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Families covered: Bunbury of Bunbury, Bunbury of Stanney, Bunbury of Occleston

BP1934 reports "This family, of Norman origin, was, according to Kimber's Baronetage, originally called St. Pierre, but adopted the name of Bunbury from the manor of Bunbury, part of their lands obtained at the Conquest." Copinger starts with ...
??, Lord of Bunbury, Cheshire (a temp Henry III who r. 1216-1272)
1. William de Bunbury
  m. Maud
  A. Hugh de Bunbury
  m. Christian (dau of David, Baron of Malpas)
  i. Richard de Bunbury (a temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377)
  a. Sir David de Bunbury of Bunbury (a 1344)
David is the first mentioned by BP1934 which then mentions Richard ("Third in descent from David") then Richard's grandson John. The earlier & intervening generations are as given by Copinger. Note that Copinger shows Richard (d 1458) as 2nd in descent from David, possibly 3rd in succession. We suggest that the generations added by Copinger be viewed with caution.
  m. Margaret, heiress of Stanney (dau/heir of David de Stanney (Stannick) of Wirral)
  (1) Roger Bunbury (dsp)
  (2) Henry Bunbury
  (A) Richard Bunbury of Bunbury, Stanney & Occleston (d c1466)
  m. Alice Dutton (dau of Edward Dutton)
  (i) John Bunbury (d 1469)
  m. Catherine Hooks (dau of John Hooks of Flintshire)
  (a) John Bunbury of Bunbury, Stanney & Occleston (d c1505-6) - continued below
  m. Agnes Norreys (dau of Sir William Norreys of Speke)



John Bunbury of Bunbury, Stanney & Occleston (d 1505-6) - continued above
m. Agnes Norreys (dau of Sir William Norreys of Speke)
1. Richard Bunbury of Bunbury & Stanney
  m. Blanche Poole (dau of Thomas Poole of Poole)
  A. Henry Bunbury of Bunbury & Stanney (b c1510, d 18.01.1548)
m. Margaret Aldersey (dau of Hugh Aldersey of Chester)
  This generation is not mentioned in BP1934 which shows the above Richard & Blanche as parents of ...
i. Thomas Bunbury of Bunbury & Stanney (b 1546, d 05.05.1601)
  m. Bridget Aston (dau of John Aston of Aston)
  a. Sir Henry Bunbury of Bunbury & Stanney (d 08.09.1634)
  m1. Anne Shakerley (dau of Geoffrey Shakerley of Holme)
  m2. Martha Norris (dau of Edward Norris of Speke)
  b. John Bunbury (3rd son)
  m. Jane (?) Maye or Moyes of Kent
  (1)+ issue - Thomas, John, Richard, George, Henry, Elizabeth
  c. Richard Bunbury (draper in London, 4th son)
m. _ Welbe
  d. Elizabeth Bunbury
  m. Henry Bould of Upton (b c1564, d 1617)
  e. Margaret Bunbury
  m1. Hugh Shakerley, younger of Hulme
  m2. Thomas Gillibrand of Peele (a 1613) ??
  f. Mary Bunbury
  m. John Griffyn of Balderton
  g. Ellinor Bunbury
m. William Meoles of Meoles
  h. Bridget Bunbury
  m. William Wilcocks of Salop
  i.+ other issue - Thomas in London (dsp), Gefferey, Rowland (d young), Jane (dsp)
  ii. Edward Bunbury (dsp)
  iii. Elizabeth Bunbury mentioned by Vistiation (1580), possibly the Elizabeth (d 1629) who married ...
m. Henry Birkenhead of Huxley & Backford (d 07.03.1613)
  iv. daughter mentioned by Visitation (1613), could be Elizabeth?
  m. _ Breke of Manchestre (Manchester)
  B. Emme Bunbury
  m. James or John Blundell of Ince Blundell
  C. Katherine Bunbury mentioned by Visitation (1580) but not in Visitation (1613)
  m. William Goodman
2. Joanne Bunbury
  m. Thomas Starkey of Stretton de Oulhall
3. Margaret Bunbury shown by Visitation (1580) as daughter of Richard but in Visitation (1613) as his sister
  m. Edward or Edmund Frodsham of frodesham of Elton

Main source(s): 'The Manors of Suffolk' (WA Copinger, vol 4 (1909), p181), BP1934 ('Bunbury') with input/support for the lower section from Visitation (Cheshire, 1580+1613, 'Bunbury of Stanney')
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