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Families covered: Haggerston (Hagarston) of Haggerston (Hagreston)

(1) We first prepared this page in May 2004 using Raine's work. Unfortunately, we could not find our copy of that work when we reviewed the page in April 2019, comparing it with Betham. Where they disagree we keep to what was found in Raine's work largely because that was produced some 50 years later than Betham's. However, our inability to check that we had recorded Raine correctly, with successive generations apparently all named Thomas (unlike Betham), led us to report this caveat.
(2) Betham reports that "The name of Haggerston is of great antiquity in Scotland, and local from Halkerston'.
John de Hagardeston or Hardargeston of Hardargeston
1. Hugh de Hagardeston (a 1210)
  m. Agnes (dau of Margaret de Bollisden)
  A. Robert de Hagreston
  i. Robert de Hagreston of Hagreston
a. Henry or Thomas de Hagarston 'of Haggerston Castle, Northumberland' (b c1359)
  Betham starts with Thomas de Haggerston who, by Agnes (sister & coheir of Sir Gilbert Umfrevile) was father of the husband of Mary Selby. However, Betham names him Thomas. Provisionally, we give precedence to Raine in naming him Henry but note that the Selby records name him Thomas.
  m. Mary Selby (dau of Alexander Selby of Biddleston)
  (1) Thomas de Hagarston of Hagarston (d 1446) named William by Betham
  m. Catherine Stapleton (dau of Miles Stapleton of Wighiill)
  (A) Thomas de Hagarston (b c1416, d 01.05.1470) named Robert by Betham
  m. Agnes Umfraville (dau of Sir Thomas Umfraville of Harbottle Castle)
  (i) Thomas Haggerston of Haggerston (b c1458, d 26.03.1502) named Henry by Betham
  m. Margaret Haslerigg (dau of _ Haslerigg of Haslerigg)
  (a) Thomas Haggerston of Haggerston (b c1477, d 26.01.1531) named John by Betham
  m. Elizabeth Collingwood (dau of George Collingwood of Eslington)
((1)) Thomas Haggerston of Haggerston (b c1517, d Pannyerhagh 12.1545) named William by Betham
  Betham identifies William's wife as Margaret, dau of Sir George Ratcliffe of Dilston & sister to Sir George.
  m. Dorothy Ratcliffe (dau of Sir Cuthbert Ratcliffe of Dilston)
  ((A)) Henry Haggerston of Haggerston (b c1546)
  m. Anne Beadnell (dau of Robert Beadnell of Lemington)
  ((i)) William Haggerston of Haggerston Castle (bur 24.06.1606)
  m. Margaret Butler (bur 18.10.1597, dau of Henry Butler of Rawcliff)
((a)) Sir Thomas Haggerston, 1st Bart of Haggerston Castle (bur 07.03.1673)
  m. Alice Banaster (dau of Henry Banaster of Bank)
  ((b))+ other issue - Luke, Anne, Mary
  ((ii)) Mary Haggerston
  m. John Orde of Berwick
  ((iii))+ other issue - Helen, John, Cuthbert, Henry of Goswick
  ((2))+ other issue - Margaret, Elinor, Esabel
  (b) Ralph Haggerston
  m. Elizabeth Manners (dau of J. Manners of Cheswick)
  (c)+ other issue - Richard, George, Roger, Rowland
  (ii) Margaret Haggerston
  m. John Swinburne of Nufferton
  (B)+ other sons (including Robert, Henry, John)
  ii. Thomas de Hagreston
  B. Philip de Hagreston
2. Helias de Hagardeston

Main source(s): 'History and Antiquities of North Durham' (Rev. James Raine, 1852), 'Baronetage of England' (William Betham, vol 1, 1801, 'Haggerston of Haggerston Castle', p511+)
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