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Families covered: Stratford of Farmecott, Stratford of Horston, Stratford of Overston, Stratford of Sudeley

John Stratford of Farmecott, Gloucestershire
m. Mary Throgmorton (dau of Anthony Throgmorton)
1. John Stratford of Farmecott
  A. George Stratford of Farmecott
m. Elizabeth Hobbey (dau of _ Hobbey of Hales)
  i. William Stratford of Farmecott (b 1602)
  m1. Anne Moore (dau of _ Moore of Paynes Farm, Cockerup, Oxfordshire) ## see here ##
  a. William Stratford of Farmecott (b 1638)
  The following is supported by 'The Genealogist' (New Series, George Marshall, vol 1 (1877), 'Pedigree of Overbury', p274+) .
  m. Anne Overbury (dau of Walter Overbury of Barton-on-the-Heath)
  (1) Walter Stratford of Farmcot (b 1674, a 1682)
  (2) William Overbury Stratford (bpt 28.03.1668, d by 1682?)
  (3) Anna Overbury Stratford (bpt 20.11.1666, d 09.09.1707)
  m. De la Pole Corbet
  (A)+ issue - Elizabeth (b 27.09.1705), Dellapoole (b 13.07.1707)
  b. George Stratford of Sudeley, Gloucestershire (b 1637, d 04.09.1720)
  m. Anne Thorne (dau of George Thorne of Sudeley)
  (1) John Stratford of Sudeley & Milham Post (b 1670, bur 20.10.1752, 2nd son)
  m. (c1694) Mary Sturmy (b c1669, d 25.12.1714, dau of John Sturmy of Swindon)
  (A) John Stratford of Swindon (bpt 13.01.1700, dsp 03.08.1776)
  m. (1733) Elizabeth King (b 1719-20, d 03.02.1798, dau of Edward King of Quennington)
  (B) Richard Stratford of London (b 1708, d before 11.1775)
  m. (c02.1743) Susannah Bayley of Westminster
  (i) Francis Paul Stratford (bpt 09.02.1752, dsp 01.12.1841, Master in Chancery, 4th son)
  m. Mary Dickinson (d 12.01.1849, dau of Rev. Charles Dickinson of Carleton Curlieu, Withcote & Ouston)
(ii)+ other issue (d young) - John (bpt 05.11.1745), Richard (bpt 06.03.1747), John Mumbery (bpt 13.01.1750)
  (C) Mary Stratford (bpt 29.12.1698, d 11.03.1778)
  m. (12.05.1724) Thomas Beale of Stoke Orchard, Oxfordshire (b 30.08.1700, d 31.01.1758)
  (i) Thomas Beale of Swindon (b 1733-4, d 30.08.1782)
  (ii) William Beale of Swindon (bur 31.03.1812)
  m. (03.03.1783) Anne Harvey (bur 01.10.1807, dau of Thomas Harvey of Winchcomb)
  (a) Helen Mary Beale (b 10.06.1786)
  m1. (13.03.1810) Thomas Hallett of Upton Court (dsp 22.06.1811)
  m2. (12.01.1814) Rev. Hugh Hanmer Morgan of Swindon (b 20.05.1783, d 01.04.1863, Chancellor & Canon of Hereford Cathedral
Their elder son, Hugh Stratford Morgan of Lugwardine, assumed the name and arms of Stratford, married, but dsp 1887. Their younger son, Hanmer Morgan who had issue, then assumed the name Morgan-Stratford.
  (D) Frances Stratford (d unm)
  (E) Elizabeth Stratford
  m. Richard Parkes
  (2)+ other issue - George (b 1668), Thomas (b 1677), Frances (b 1674, a 1695)
  c. Anne Stratford
  m. John Robbins of Matesden
  d. Heather Stratford
  m. John Guise of Sandhurst (b c1620, a 1682)
  e.+ other issued - John (d unm), Tracy (b 1644, a 1682, son), Thomas (d unm)
  m2. ?? (widow of Walter Overbury of Barton-on-the-Heath)
  ii. John Stratford (d c1640)
  m. Margaret Broadway (dau of Giles Broadway of Postlip)
  a. John Stratford (d infant)
  b Elizabeth Stratford
  m. Thomas Baker of Prestbury
  c. Mary Stratford
  m. Thomas James of Burton-on-the-Hill
  iii. Henry Stratford
  a. George Stratford (d c1672, "went to Ireland and married there")
  b. Henry Stratford (d unm)
  c. Eleanor Stratford
  m. ?? ("an attorney in London")
  iv. Anthony Stratford of Temple Guiting (b 1612, a 1682, youngest son)
  m. Elizabeth White of Wiltshire (m1. _ Warne, m2. _ Heylin, m3. _ Whittendon)
  v. Elizabeth Stratford
m. _ Booth of Stanton
  vi. Mary Stratford
  m1. _ Skipworth
  m2. _ Smart of Warwickshire
  m3. Anthony Bonner of Halling
  vii.+ other issue (d unm) - George, Alice
  B. John Stratford of Prestbury, Gloucestershire (4th son)
  m(1). _ Banaster of Cheltenham
  i.+ issue - Robert, John, Charles, William
  C.+ other issue - Robert, Anthony ("went to Ireland, where he married"), Henry
2. Margaret Stratford (d 1589) possibly of this generation
  m. Edward Baugh of Twining (d before 19.01.1571)
3. Eleanor Stratford possibly of this generation
  m1/2. Robert Lawrence of Shurdington, Sevenhampton, etc. (b 1520-1, d 1584-5)
  m2/1. _ Sankey of Sevenhampton



(1) Baker shows the arms of the following family as "Barry of ten, Argent and Azure, over all a lion rampant Gules". That suggests that it was connected to the family shown above.
(2) Both Baker & Visitation start with Edward, Baker showing him as 'of Hoarston, Warwickshire' and not naming his wife (and mentioning only their son Edward), Visitation showing him as of Nun-Eaton, Warwickshire', naming his wife Grace Partiger, and showing all their children (but not showing Edward's children).
(3) We speculate that Edward had a brother, John of Horston whose sister Anne m. Thomas Hood, all of whom being children of ...
?? Stratford
1. John Stratford of Horston, Warwickshire
2. Edward Stratford of Hoarston and/or Nun Eaton, Warwickshire (b c1610, d c1665)
  m. Grace Partiger of Gritworth (a 1683)
  A. John Stratford of Atherston, Sheriff of Warwickshire (b c1639, a 1683)
m. _ Combes of Daventry (aunt of John Combes)
  i.+ issue (a 1683) - Theodore (b c1663), John (b c1665), Grace, Abigail
  B. Edward Stratford of Overston, Northamptonshire , Sheriff (b 1633-4, d 03.09.1721)
  m. Mary Taylor (d 06.03.1720, dau of Edward Taylor of Ansty)
  i. Henry Stratford of Overston (bpt 15.04.1684, d 05.02.1757, 2nd son)
  m. Frances Penruddock (bur 22.11.1717, dau of Thomas Penruddock of Wiltshire)
a. Arundel Stratford (bpt 22.09.1706)
  m. (07.01.1722) Bartholomew Tate of Delapre
  b.+ lother issue (dvp) - Francis (bpt 15.03.1707, bur 12.07.1717), Edward (bpt 14.02.1709, d 30.01.1718)
  ii. Anne Stratford
m. (29.10.1695) John Pilkington
  iii.+ other issue - Francis (bpt 18.03.1673, dvpsp), Felicia (bpt 21.01.1675), Elizabeth (bpt 02.11.1678, d 01.1753), Jane (bpt 03.08.1680), Eleanor (bpt 21.11.1682, d 21.12.1718)
  C. Robert Stratford of Baltinglass (d before 29.01.1699)
  m. Mary Walsh (dau of Oliver Walsh of Ballykilcaven)
  D. Grace Stratford
  m. Anthony Trotman of Nuneaton
  E. Abigail Stratford
  m. Henry Rushton of Flower
  F.+ others issue - William of London (a 1683), Francis in Hamborough (a 1683), Theodore (d yoiung)
3. Anne Stratford ("eldest sister of John")
  m. Thomas Hood of Bardon Park (whose parents married in 1625)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : BFR ('Morgan-Stratford', p560+)
(2) For lower section (originally shown on a Temporary page on 08.11.19 using Baker, reviewed & expanded then moved here 27.01.24 using Visitation) : 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Northampton' (George Baker, vol 1, 1830, 'Stratford of Overston', p57), Visitation (Warwickshire, 1683, 'Stratford of Atherston')
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