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Families covered: Pinder (Pynder) of Estoft in Crowle in the Isle of Axholme, Pindar of Idenshaw, Pinder of Owston, Pinder of Wellingborough

Robert Pinder of Yorkshire
1. Thomas Pinder or Pindar of Wellingborow (Wellingborough), Northamptonshire
  A. Ralph Pinder of Wellingborow (Wellingborough)
  m. Susan Lawe
  i. (Sir) Paul Pinder of London (a 1633)
  m. Susan Flamsted (dau of John Flamsted of Leicester)
  a. Mary Pinder who married ...
  m. Sir William Dudley, 1st Bart of Clopton or Clapton (b c1597, d 18.09.1670)
  b.+ other issue - Ralf, Paul (dsp), Sara, Elizabeth
  ii. Mathew Pinder of Gray's Inn
  iii. Elizabeth Pinder
  m. Thomas Spike of London
  B. Sir Paul Pinder (a 1633, Ambassador to Constantinople)
  Shown in Wikipedia as Sir Paul Pindar (1565-1650), Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire from 1611 to 1620.
  C. Reginald Pindar of Southwell, Nottinghamshire (d c1644)
Visitation (Cheshire) starts with Thomas of Wellingborough, showing only his son Reginald. Visitation (London) shows the above Thomas as father of Ralph, Sir Pawle & Amy but does not mention Reginald. That the coats of arms given in the two Visitations suggest that the Pinders and the Pindars were of the same family We presume that the following Reginald was brother of Ralph, Paul & Amy but it is not impossible that he was in fact their cousin.
  m. Frances Steere (dau of John Steere of Farley)
  i. Sir Peter Pindar of Idenshaw (Cheshire), 1st Bart (b c1611, d by 1693)
  m1. Judith Walkenden (d 21.01.1638-9, dau/coheir of Jeffrey Walkenden of the Inner Temple)
  a. Paul Pindar (b c1634, dvp unm)
  m2. Dorothy Hurleston (d by 1693, dau of John Hurleston of Picton or Pickton)
  b. Sir Thomas Pindar, 2nd Bart of Idenshaw (b c1658, d by 1694)
m. Anne Wynne (dau/heir of Robert Wynne of Nequis)
  (1) Sir Paul Pindar, 3rd Bart of Idenshaw (b c1680, d unm by 1705)
  (2) Dorothy Pindar (b c1686, a 1708)
  c. Charles Pindar (b c1639, a 1682)
  Probably of this generation, but (if so) of what marriage is not known, were ...
  d. Mary Pindar
m. George Weld of Willey
  e. Grace Pindar
  m. Willam Jones of Shrewsbury
  ii. Reginald Pindar of Breadsall, Durham
  The following connection comes from FMG (vol 2, MS206, 'Pinder', p485) which starts with the following Reginald, identifying him as a grandson of Reginald of Southwell & Frances Stern. We speculate that he was son of Reginald (of Breadsall) but he may have been a son of one of Reginald's brothers.
  a. Reginald Pinder or Pindar of Duffield, Derbyshire (b c1634, d 13.09.1712)
  m. Penelope Lee (d 26.05.1728, dau of Gervas Lee of Norwell, m2. Thomas Calton of Duffield)
iii. Cassandra Pindar
  m. Francis Bayley of Yorkshire
  iv.+ other issue - Thomas of Barnard's Inn (London)
  D. Amy Pinder
  m. John Bruton of Wellingborow = John Brereton of Nantwich
  i. Anne Brereton probably of this generation
  m. Joseph Grave
  a. Anne Grave (coheir)
  m. (05.10.1641) Sir Jeremy Whichcote of Lincoln's Inn, 1st Bart (b 1614, d 22.06.1677)



John Pynder of the Isle of Axholme, Lincolnshire
1. Robert Pynder of the Isle of Axholme
  A. William Pynder of Estoft in Crowe, the Isle of Axholme (d by 1556)
  m. Katherine Nelson (d by 1566)
  i. Richard Pynder of Estoft
  m. Cecily
  a. Cecily Pynder
  ii. Robert Pynder of Estoft (d by 1577)
  m. Isabel
  a. William Pinder of the Manor House, Estoft
  (1) Robert Pinder of Estoft (bpt 04.1562, d 1618)
  (A) Robert Pinder of Estoft (a 1625)
  m. Elizabeth
(i)+ issue (a 1625) - Robert, John
  (B) John Pinder of Owston (bpt 17.11.1594, d 1671-2)
  m. Elizabeth
  (i) John Pinder of Owston (b 1628, d 1702-3)
  m. (1676) Ann (d by 1719, Mrs. Bellamy of Gainsborough)
  (a) Robert Pinder of Owston (3rd son?)
  m. Elizabeth Stanhope (dau of Darcy Stanhope of High Melwood)
  ((1)) John Pinder of Owston Hall (dsp before 20.03.1776)
m. Ann Dealtry (d by 1788, dau of William Dealtry (probably not Dealty) of Gainsborough, widow of John Medley of Lincoln)
  ((2)) Robert Pinder 'of Owston Hall' (cleric)
  m. Catherine Barnet
  ((A)) John Pinder of Owston Hall (dsp 1795-6)
  ((B)) Robert Pinder of Owston Hall (dsp after 1795)
  ((C)) Catherine Pinder
  m. (1766) John Harrison of Norton Place (a 1788, MP)
  ((3))+ other issue - Isabel, Elizabeth, Martha, Catherine
  (b) Mathew Pinder (dsp)
  m. (1708) Mary Healy of Burringham
  (c)+ other issue - John, Thomas, Pauld, Isabel, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Katherine, Ann
  (ii) Thomas Pinder of Crowle
  (a)+ issue - Thomas, Paul, Joan, Elizabeth, Frances
  (C) Katherine Pinder
  m. _ Bladworth
  b.+ other issue - Matthew in Oxford, Stephen of Crowle (d by 1608), James, Katherine
  iii. Thomas Pinder (younger son)
  a. James Pinder
  iv.+ other issue - Edward, John, James, Elizabeth, Ann, Isabel
  B. Richard Pynder of Crowle (d 1547)
  m. Alysen
  i. Robert Pynder of Estoft (d by 1560)
  m. Dorice
  a.+ issue - Simon, Thomas, Elizabeth
  ii.+ other issue (a 1547) - John, Thomas, Jeremy, William, Simon, Bartholomew, Alisson, Ursula
  C. John Pynder of Estoft (d before 1553)
  m. Elizabeth (d by 1553)
  i.+ issue (a 1553) - Richard, Edward, Thomas, Denys, Ursula, Alice, Ann
  D. Simon Pynder of Crowle (d 1552)
  m. Ann
  i.+ 4 daughters
  E.+ other issue - Sir Thomas (parson of Wyckerson), Jane

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