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Families covered: Lawrence of Andoversford, Lawrence of Ashton, Lawrence of Painswick, Lawrence of Sevenhampton, Lawrence of Shurdington, Lawrence of Washington

(1) Thanks to a contributor (ML, 09.06.08) for bringing to our attention the dispute concerning the early generations of this family. We originally followed Commoners in reporting those generations as below (in italics) but a web site challenges that pedigree and, although we have not viewed the main source quoted by that challenge (a work by Schuyler Lawrence in 1935), we have found it supported by VCH (Lancashire, vol 8, 1914, Ashton with Stodday).
(2) Commoners identifies the arms of this family as "Arg. a cross raguly ru.".
Sir Robert Lawrence of Ashton Hall, Lancashire (a 1191)
1. Sir Robert Lawrence
  m. _ Trafford (dau of James Trafford of Trafford)
A. James Lawrence of Washington & Sedgwick (Lancashire)
  m. (1252) Matilda Washington (dau/heir of John Washington of Washington)
  i. John Lawrence of Washington & Sedgwick (a 1283)
  m. Margaret Chesford (dau of Walter Chesford)
  a. John Lawrence of Washington (a 1326, d c1360)
  m. Elizabeth Holt of Stably
  Commoners omits a generation here.
  (1) Sir Robert Lawrence - descendants shown below ****
  m. Margaret Holden of Lancashire
Roger de Lancaster
The parentage of this Roger is as given in the above-mentioned web site. At least in its report on Ashton, VCH gives no indication of his ancestry.
1. Thomas de Lancaster
  A. John de Lancaster
  B. Lawrence de Lancaster of Ashton, Lancashire
  i. John (Fitz) Lawrence of Ashton
  m. Elizabeth Holt of Stably
  a. Edmund Lawrence of Washington (d 1381)
  m1. Alice de Cuerdale
  m2. Agnes de Washington (dau/heir of Robert de Washington)
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  (1) Sir Robert Lawrence (b c1371) ****
  m. Margaret Holden of Lancashire
  (A) Sir Robert Lawrence (d 1450)
  m1. Amphilbis Longford (dau of Edward Longford of Longford)
Commoners mentions the marriage to Amphilbis. VCH mentions the marriage to Agnes in 1429 and reports that Sir James was 22 when his father died in 1450. We presume that Amphilbis was mother of Sir James and that Agnes was mother of the younger sons.
  (i) Sir James Lawrence of Ashton, Stodday (& Standish) (b c1428, d 1490)
  m. Cecily Botler, heiress from Lancashire
  Commoners shows their children as Sir Thomas (m. Eleanor Welles), Robert & Cecily. VCH mentions Sir Thomas succeeded by his brother John. TCP (Hoo) names the 2nd husband of Eleanor Welles as James whom we presume to have been that John.
  (a) Sir Thomas Lawrence (b c1466, d 1504)
  (b) John or James Lawrence (d 1514)
  m. Eleanor Welles (dau of Lionel, Lord Welles, by Joan, dau of Sir Robert Waterton)
  Commoners mentions 2 sons (dsp) for Sir Thomas & Eleanor, Sir John & Thomas, indicating that Sir John was still alive in 1591. VCH reports that, after John's death in 1514, the "inheritance was divided among a number of families, representatives of his aunts". We presume that Commoners was mistaken and that any children of any marriage by John or his brother Sir Thomas dvpsp.
  (c) Robert Lawrence (dsp)
  (d) Cecily Lawrence
m. William Gerard
  m2. (1429) Agnes Croft (dau of Nicholas Croft of Dalton) presumed mother of ...
  (ii) Robert Lawrence
  m. Margaret Lawrence (dau of John Lawrence of Rixton by Mary, dau of Eudo, son/heir of Richard, Lord Welles)
  (a) Sir Robert Lawrence (dsp 1511)
  m. _ Stanley (dau of Thomas Stanley)
  (b) John Lawrence (a 1513, dsp)
  (c) William Lawrence of Sevenhampton, Gloucestershire (a 1509) the first mentioned by MGH
  m. Isabel Molyneux (dau of John Molyneux of Chorley)
  ((1)) Thomas Lawrence of Cassey Compton in Withington (d c12.1558, 2nd son)
  ((A))+ issue (a 1558) - John, Emma, Agnes, Eleanor
  ((2)) Robert Lawrence (b 1520-1, d 1584-5) - continued below
  m1. ??
  m2. Eleanor Stratford (dau of John Stratford of Farncot)
  ((3)) William Lawrence of Yanworth, Gloucestershire (d before 30.03.1582)
  ((A))+ issue (a 1582) - William, Edmund, Robert, Jane, Mary, Anne, Alyce
  ((4)) Edmund Lawrence of Withington (d 29.05.1558_
  m. Eleanor
((A))+ issue (a 1558) - Robert, William, Edmund, Margaret
  ((5)) Joane/Jane Lawrence
  m. _ Tyndall
  ((6))+ other issue - John (a 1558, dsp, archdeacon of Worcester, parson of Withington), Thomas of Compton
  (iii) Nicholas Lawrence
  Not known which wife was mother of which of the following daughters who were mentioned by VCH as aunts of the John who died in 1514.
  (iv) Elizabeth Lawrence possibly the Elizabeth who married ...
  m. John Boteler, younger of Rawcliffe (d before 1488)
  (v)+ other issue - Margaret, Agnes, Alice
  (B) Thomas Lawrence
  (i) Arthur Lawrence of Prior's Court, Gloucestershire
  (C)+ other issue - William (b 1395, d St. Albans 1455), Edmund



Robert Lawrence of Shurdington, Sevenhampton, etc. (b 1520-1, d 1584-5) - continued above
m1. _??
1. daughter
m. _ Truman
2. daughter
  m. _ Hodgkins
3. daughter
  m. _ Rogers
m2. Eleanor Stratford (dau of John Stratford of Farncot (Farnecott), m1/2. _ Sankey of Sevenhampton)
4. William Lawrence of (Little) Shurdington (b c1568, bur 07.10.1638)
  m. (1589) Margaret Higford (bur 07.11.1644, dau of John Higford (Hugford) of Henwood)
  A. Wiliam Lawrence of Shurdington (b 20.05.1594, d 28.08.1682, of the Inner Temple)
  B. Anthony Lawrence of Hackney (bpt 28.09.1606, d 06.12.1678)
m. Barbara Taylor (bur 122.09.1662, dau of Lyonel Taylor of Bedfordshire)
  i. William Lawrence of Hurst then Shurdington (b 12.02.1637, d 29.08.1697)
  m1. Anne Martyn (b 1651, d 12.01.1691, dau of James Martyn of London)
  a. William Lawrence (b c1658, dvp unm 03.03.1691)
  m2. Dulcibella (dsp 28.03.1736)
  ii. Isaac Lawrence of Surat (d unm before 1682)
  iii. Jane Lawrence (b 1634, a 1695)
  m1. Henry Wood of Castor
  m2. Robert Hudson of Bethnall Green
  m3. _ Wright
  C. Isaac Lawrence of Chelsea (bpt 30.03.1614, bur 31.03.1684)
  m. Grizel Lawrence (dau of Sir John Lawrence of Chelsea, Bart)
  i.+ issue - William (d unm in London), Thomas (b c1656, dsp 01.1691, Rector of Bourton-upon-Dunamore), Margaret (d unm), others (d young)
  D. Margaret Lawrence (a 1605, dvp)
m. John Elbridge of Bentham
  E. Mary Lawrence (bpt 06.10.1596)
  m. (28.05.1616) Thomas Hinson of Hunts Court
  F. Elizabeth Lawrence (bpt 16.05.1599, d c1670)
  m. George Gwinnett of Great Sherdington (d 30.01.1602)
  G. Sarah Lawrence (b 1603)
  m. (after 1637) Richard Bridges of Cromwell, Tytherington & Siddington
  H. Hester Lawrence (b 10.09.1612)
  m. Jasper Estcourt of Lyightfield (d 1661)
  I.+ other issue - Catherine (bpt 15.03.1610), Anne (bpt 26.03.1611, d unm bur 16.01.1631)
5/6. Anthony Lawrence of Painswick & Sevenhampton (b c1569, d before 26.04.1645)
  m. Anne Gradwell bur 28.02.1646, (dau of William Gradwell of Gray's Inn)
  A. Anthony Lawrence of Sevenhampton (bpt 09.03.1601, d 01.1643)
  m. Mary Broadway (d 24.03.1673, dau of Giles Broadway of Portlip)
  i. Robert Lawrence of Sevenhampton (bpt 17.09.1628, bur 19.06.1700)
  m. Mary Rogers (bur 04.07.1717, dau of John Rogers of Hasleton)
  a/b. Robert Lawrence (bpt 13.03.1651, d 1670)
  b/a. Anthony Lawrence of Whittington (bpt 1651, bur 25.05.1717, MD)
  m1. Colpepper Colles (b c1662, d 15.10.1702, dau of John Colles of Guiting)
  (1) Colpepper Lawrence (bur 13.09.1711)
  m. William Pembridge of Maisemore
  (2) Anne Colles Lawrence (bpt 13.12.1691)
  m. _ Moore(07.07.1713) John Inglis of Stanton then Burford
  (3) Elizabeth Lawrence (bpt 06.06.1697)
  m. _ Moore
  (4)+ other issue - William (b 16.08.1693, bur 31.03.1694), Anthony (b 16.08.1695, d 15..11.1705), Robert Colles ((b 09.01.1698, d 03.02.1698), Mary (a 1717, d unm)
m2. (1704) Mary Parker of the White House, Gloucestershire (a 1717)
  c. Walter Lawrence of Painswick (bpt 08.01.1665, a 1682)
  m. Anne Webb (dau of Edmund Webb of Painswick)
  (1) Walter Lawrence of Sevenhampton & Brockhampton (bpt 11.04.1689, bur 22.03.1764)
  m. (08.02.1723) Mary Cocks (bpt 23.02.1699, bur 24.08.1762, dau of John Cooks of Woodmancote)
  (A) Walter Lawrence of Sevenhampton (bpt 18.06.1729, d 01.06.1810, 2nd son)
  m. (22.10.1766) Mary Hayward (d 18.11.1804, dau/heir of Thomas Hayward of Bourton-on-the-Hill by Dorothy, dau of John Cocks of Woodmancote, cousin)
  (i) Mary Lawrence of Sevenhampton (b 19.09.1768, d 19.09.1839)
  m. (16.12.1796) William Morris of Gloucester (bpt 03.1767, d 20.11.1834, brother of Robert, MP for Gloucester)
  (a) Walter Lawrence Morris, later Lawrence of Sevenhampton & Sandywell Park, Gloucestershire (b 21.05.1799, d 03.12.1877, "only surviving child") had issue
  m. (24.07.1824) Mary Speldt (dau of Christian Speldt or Splidt of Stratford)
  (b) William Morrisssssssss (bpt 26.03.1806, bur 22.05.1806)
  (ii) Elizabeth Lawrence (bpt 05.06.1769, bur 07.06.1769)
  (B)+ other issue - Robert (bpt 30.03.1725, d unm bur 19.01.1747, minister), John (bpt 04.07.1731, d 22.03.1808, Rector of Sevenhampton)
  (2) Joanna Lawrence (bpt 02.11.1692, bur 16.02.1755)
  m. (04.07.1714) Ethell Perks
  (3)+ other issue (d unm) - Robert (bpt 03.11.1690, bur 22.11.1770), Mary (bpt 27.06.1681), Anne (bpt 02.03.1682, bur 07.01.1763), Elizabeth (bpt 11.08.1685, bur 04.12.1765), Sarah (bpt 05.05.1687, d young)
  d. Elizabeth Lawrence (bpt 26.01.1657, a 1717)
  m. (04.08.1692) William Norden of Credley
  e. Mary Lawrence (bpt 17.12.1661, dsp)
  m. (08.01.1700) Carew Williams of Corndale & London
  f. Ann Lawrence (bpt 09.06.1664, a 1717, dsp)
  m.(20.01.1703) Thomas Ludlow
  g.+ other issue - John (bpt 31.05.1654, d 15.08.1658), Rogers (bpt 17.01.1659, bur 09.05.1668)
  ii. Anthony Lawrence of Anders (Andford) in Dowdeswell (bpt 16.08.1635, bur 24.07.1679)
  m. Elizabeth Whittern (d 15.01.1700, dau of Robert Whittern of Foxcote)
  a. Robert Lawrence of Andoversford, Gloucestershire (bpt 27.10.1659, bur 06.04.1736)
  m. Mary Smith of Sherbourne (bur 04.12.1721)
  (1) Anthony Lawrence of Andoversford (bpt 08.03.1683, bur 30.11.1719)
  m. (30.11.1712) Elizabeth Rogers (bur 24.10.1734)
  (A) Rebecca Lawrence
  m. Thomas Neale of Alston Mill
  (2) Elizabeth Lawrence (bpt 26.02.1686)
  m. William Rogers of Foxcote
  b. Anthony Lawrence of Breams Lodge, Newland, Gloucestershire (bpt 09.08.1661, bur 18.05.1734)
  m. Mary Barrow (bur 04.12.1721, dau of James Barrow of Beeams Lodge by Barbara, sister of William Powlett of Breams Lodge (Recorder of Briostl, Judge of South Wales))
  (1) Powlett Lawrence of Breams Lodge (bpt 30.06.1699, d unm before 04.111745)
  (2) Barrow Lawrence of Lidney, Gloucestershire (bpt 29.06.1703, d before 05.04.1771)
  m. Beats
  (A) Mary Lawrence (a 1770)
  m. _ Phillips
  (B) Anne Lawrence
  (3) Dulcibella Lawrence (bpt 02.05.1701, a 1732)
  m. (by 1732) Edward Hayward
  c. William Lawrence (bpt 20.07.1669, a 1697)
  m. (09.10.1695) Anne Clissold (widow)
  (1) Dorothy Lawrence (a 1701)
  d.+ other issue - Elizabeth (bpt 22.08.1657, d young), Sarah (bpt 10.07.1677, d by 1679?), Mary (bpt 31.10.1663, bur 02.02.1725), Elizabeth (bpt 05.03.1665, dsp 15.06.1681), Anne (bpt 09.05.1671, a 1679), Eleanor (bpt 06.09.1676, d unm)
  iii. Ann Lawrence (bpt 30.12.1630)
  m. Giles Roberts of Oudswell
  iv. Mary Lawrence (bpt 19.05.1633, a 1698)
  m. John or Job Dowle of Badginton
  v. Elizabeth Lawrence (bpt 05.08.1639)
  m. John Freme of Bisley
  B. Elizabeth Lawrence (d 23.07.1670)
  m. William Rogers of Sandiwell (b c1596, d 11.01.1663)
  C.+ other issue - Francis, William (dsp)
6/5. Robert Lawrence of Sevenhampton (d unm bur 07.07.1644)

Main source(s): Commoners (vol 3, 'Lawrence of Sevenhampton', p64+) with some input on the early generations from VCH (Lancashire, vol 8, 1914, Ashton with Stodday) and support (mainly on the lower section) from BLG1886 (Lawrence of Sandywell Park) with significant input/support (mainly for the lower section) from MGH (vol 1, 1868, 'Lawrence Genealogy', p233+)
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