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Families covered: Hurleston of Chester, Hurleston of Hurleston (Hurlton of Hurlton), Hurleston of Newton, Hurleston of Picton

Visitatiin (Cheshire), which identifies the family name throughout (except in the title and the arms) as Hurlton, identifies the quartered arms (with Wagstaff as Q2) as "Argent, a cross of four Ermine spots (the heads meeting in the centre point) Sable" in Q1 & Q4 (not named) and "Argent, a chevron between three cross-bows Sable" in Q3 (Hurlston). Visitation (Bedfordshire), which uses Hurleston throughout (except in the title and the arms), identifies the arms (quartered with Scarisbrick in Q2 & blank Q4) as "Argent, four ermine spots in cross sable" for Q1 (Hurlestone) and "Argent, a chevron between three stone-bows sable" for Q3 (Hurlestone). Ormerod, which uses Hurlestone throughout, identifies the unquartered arms as "Argent, four ermine's tails in cross Sable". Visitation (Lancashire), which uses Hurleston throughout, identifies the unquartered arms as "Four ermine spots in cross, a crescent for difference (colours not given)".
John Hurleston of Hurleston, Lacashire (a temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307)
1. William Hurleston of Hurleston
A. Nicholas Hurleston of Hurleston
  m. Ellinor Chisnall of Lancashire
  i. Robert Hurleston of Hurleston
  m. Agnes Scarsbrike of Scarsbrike
a. Humffrey Hurleston of Hurleston
  m. Isabell Poole (dau of Thomas Poole of Poole)
  (1) Thomas Hurleston of Hurleston the first mentioned by Ormerod
  m. Elizabeth Birkenhead (dau of Adam Birkenhead of Huxley)
(A) Richard Hurleston of Hurleston & Picton (in Cheshire) (bur 14.12.1589)
  m. Elizabeth Shalcrosse (bur 07.02.1584, dau of James Shalcrosse of Manchester)
  (i) John Hurleston of Hurleston & Picton (bur 14.11.1593)
  m1. Mary Smith (dau of Sir Lawrence Smith)
m2. Jame Massey (bur 1618, dau/coheir of George Massey of Puddington, m2. John Done of Utkinton)
  (a) John Hurleston of Picton (b c1590, d 29.10.1669)
  m. (1609) Anne Wilbraham (b c1590, d 12.10.1669, dau of Thomas Wilbraham of Woodhey)
  ((1)) Charles Hurleston of Picton (bur 14.09.1706)
m. Anne Shakerley (dau of Sir Geoffrey Shakerley of Hulme)
  ((A)) John Hurleston of Newton (near Chester) (d 12.08.1720)
  m. Mary Williams (bur 14.08.1723, dau of Sir John Williams of Pengethly, Bart, m2. Roger Barnston)
  ((i)) Anne Hurleston
  m1. Geoffrey Shakerly of Chester (dvpsp 1733)
  m2. (1738) John Needham, Viscount Kilmorey
  ((ii)) Mary Hurleston (b c1711, d 29.12.1763)
  m. (07.05.1728) John Leche of Carden
  ((iii)) Elizabeth Hurleston (dsp)
  m. Trafford Barnston of Churton (a 1735, m1. ??)
((iv))+ other issue - Charles (bur 29.11.1711), John (bpt 01.10.1706, bur 14.11.1706), Jane (bur 01.09.1718), Penelope (bur 14.08.1723)
  ((B)) Charles Hurleston of Newton, Sheriff of Cheshire (bur 12.10.1734, youngest son?)
  m. (06.04.1723) Elizabeth Lander (dsp bur 01.12.1727, dau/coheir of Thomas Lander of Newhall by Elizabeth, dau of Edward Downes of Shrigley)
  ((C)) Jane Hurleston (bpt 20.09.1688) who married ...
m. (1703) John Birkenhead of Backford (b 1675, dsp 03.1720)
  ((D))+ other issue - Geoffrey (bur 28.11.1683), Catherine (bur 25.07.1684), Anne (bur 19.06.1685), Mary (bur 26.09.1695), Catherine (bur 12.08.1699), Anne (bur 09.11.1699), Frances (bur 13.01.1702), Anne (bur 05.07.1704), Elizabeth (bur 28.10.1704)
  ((2)) Peter Hurleston probably of this generation
  m. Elizabeth Glasier (dau of Thomas Glasier of Lea)
  ((3)) Elizabeth Hurleston (bur 08.11.1735)
m. William Brock of Upton
  (b) Elizabeth Hurleston
  (c) Dorothy Hurleston
  m1. Thomas Longworth of Longworth
  m2. Sir Peter Pindar of Idenshaw, Bart
  (d) Frances Hurleston probably of this generation
  m. Lawrence Booth of Twemlow (bpt 1599, bur 03.1662)
  (ii) Elizabeth Hurleston
  m1. Edward Cotton of Cotton
  m2. _ Gregg of Bradley
  (iii) Matilda (Mawde) Hurleston
  m. (11.01.1573) Richard Brereton of Eccleston
  (iv)+ other issue (a 1566) - Rowland/Randal (dsp), Humfry (bpt 05.07.1564, dsp bur 20.08.1576), William (dsp), Thomas
  (B) Randall Hurleston
  m. Margaret (widow of _ Longland)
  (C) Hugh Hurleston of Carington, Bedfordshire (4th son)
m. Rose Anscell (dau of Thomas Anscell of Barfford, widow of _ Wolrich)
  (i) Ursula Hurleston
  m. _ Egleby
  (ii)+ other issue - Hugh, Margaret or Mary
  (D) Anne Hurleston
  m. _ Cocker of Strethill
  (E) Alice Hurleston
  m. Richard Nutthall of Cattenhall
  (F)+ other issue - Robert, Ellen
  (2) Maud Hurleston
  m. _ Rushton of Lancashire
  (3) Allice Hurleston
  m. Peter Farrington of Littell Farringtoin
  b. James Hurleston
  ii. Hugh Hurleston or Hurlton
  a. William Hurlton
  (1) Randoll Hurlton
  iii. Gilbert Hurleston or Hurlton
  a. James Hurlton
  (1) Alice Hurlton
  m. Thomas Marsh



James Hurleston of Chester
1. Thomas Hurleston of Chester (3rd son)
  A. James Hurleston of Chester
m. Margery Dod (dau of John Dod of Clouely) ## see here ##
  i. Roger Hurleston 'of Chester'
  m. Ellyn Mere (dau of William Mere of Mere)
  a. Roger Hurleston of Chester (a 1605)
  m. (Anne) Grosvenor (dau of Thomas Grosvenor of Eaton)
  (1) Roger Hurleston 'of Chester'
  m. Elizabeth Manwaring (dau/(co)heir of James Manwaring of Croxton)
  (A)+ issue (a 1613) - Roger, Marye
  b. Katherine Hurleston (d 1618)
m1. (1548) William Brereton (d 1601)
  m2. Sir Randle Mainwaring
  c. Julian Hurleston
  m. Thomas Broke
  d.+ other issue - James (dsp), William
  ii. Katherine Hurleston
  m. Thomas Withmore ## see here ##
  iii. Alice Hurleston
  m. John Glegg
  iv. Margaret Hurleston possibly fits here
  m. William Hocknell of Prenton
  v.+ other issue - Thomas, Anthony, James
2.+ other issue (dsp) - Henry, Roger

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(2) For lower section : Visitation (St. George, Lancashire, 1613, 'Hurleston')
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