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Families covered: Jones of Chilton, Jones of Sandford, Jones of Shrewsbury

Visitation shows the arms of this family as "Argent, a lion rampant very vulned in the mouth (breast) gules".
Richard Jones of Holt, Denbighshire
1. William Jones
  A. Thomas Jones of Uckington, Salop
  m. Elizabeth Cottell (dau/heir of Thomas Cottell)
  i. William Jones of Shrewsbury (d 15.07.1612, alderman)
  m. Elianora Owen (dau of Richard Owen of Shrewsbury
  a. Richard Jones of Shrewsbury
  m. Anna Browne (dau of John Browne)
  (1) Ellena Jones
  m. Thomas Cole
  (2) Sara Jones
m. Thomas Mathewes of Shrewsbury
  b. Thomas Jones, Mayor of Shrewsbury, Sheriff of Salop (a 1625)
  m. Sara Balland (dau of Richard Balland of Chester (Alderman))
  c. Edward Jones of Shrewsbury & Sandford (d 1648, Steward of Shrewsbury)
  m. Maria Powell (dau of Robert Powell of Whittington Park)
  (1) William Jones (b c1613, recorder, MP?)
(A) William Jones (d 1679?)
  (2) Sir Thomas Jones (b 13.10.1614, d 31.05.1692, MP, Lord Chief Justice)
  Some information on Thomas has come from Wikipedia ("Thomas Jones (justice)").
  m. (c1640) Jane Bavand (dau of Daniel Bavand of Chester)
  (A) Willam Jones of Shrewsbury & Caneghora (Denbighshire) (d by 1694?)
  m. Grace Pinder (dau of Sir Peter Pinder, 1st Bart of Iddinshall)
  (i) Thomas Jones of Shrewsbury, Sheriff of Denbighshire then Salop (b c1667, dsp 31.07.1715, MP)
m1. Mary Russell (d 01.11.1712, dau/coheir of Sir Edward Leighton, 2nd Bart of Strensham)
  m2. Jane Leighton (dau of Sir Edward Leighton, 1st Bart of Wattlesburgh, m2. Sir Charles Lloyd, Bart)
  (B) Edward Jones (b 1653, d 10.06.1737, Canon of Windsor, 4th son)
  The following comes from 'The Pedigree Register' (edited by George Sherwood, vol 1, No. 10 (September 1909), 'Huxley', p290) with some support from Wikipedia ("Edward Jones (Canon of Windsor)").
m. Katherine Fulham (dau of Rev. Edward Fulham (by Margaret), widow of Robert Waith of Compton)
  (i) Edward Jones of Sandford & Carreghova (d before 29.01.1755)
  m. Mary Huxley (dau of John Huxley of Stanley)
  (a) Edward Jones
  (b) Sir Thomas Jones of Shrewsbury & Stanley, Sheriff of Shropshire {b 1732-3, d unm 22.03.1782)
  (ii) Katherine Jones
  m. Penyston Booth (Dean of Windsor)
  (C) Mary Jones apparently of this generation
  m. Rev. Robert Powell of Whittington Park (b c1629, bur 02.1680/1)
(D)+ 3 other sons + 5 other daughters
  (3)+ other issue (a 1623) - Robert (b c1615), Benjamin (b c1616), Anna, Elianora, Sara, Elizabeth
  d. Isaac Jones of London
  m. Elizabeth Prince (dau of Richard Prince of Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury)
  (1) Sir William Jones of Bewick, Salop (d(sp?) 1663)
  (2) Samuel Jones of Petersham (Surrey) & Courteenhall (Northamptonshire) (b c1610, dsp 03.01.1673, Colonel, MP)
  m1. (by 1647) Margaret Middleton (dau of Timothy Middleton of Stansted Mountfichet)
  m2. (c06.1669) Mary Tryon (dau of Peter Tryon of Bulwick, m2. Charles Bertie (son of Montague, 2nd Earl of Lindsey))
  (3)+ other issue - Isaaac, Dorothea, Susanna
  e. Sara Jones
  m. Sir Thomas Harris of Boreaton, Bart (bur 01.1627/8)
  B. Richard Jones of Chilton, Shropshire
  m. _ Lee of Gloucester
  i. William Jones of Chilton
  m. Johanna Blakwey (dau of Richard Blakwey of Crankell)
  a. Thomas Jones of Chilton (a 1623)
  m. Maria Gratwood (dau of John Gratwood of Wollerton)
  (1) William Jones of Chilton
  m. Eleanora Cam (dau of Richard Cam of Ludlow)
  (A)+ issue - John, Isaac
  (2) Edward Jones

Main source(s): Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, 'Jones of Chilton, Uckington and Shrewsbury'), HoP (various)
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