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Families covered: Widdrington of Blankney, Widdrington of Cartington, Widdrington of Felton, Widdrington of Widdrington

John de Woderington (a 1139) possibly father of ...
1. Bertram de Woderington (a 1166) possibly father of ...
  A. Sir Godfrid de Woderington of Widdrington (a 1178)
  'Northumberland Families' indicates that the family name varied over the next few generations between Woderington, Widrington, Widdrington, etc.. For the sake of simplicity, we hereafter show just Widdrington.
i. Sir Gerard de Widdrington of Widdrington (a 1208)
  a. Sir John de Widdrington of Widdrington (a 1254)
  m. Constance
  (1) Sir Gerard de Widdrington of Widdrington (a 1294)
  (A) Sir John de Widdrington of Widdrington (a 1304)
  m. Christiana de Swinburne (dau of Adam de Swinburne of East Swinburne)
(i) Sir Gerard de Widdrington of Widdrington (b c1322, dsp 1362)
  m. Joan Riddell (dau of William Riddell of Tilmouth)
  (ii) Roger de Widdrington (d 1372)
  m1. (1334) Elizabeth de Actone (dau of Richard de Actone of Newcastle)
  (a) Roger Widdrington (dsp)
  m. (c1367) Katharine de Aton (dau of Sir William de Aton (Acton))
  (b) Christian Widdrington (b c1341)
  m.(c1357) Sir Bertram Monboucher
  (c) Alienora Widdrington
  m1. Sir Robert Umfraville
  m2. Conan Aske of Aske
  (d) Barnaba Widdrington
  m. John de Vaux
m2. Agnes (a 1371)
  (e) Sir John Widdrington of Widdrington, Sheriff (b 02.02.1371, d by 1444)
  m. Margaret
  ((1)) Roger Widdrington of Widdrington, Sheriff (d 02.08.1451)
  m. Elizabeth Grey (d by 1454, dau of Sir Thomas Grey of Heton)
  ((A)) Sir Gerard Widdrington of Widdrington (d 1491) - continued below
  m. Elizabeth Boynton (dau of Christopher Boynton of Sudbury)
((B)) Sir John Widdrington of Chipchase, Sheriff of Northumberland
  m. Isabel Ogle (dau of Robert, Lord Ogle)
  ((C)) Elizabeth Widdrington
  m. John Fenwick
  ((D))+ other issue - Roger (b c1424), Thomas (dsp), Ralph (dsp), Robert (dsp), William (dsp), Alexander, Margaret (d young), Alice, Isabel
  ((2)) Gerard Widdrington (a 1419)
  m. (?) Margaret Grey (dau of Sir Thomas Grey of Heton)
  ((3)) Elizabeth Widdrington
  m. William de Swinburne of Capheaton
  ((4)) Agnes Widdrington
  m. Henry de Lilburn
  (B) Gerard de Widdrington
  (i) John de Widdrington of Denton (dsp)
  (ii) Roger de Widdrington of Denton (a 1324) probably father of ...
  (a) Edward de Widdrington (a 1355)
  ((1)) Joan Widdrington
  m. William Blaklamb
  (2)+ other issue - John, Geoffrey
  b. Sir Gerard de Widdrington (dsp c1280)
  m. Petronilla
  c.+ other issue - Sir Roger, Duncan
  ii. Geoffrey de Widdrington
  B.+ other issue - Randulf, Roger



Sir Gerard Widdrington of Widdrington (d 1491) - continued above
m. Elizabeth Boynton (dau of Christopher Boynton of Sudbury)
1. Sir Ralph Widdrington of Widdrington (d 1502)
  m1. Felicia Claxton (dau of Sir Robert Claxton of Dilston)
  A. Sir Henry Widdrington of Widdrington (d before 12.1517)
  m. Margery Percy (dau of Sir Henry Percy of Bamburgh)
i. Sir John Widdrington of Widdrington, Sheriff (b c1503, d 10.10.1571)
  m1. Agnes Metcalf (dau of Sir James Metcalf of Nappa)
  a. Sir Henry Widdrington of Widdrington, Sheriff (dsp after 01.1592/3)
  b. Edward Widdrington of Swinburne (d 1577)
  m. Ursula Carnaby (dau of Sir Regnold Carnaby of Halton)
  (1) Sir Henry Widdrington of Widdrington, Sheriff (d after 12.09.1623)
  m. Mary Curwen (b before 1589, dau of Sir Nicholas Curwen of Workington by Elizabeth Carus)
(A) Sir William Widdrington of Widdrington, 1st Lord of Blankney (b 11.07.1610, d 25.08.1651)
  m. (10.01.1629/30) Mary Thorold (bur 20.01.1675/6, dau of Sir Anthony Thorold of Blankney)
  (i) William Widdrington, 2nd Lord of Blankney (d 11/2.1675)
  m. (12.01.1653/4) Elizabeth Bertie (d 23.06.1715, dau of Sir Peregrine Bertie of Evedon)
  (a) William Widdrington, 3rd Lord of Blankney (b 26.01.1655/6, d 01.02.1694/5)
  m. (c01.1676/7) Alathea Fairfax (dau of Charles Fairfax, Viscount)
  ((1)) William Widdrington, 4th Lord of Blankney (d 19.04.1743)
  William and his brothers were attainted for their support of the Jacobite rebellion.
  m1. (c1700) Jane Tempest (d 09.09.1714, dau of Sir Thomas Tempest, Bart of Stella)
((A)) Henry Francis Widdrington (b 04.12.1700, dsp 27.08.1774)
  m. (27.01.1733/4) Anne Gatenby of Yorkshire (bur 22.12.1780)
  ((B)) William Tempest Widdrington (b 21.05.1712, dsp 01/2.1753, 3rd son)
  m. Anne Philips (sister of George Philips)
  ((C)) Mary Widdrington (b 11.10.1713)
  m. Rowland Eyre of Hassop
  ((D))+ other issue - Francis (bur 23.10.1713), Alathea (b 21.04.1705, d 1775, nun), Mary Gertrude (b 07.07.1707, bur 26.09.1708), Elizabeth (b 08.11.1709, bur 10.11.1709), Anne (bur 02.02.1711)
m2. (c07.1718) Catharine Graham (b 1677, dsp 11.12.1757, dau of Richard Graham, Viscount Preston)
  ((2)) Peregrine Widdrington (b 02.05.1692, dsp 04.02.1748/9, 3rd son)
  m. Mary Sherburne, 'Duchess of Norfolk' (dsp 24/5.09.1754, dau of Sir Nicholas Sherburne of Stoneyhurst)
  ((3)) Mary Widdrington (d 07.1731)
  m. Richard Towneley of Towneley (b 1687, d 08.1735)
  ((4)) Elizabeth Widdrington (bpt 30.03.1689, d 07.01.1765)
  m. Marmaduke Langdale, 4th Lord (d 08.01.1771)
  ((5))+ other issue - Charles (d 1756?), Apollonia (nun)
  (b) Mary Widdrington
  m. Richard Forster
  (c) Anne Widdrington
  m. John Clavering of Callaly (b 1659)
  (d) Catherine Widdrington (d 1758)
  m. Edward Southcote of Blitheborough
(e)+ other issue - Henry (d by 1729), Roger of Blankney (d 1718), Peregrine (bpt 29.05.1663), Edward (d 10.1699), Bridget (bpt 12.11.1654), Elizabeth (b c1659, d 09.11.1730, nun), Dorothy (nun),. Jane (bpt 26.01.1661/2, d 1733)
  (ii) Edward Widdrington'of Long Horsley' (d 11.07.1691, Captain, 3rd son)
  m. (23.02.1660/1) Dorothy Horsley (d 20.07.1679, dau of Sir Thomas Horsley of Northumberland)
  (a) Edward Widdrington of Felton (b 1658, d 1705, 2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth Molyneux (dau of Caryl Molyneux, 3rd Viscount)
  ((1)) Edward Horsley Widdrington of Felton (b c1695, d 1762)
  m. (after 07.1728) Mary Weld (dau of Humphrey Weld of Lulworth Castle)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Margaret Widdrington (b c1730, d 04.04.1798)
  m. (08.1760) Thomas Riddell of Swinburne Castle (d 1777)
  ((2)) Mary Horsley Widdrington (d unm before 01.1721/2)
  (b) Eleanor Widdrington
  m. (after 10.09.1683) Richard Forster of Newburn (Newham)
(c) Teresa Widdrington
  m. (16.01.1695/6) Sir William Wheeler, 3rd Bart of Leamington Hastings (d 1708)
  (d) Anne Widdrington
  m. (06.04.1706) William Clavering of Barrington
  (e)+ other issue - Thomas (d young), William (bur 29.09.1673, Mary (bpt 31.10.1662, d 1712, nun), Dorothy (b c1665), Jane (b c1670, nun)
(iii) Ralph Widdrington (d 22.06.1718)
  m. Anne Thimelby (dau of John Thimelby)
  (iv) Mary Widdrington
  m. Richard (not Francis) Crane of Woodrising
  (v) Jane Widdrington
  m. Sir Charles Stanley
(vi)+ other issue - Henry (d 27.10.1656), Ephraim of Kyloe (bur 05.02.1683/4), John (bur 07.09.1640), Anthony (b 1644, d unm 1682), Anthony (d unm), Roger (d Mastricht 1676)
  (B) Katharine Widdrington
  m. Sir William Riddell of Gateshead
  (C) Elizabeth Widdrington
  identified by 'Northumbeland Families' as wife of William Selby of Winlaton. We show that Elizabeth below.
(D) Mary Widdrington (d 22.07.1672)
  m. Sir Francis Howard of Corby (b 29.08.1588, d 11.04.1660)
  (E) Dorothy Widdrington
  m. Sir Charles Howard of Croglin
  (F) Frances Widdrington
  m. Sir Nicholas Thornton of Netherwitton
  (G)+ other issue - Margaret, Ursula (d unm 18.07.1644)
  possibly by partner unknown
(I) Catherine Widdrington
  m. Sir William Lambton of Lambton (d 1668)
  (2) Roger Widdrington of Cartington and Harbottle
m1. Mary Radcliffe (dau of Sir Francis Radcliffe of Dilston)
  (A) Sir Edward Widdrington, 1st Bart of Cartington (b c1614, d 1671)
  m. Christian Stuart (d before 08.12.1684, dau of John Stuart, commendator of Coldingham)
  (i) Sir Edward Widdrington, 2nd Bart of Cartington (b c1652, dsp 1672)
  (ii) Mary Widdrington (b c1632, d 08.04.1703)
  m. Sir Edward Charleton of Hesleyside (d 16.01.1674/5)
  (iii) Catherine Widdrington (d 30.11/12.1697)
  m1. (c1670) Roger Widdrington of Harbottle (bur 28.07.1671)
  m2. Gervase Hamond of Scarthingwell
  (iv)+ other issue - Roger (d infant bur 25.05.1654), Ann (d unm bur 28.05.1659)
  (B) Mary Widdrington
  (C) Margaret Widdrington
  m. Nicholas Errington of Ponteland
  (D) Clara Widdrington (bur 09.05.1696)
m. William Orde of Thistlerigg
  m2. (c12.1632) Rosamund Wentworth (d 14.11.1650, dau of Michael Wentworth of Worley)
  (3) Sir Ralph Widdrington
  (A) Ursula Widdrington (a 07.1680)
  m. Arnold Mountney
  (B)+ other issue - John of Stonecroft (a 06.1664), Katherine (d unm 1643)
  (4) Dorothy Widdrington probably of this generation
  m. John Errington of Errington (d before 1626)
  partner unknown
  (5) Benjamin Widdrington of Little Swinburne (bpt 15.01.1559/60, d 09.09.1634)
  m. Katharine Lawson (b c1572, a 09.1663, dau of George Lawson of Little Usworth)
  (A) Henry Widdrington of St. Andthony's, later of Buteland (b before 1604, d before 1668)
  m1. (?) Anne Lawson (dau of Roger Lawson of Heaton)
  m2. Isabel (a 10.1650)
(i) Mary Widdrington
  m. Francis Sutton
  (ii) Dorothy Widdrington
  m. William Widdrington
  (B)+ other issue - John of Hirst, Ursula, Katherine, Dorothy, Mary
  c. Dorothy Widdrington
  m1. Roger Fenwick of Wallington (not Wellington) (d 1550)
  m2. Sir Robert Constable of Flamburgh (b c1530, d 1591)
  m2. (c1542) Agnes Gower (bur 29.12.1583, dau of Sir Edward (not Thomas) Gower of Stittenham)
d. Robert Widdrington of Wearmonth, Sheriff of Durham (d before 20.01.1599)
  m1. Margaret Ogle (dau of Robert Ogle, 5th Lord)
  m2. Elizabeth
  e. Sir Ephraime Widdrington of Ritton (b c1555, d 24.12.1649)
  m1. Jane Hebburn (dau of Michael Hebburn of Hebburn)
m2. Eleanor (a 1605)
  m3. (07.08.1615) Eleanor Conyers (dau of John Conyers of Sockburn)
  f. William Widdrington (Provost Marshall in Berwick in 1585)
  (1) Elizabeth Widdrington who (not the above) was apparently the Elizabeth who married ...
  m. Sir William Selby of Winlaton (d 1649)
  g. Isaac Widdrington
  (1)+ issue - Robert, James (bpt 01.06.1592), Rebecca, Elizabeth
  h. Jane Widdrington (bur 27.07.1590)
  m. (1564) John Carnaby of Langley
i. Martha Widdrington
  m. Thomas Sandford of Askham
  j. Margery Widdrington
  m. Henry Parkinson
  k. Mary Widdrington
  m1. Henry Grey (of Chillingham family)
  m2. William Jenison of Neworth
  l.+ other issue - Abymelack, Barbara (d young), Rebecca of Staindrop (a 10.1625), Sara
  p. Alice (maid servant)
  p.+ other issue - Hector in Berwick (d 1593), Alexander
  ii. Dorothy Widdrington
  m. (c1526/7) Robert Ogle, Lord (d 06.03.1544/5)
iii. Constance Widdrington
  m. Valentine Fenwick of Walker
  iv. Mary or Margery Widdrington
  m. John Mitford of Seghill
  v. Margery or Margaret Widdrington
  m. Robert or Roger Fenwick of Bitchfield
  vi.+ other issue - Ralph (dsp), Anne (d unm)
  B. Cuthert Widdrington (dsp)
  C. Roger Widdrington of Chilburn (Chibburn) (d before 1525)
  m. Maud / Matilda Strother (dau of Thomas Strother of Kirknewton)
  m2. Mabel Sandford (possibly widow not dau of _ Sandford)
  D.+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Margaret
  Possibly of this generation, though (if so) of which marriage is not known, was ...
  F. daughter
  m. Edmund Craster of Craster (d 1511)
2. Anne or Agnes Widdrington probably of this generation
  m. William Carnaby of Halton (d 1453)
3.+ other issue - Robert (dsp), Elizabeth

Main source(s): 'Northumberland Families' (vol 2, edited by W. Percy Hedly for the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1970) with some support from BE1883 (Widdrington) and BEB1841 (Widdrington of Widdrington)
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