Lichfield)
  a. Singleton Birkenhead of Backford (b 30.04.1636, d 1694)
  m. (20.05.1673) Margaret Brock (dau of William Brock of Upton & Bradley)
  (1) John Birkenhead of Backford (b 08.10.1675, dsp 03.1720)
  m. (1703) Jane Hurleston (dau of Charles Hurleston of Picton)
(2)+ other issue (d unm)
  b. Alice Birkenhead (b 1638, bur 22.06.1660)
  m. Joseph Cortus
  c. Anne Birkenhead (b 1642)
  m. (1665) Matthew Ellis of Overlegh
  d.+ other issue - John (d infant), Diana (b 1639), Siusannah, Mary, Frances
  iii. Elizabeth Birkenhead (b 1597)
  m. Lenox Beverley (son/heir of Sir George of Huntingdon)
  iv. Anne Birkenhead (b 1604)
  m. Peter Leigh of Birch (son of Peter of Lyme)
  v. Eleanor Birkenhead (b 1605)
  m. Thomas Bunbury (son of Sir Henry of Stanney)
  vi. Mary Birkenhead (b 1606, dsp)
  m. William Downes of Worth & Shrigley
  vii. Matilda Birkenhead (bpt 1610)
  m. Hugh Hollinshed of Heywood
viii.+ other issue - Anne (d 1612), Margaret (d unm 1624), Bridget (bpt 1609, dsp), Barbara, Amey, Frances (bpt 1613)
  B. Thomas Birkenhead (b 1582)
  m. Alice Roberts (dau/heir of Thomas Roberts of Chester)
  i. Thomas Birkenhead (b 10.03.1634, d 1685)
  m. Diana Birkenhead (dau of John Birkenhead)
  a. Thomas Birkenhead, later of Backford (dsp 1724)
  b. Henry Birkenhead (3rd son)
  m. Rebecca Jones of Denbighshire
  (1) Frances Birkenhead (b 04.06.1704, d 14.04.1791)
  m. John Glegg of Irbie
  (2) Deborah Birkenhead (b 21.03.1706, dsps 06.03.1795)
  m1. William Glegg of Grange
  m2. Charles Crosbie (Lt. Colonel)
c. Mary Birkenhead (b 1667)
  m. Thomas Johnson of Chester
  d.+ other issue - John (dsp 1669), Philip (dsp), Diana (d unm)
  C. George Birkenhead of Milton Brook
  m. Catherine Plumbe (dau of Henry Plumbe)
  i. Henry Birkenhead
  ii. Thomas Birkenhead
  a. Henry Birkenhead (a 1707, professor at Oxford University)
  D. Elizabeth Birkenhead
  m. Henry Browne of Upton
  E. Bridget Birkenhead
  m. John Chetwode of Oakley (d 1615)
  F.+ other issue - Frances, Ursula, Eliza, Margaret
2. Anne Birkenhead (a 1600) probably of this generation
  m. John Waterhouse of Whitchurch & Harwick (d 02.1582/3)

Main source(s): Commoners (vol II, Glegg of Irbie and Backford) with some support from Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, Birkenhead and Huxley)
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