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Families covered: Swinburne of Chopwell, Swinburne of East Swinburne, Swinburne of Edlingham, Swinburne of Nafferton, Swinburne of Wylam

Ulfchill de Swynburne of East Swynburne (d 1182)
1. Adam de Swinburne of East Swinburne (b c1160, a 1236)
  A. Richard de Swinburne of (East) Swinburne (b c1185, a 1236) probably father of ...
i. Sir John de Swinburne of Swinburne, Sheriff of Cumberland (bur 1313)
  m. Avicia
  a. Sir Adam de Swinburne of Swinburne, Sheriff of Northumberland (d 1318)
  m1. Margery
  (1) ? Adam de Swinburne (d young?)
  (2) Elizabeth de Swinburne
  m. Roger Heron of Ford
  m2. (by 1279) Idonea de Graham (dau of Henry de Graham)
  (1) Henry de Swinburne (b 1296, a 1323, dsp?)
  (2) Christina de Swinburne
  m. (c1302) John de Widdrington
  (3) Barbara de Swinburne (a 1363, d by 1364)
  m. (before 1369) Sir John de Strivelyn of Belsay, Sheriff of Edinburgh, Lord Stryvelyn (d 15.08.1378)
  b. Robert de Swinburne of Gunnerton & Little Horkesby
  (1)+ issue - William, Thomas (b 1287)



John Swinburne of Nafferton (d by 07.1488)
m1. Margaret Haggerston (dau of Thomas Haggerston of Haggerston & Agnes de Umfraville)
1. Thomas Swinburne of Nafferton & Edlingham (b c1465)
  m. (c1485) Margaret Mitchelson (dau of Robert Mitchelson of Offerton)
  A. George Swinburne of Nafferton & Edlingham Castle (b c1486, d before 16.08.1527)
  m1. ?? Lisle (dau of Sir Humphrey Lisle of Felton)
  i. Lucy Swinburne
  m. John Roddam of Roddam
  Hodgson shows George's 2nd wife as Margaret, dau of _ Haggerson of Haggerston. Provisionally we follow the Swinburne site which identifies her as ...
m2. Marian Fenwick (dau of John Fenwick of Wallington)
  ii. Roger Swinburne of Edlingham & Nafferton (d 30.06.1538)
  m. (1531) Isabel or Elizabeth Errington (dau/coheir of Thomas Errington)
a. Thomas Swinburne of Edlingham & Nafferton (b c1527, d c07.1572)
  m1. Margaret Carr (dau of John Carr of Heaton)
  (1) George Swinburne of Edlingham (dsp)
  (2) William Swinburne of Edlingham (b c1559, a 1596)
  (3) John Swinburne of Edlingham & Nafferton (b c1563, d 07.1639)
  m. Anne Collingwood (dau of Sir Cuthbert Collingwood of Eslington)
  (A) Sir Thomas Swinburne of Edlingham & Nafferton, Sheriff of Northumberland (b c1589, dsp 01.05.1645)
  m. Margaret Lee (bur 27.02.1636/7, dau of William Lee of Brandon)
  (B) Margaret Swinburne
  m. William Swinburne of Capheaton (b c1575, d 06.11.1653)
  (C) Eleanor Swinburne
  m. William Wallas of Knaresdale
  (4) Jane Swinburne (b 1569)
  m. (c1581) George Collingwood of Elsington & Eppleton
  (5)+ other issue (dvp) - Ursula, Elizabeth
  m2. Elizabeth (natural dau of Humphrey, Duke of Buckingham, she m2. Robert Barrow of Edlingham)
(7) Ralph Swinburne (dsp)
  b. George Swinburne of Sealham (5th son)
  m. Agnes Billingham (sister of John Billingham of Crookhall)
  c. Marion Swinburne
  m. _ Thirlwell
  d. Elizabeth Swinburne
  m1. George or William Ward of Consett
  m2. John Billingham of Crookhall
  e. Isabel Swinburne
  m. ? Robert Roddam
  f. Ann Swinburne (b 1546)
  m. William Shafto of Bavington
g. Margery Swinburne
  m. John Heron of Chipchase (cousin)
  h.+ other issue - Ingram (dsp), Robert (b 1536), John (b 1538, dsp)
  iii. Gawen Swinburne of Cheeseburn Grange
  m. Margaret Raymes of Shorflat
  partner unkown
  a. John Swinburne (a 1576)
  iv. Agnes Swinburne
  m. George Harbottle of Tuggal
  v. Marion or Margaret Swinburne
  m. Sir George Heron of Chipchase (d 10.11.1591)
  vi.+ other issue - John, Thomas of Haughton (b c1513, dsp c05.1566), Gilbert (dsp)
  B. Ralph Swinburne (dsps)
  partner unknown
  i. Simon Swinburne (dvpsp)
  C. Simon Swinburne (b c1489)
  m1. Elizabeth Bertram (dau of Roger Bertram of Brenkley)
i. daughter (d unm before 1607)
  m2. ?? from Cowdale
  D. Gilbert Swinburne (b before 1493, a 08.1527, 7th son)
  i. Gilbert Swinburne of Prudoe Castle (a 01.1590/1)
  m. Dorothy Lee (sister of Arthur Lee)
  a. Elizabeth Swinburne
  m1. _ Stowte
  m2. Hugh Sheill
  b.+ other issue - Anthony, John (bpt 09.05.1574), Edward, Jane, Anne
  E. Agnes Swinburne
  m. Thomas Rutherford of Rudchester
  F. Lucy Swinburne (b before 1502)
  m. Christopher Weldon of Weldon
  G. Elizabeth Swinburne
  m. Edward Shafto of Bavington
  H.+ other issue (d unm) - William, James of Newcastle (a 08.1527), Henry (a 08.1527, dsp), Anthony (dsp), Robert (a 08.1527, dsp, priest)
  partner unknown
M. John Swinburne of Chopwell (b c1504, a 09.1545)
  m1. Margaret Harbottle (dau of Robert Harbottle of Beamish)
  i. Christopher Swinburne (4th son)
  m. Anne Raymes (dau of Robert Raymes of Shortflat)
  a. John Swinburne of Wylam (d by 08.1577)
  m1. Agnes Farewell (dsp 27.10.1566, dau of William Farewell of Blanchland)
  m2. (06.05.1566/7) Isabel Booth (dau of Robert Booth of Hurwood)
  (1) Roger Swinburne of Wylam (dsp by 02.1591/2)
  (2) John Swinburne of Wylam (d 1604)
  m. Dorothy Ogle (dau of John Ogle of Newsham)
(3) Christopher Swinburne of Newburn (d before 04.02.1591/2)
  m. Margaret Anderson (dau of Cuthbert Anderson of Walbottle by Alice)
  (A) Alexander Swinburne (d 1584) had issue
  m. (04.08.1583) Dorothy Hedley of Nether Spen
  (B)+ other issue - Cuthebert, Jane
  (4)+ other issue - Roland, Mary, Margery, Anne
  ii.+ other issue (d unm) - Rowland (priest, Master of Clare Hall, Cambridge), Nicholas, Anthony, Thomas
  m2. Anne Clavering (dau of John Clavering of Callaly, widow of Robert Raymes of Shortflat)
  vi. John Swinburne of Chopwell
  m. Anne Smith (dau of George Smith of Nunstainton by Jane Bouth)
  a.+ issue - John (dsp), William (dsp), Robert (dsp), Margaret, Jane
2.+ other issue - Richard (vicar of Hartburn), Gilbert (d Bosworth 08.1485, standard bearer for King Richard III)
m2. Margaret
4.+ other issue - Leonard, Thomas, John, Matthew
m3. Jane

Main source(s): the excellent Swinburn(e) Family History Site mentioned on Swinburne01 with support for the upper section from 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 4, John Crawford Hodgson, 1897, 'Swinburne of East Swinburn', p309) and support for the lower section from 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 7, John Crawford Hodgson, 1904, 'Swinburne of Edlingham Castle and Nafferton', p132+)
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