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Families covered: Boteler of Marton, Butler (Boteler) of Rawcliffe

Sir Richard le Boteler of Rawcliffe, Lancashire (d c1274/5)
m. Alice (dau of William de Carleton)
1. William le Boteler of Rawcliffe (d by 1287)
  m. Joan de Syfrwast (m2. Thomas de Singleton)
A. Nicholas le Boteler of Rawcliffe
  m. Mabel
  i. William le Boteler of Rawcliffe (d by 1331)
  m. Isabel (m2. Sir Henry de Croft)
  a. Sir Nicholas le Boteler of Rawcliffe (a 1344)
  m. Elena de Radclyffe (dau of Richard de Radclyffe) probably wife of this Nicholas, possibly mother of ...
  (1) Sir John Boteler of Rawcliffe, Sheriff of Lancashire (d 27.09.1404)
(A) Sir Nicholas Boteler of Rawcliffe (b c1384, d 1455)
  m1. (1401) Margery Kirkby (dau of Sir Richard Kirkby)
  (i) John Boteler of Rawcliffe (d 09.1488)
  m. Elizabeth Boteler (dau of Sir Richard (sb John?) Boteler of Warington, sister of John)
  (a) Nicholas Boteler (dvp)
  m. Alice Radcliffe (dau of Sir Thomas Radcliffe)
  ((1)) John Boteler (d before 1488)
  m. Elizabeth Lawrence (dau of Robert Lawrence of Ashton)
  ((A)) James Boteler of Rawcliffe (d 1504) - continued below
  m. Elizabeth Molyneux (dau of Sir Thomas Molyneux of Sefton)
((B)) Richard Boteler (d 10.1507)
  (b) William Boteler of Freckleton
  ((1)) John Boteler of Esprick, Thistleton & Freckleton
  m. (1502) Beatrice Singleton (dau of Richard Singleton)
  (c) Richard Boteler of Rawcliffe possibly of this generation
  Richard (a temp Edward 4 who r. 1461-1483) is shown by Dugdale as son of John of Rawcliffe (a temp Henry 6 who r. 1422-1461). The continuation shows that his elder son was "of Racliffe" (and had issue). We assume (hope!) that this is not a contradiction with the main line reported above.
  m. Margaret Pickering (dau/coheir of James Pickering of Hackensall)
  (ii) Richard Boteler
  (iii) Isabel Boteler probably of this generation, of this marriage
  m. (c1427, div) John Towneley of Towneley
  m2. (1441) Katherine (widow of Sir Thomas Radcliffe)
  (B) John Boteler of Catterall
(C) Alice Boteler possibly of this generation
  m. Richard de Clifton of Clifton (a 1442)
2. Richard le Boteler of Marton, Lancashire
  m. Ellen de Haydock (dau of Henry de Haydock)
  The following comes mainly from VCH (Lancashire, vol 7, Townships: Marton).
  A. Richard le Boteler of Marton (d 1323)
  m. Cecily
  i. Richard le Boteler of Marton (b c1319)
  a. John Boteler of Marton
  m. Margaret
  (1) John Boteler of Marton (a 1385)
  m. Margaret de Redmayne (dau of Adam de Redmayne of Yealand)
  (A) Thomas Boteler
  (B) Agatha Boteler
  m1. (1378) Edward de Lathom (dsp 1383)
  m2. (1396) Nicholas Croft of Dalton & Leighton (d 31.12.1419)
  (2) Agatha Boteler (a 1369)
3.+ other issue - Henry, John, Edmund, Geoffrey



James Boteler of Rawcliffe (b c1468, d 1504) - continued above
m. Elizabeth Molyneux (d 11.1508, dau of Sir Thomas Molyneux of Sefton)
1. John Boteler of Rawcliffe (b 16.08.1489, d 1534)
  m. Anne Shireburne (dau of Sir Richard Shireburne)
  A. Elizabeth Boteler (b c1507)
  m. James Standish of Duxbury
  B. Isabel Boteler (b c1509)
  m. Thomas Radcliffe of Winmarleigh
  C. Eleanor Boteler (b c1512)
  m. Henry Rishton of Rishton
D. Grace Boteler (b c1513, d 10.02.1554-5)
  m. (c1538) Hugh Anderton of Euxton
2. Nicholas Boteler of Rawcliffe (b c1501, d c1555)
  m1. ??
  A. Richard Boteler of Rawcliffe (dsp)
  m. Agnes Hoghton (dau of Sir Richard Hoghton)
B. Henry Boteler or Butler of Rawcliffe (d 24.02.1620-1) the first mentioned by Dugdale
  m. Anne Banaster (d 03.1620, dau of Henry Banaster of the Banke)
  i. William Boteler or Butler of Rawcliffe (d 1639)
  m. Elizabeth Clifton (dau of Cuthbert Clifton of Westby)
  a. Henry Butler, last of Rawcliffe (d 1667)
  m. Dorothy Stanley (dau of Henry Stanley of Bickerstaffe)
  (1) Richard Butler (dvp 1651, Captain)
  m. Elizabeth Stanley (d 1655, dau of Thomas Stanley of Eccleston)
  (A) Richard Butler (b c1632, a 09.1664)
  m. Catherine Carus (dau of Thomas Carus of Halton)
(i) Henry Butler (b c1658)
  Dugdale ends with this generation. It appears that this was the Henry who is mentioned in VCH as still living in 1720 and father of ...
  (a) Richard Butler (d by 1717)
  m. Mary
  ((1)) Catherine Butler (heir)
  m. Edward Markham of Thurland Castle
  (ii)+ other issue - Richard, George, Thomas, Elizabeth, Catherine
  (B)+ other issue - Nicholas of London, John of London, Robert, William of London, Theobald, Anne, Mary, Dorothy, Elizabeth
  (2) Henry Butler (a 1720)
  m. Jane Stanley (dau of Thomas Stanley of Eccleston)
  (A)+ issue (a 09.1664) - Charles (b c1652), Philip, Thomas, Mary, Catherine, Bridget, Fleetwood
  (3) William Butler
  m. Alice Barton (dau of John Barton of Cloughton)
  (A) Cecilie Butler
  m. John Corwen of Claughton
(4) Edward Butler
  m2. Cecilia Parkinson (dau of Edward Parkinson of Westfield)
  (5)+ other issue - Thwaytes, Marmaduke, Henry, Christopher, Alexander, James, Dorothy, Anne
  m3. Elizabeth Grimeston (dau of ?? of family of Grimeston Garth)
  b.+ other issue (dsp) - Cuthbert, Nicholas, John
  ii. Nicholas Boteler or Butler of Hales
  a. Richard Boteler or Butler
  iii. Prudence Butler
  m. Thomas Singleton of Scales
  iv. Margaret Butler (bur 18.10.1597)
  m. William Hagerston of Hagerston (bur 24.06.1606)
v. Grismund Butler
  m. John Atherton of Atherton
  vi. Joane Butler
  m. John Smith of Stalmin Grange
  vii.+ other issue - Thomas of Lisco, Robert of Rawcliffe
  C. Elizabeth Boteler
  m. John Orrell
  D.+ other issue - Alice, Catherine
  Either Alice or Catherine married ...
  m. John Butler of Kirlkand
  m2. (1533) Anne (relict of _ Bradshagh)
  partner unknown
  F. James Butler
3. Margaret Boteler possibly of this generation
  m. James Blundell of Crosby (b by 1493, d 05.1527)
4. Elizabeth Boteler possibly of this generation
  m. Rauf Caterall of Caterall

Main source(s): VCH (Lancashire, vol 7, Townships: Out Rawcliffe) with some support from Visitation (Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664-5, Butler of Rawcliffe) and assistance from a contributor (OWC, 17.08.09)
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