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Families covered: Harris of Boreatton, Harris of Cruckton

Although the 2 families shown on this page were both in Shropshire (Salop), we know of no connection between them and show them together only for our convenience. Both included someone who was raised to a Baronetcy in 1622. Whilst this appears to have been accepted without question for Thomas of the Cruckton family, the baronetcy of Thomas of Boreatton was, to quote BEB1841 (with the point being supported in TCB): "an elevation which rather shocked the feelings of the age for, at its first institution the baronetcy was confined to men of descent, and Captain Simon Leeke impleaded Sir Thomas Harris in the court of Chivalry, as unworthy of the distinction".
William Harris of Wheathill in Condover (yeoman)
1. Roger Harris of Shrewsbury 'of Condover' (draper)
Neither TCB nor BEB1841 identify Roger's wife but research on the Purslowe family has indicated that she was ...
  m. Anne Genno of Lea
  A. Sir Thomas Harris of Boreaton or Boreatton (Salop), 1st Bart (bur 27.01.1627/8)
  BEB1841 identifies Thomas as a master in Chancery. However, TCB suggests that this was erroneous (possibly being a confusion with the Sir Thomas the Searjant-at-arms shown in the section below). TCB reports that this Thomas was Sheriff of Salop 1618-9.
  m1. Sara Kyffin
m2. Sara Jones (dau of William Jones of Shrewsbury (alderman))
  Not cfear which wife was mother of ....
  i. Sir Paul Harris, 2nd Bart of Boreatton (Salop), Sheriff of Shropshire (bpt 30.12.1595, d 07.1644, 2nd son)
  m. (by 1635) Ann Brett (d by 1676, dau of William Brett of Rotherby, sister of Sir Alexander, widow of Richard Paul)
  a. Sir Thomas Harris, 3rd Bart of Boreatton (b c1629, dsp after 1660)
  m. Mary Mytton (dau of Thomas Mytton of Halston)
  b. Sir George Harris, 4th Bart (bpt 31.10.1631, dsp before 1666)
  c. Sir Paul Harris, 5th Bart (bpt 08.04.1634, dsp bur 19.07.1666)
  d. Eleanor Harris probably of this generation
  m. Sir William Myddelton, 2nd Bart of Ruthyn
  ii. Sir Roger Harris, 6th Bart (bpt 07.10.1601, dsp 1685, 4th son)
  iii. Sir Robert Harris, 7th Bart (bpt 24.05.1612, dsp bur 26.05.1693, 7th son) mentioned by TCB but not by BEB1841
  iv. Elizabeth Harris (bpt 20.11.1597) probably of this generation
  m. (07.01.1625-6) Arthur Purslowe (bpt 05.04.1601, d 14.05.1630)
  v.+ other issue
  B. Sarah Harris probably of this generation
  m. Richard More of More, Linley and Larden (d 06.12.1643)



John Harris of Cruckton, Salop
1. Richard Harris of Cruckton
  m. Elianora Jennyns (dau of William Jennyns of Wallyborne)
A. John Harris or Harries of Cruckton
  m. Elianora Prowde (dau of Thomas Prowde of Sutton)
  i. Sir Thomas Harris or Harries of Tong Castle, Bart (d c1649, Serjeant-at-law)
  m. Eleanor Gifford (dau of Roger Gifford of London (physician to Queen Elizabeth))
  a. Elizabeth Harris
  Visitation shows, apart from Margaret, Sir Thomas had 2 daughters: Elizabeth and Anna with it being Anna who m. William Pierrepoint and died in childbed, Elizabeth being shown unmarried. BEB1841, supported by TCB (vol 1, Harries of Tong Castle) and the Pierrepoint records, identifies William's wife as Elizabeth.
  m. William Pierrepont of Thoresby (b c1608, d 1679)
  b. Anna Harris (b 1608-9, d 06.05.1624) possibly the Anna who married ...
  m. John Wylde of Droitwich (a 1634)
  c.+ other issue - Francis (b c1599, a 1623, dvpsp), Margaret (d unm)
  ii. Roland Harris or Harries of Ludlow, Salop
  m. Jane Langford (dau of Thomas Langford of Ludlow)
  a.+ issue - Thomas, John, Anna
  iii. Arthur Harris or Harries of Prestock, Salop
  m. Jane Newton of Prestock
  a. ?? Harries
  (1) Thomas Harries of Weston Lizard, later of Cruckton, Sheriff of Shropshire (a 1730)
  (A) ?? Harries
Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  (i) ?? Harries
  (a) Thomas Harries of Cruckton, Sheriff of Shropshire (a 1802)
  m. Barbara Mary Anne Smitherman (dau/coheir of John Smitherman of Little Wenlock)
  iv. Richard Harris or Harries of Cruckton (a 1623)
  m. Anna Smalman (dau of Thomas Smalman of Widerop (Wildertop))
  a.+ issue (a 1623) - John (b c1608), Thomas, Stephen, Francis, James, Isaack, Walter, Maria
  BEB1841 reports of their father that "his descendants became extinct in the third generation".
  B. Katherine Harris
  m1. John Corbett of Alston (Halston)
  m2. Jacob (James) Morris of Aston 'of Cardigan & Llannwnog'
  i. Ursula Morris (bpt 09.12.1562) probably of this generation
  m. Henry Purslowe of Pontesbury (bur before 10.1609)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : TCB (Vol I, Harris of Boreatton), BEB1841 (Harris of Boreatton)
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Harris of Cruckton and Tong Castle), BEB1841 (Harries of Tong Castle)
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