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Families covered: Monboucher of Gamston, Monboucher of Horton, Monboucher of Seghill, Monboucher of Sutton-upon-Trent

Craster reports that "The Monbouchers had, from the twelfth century, been attached to the household of the dukes of Brittany, but it was not until the close of the thirteenth century that one of their number, Sir Bertrand or Bertram de Monboucher, accompanied his lord to England." Craster, Hodgson & BHO all start their pedigrees with the Bertram who m. Joan Charron. Visitation, supported by various web sites, identifies his parents as ...
Bertram Monboucher of Seghill, Northumberland
m. Margaret Sutton (dau/heir of Sir Richard Sutton upon Trent (sic), son of Rowland by Alice de Lexington)
1. Sir Bertram Monboucher of Sutton-upon-Trent, Horton & Seghill (d before 13.12.1332)
  m. Joan de Charron (a 1342, dau/heir of Guiscard (not Richard) de Charron of Horton, Beamish, etc. (by Alice), m2. Sir Richard Willoughby of Wollaton)
  A. Reginald de Monboucher of Sutton-upon-Trent, of Seghill, later of Horton (b c1285, a 1332)
Neither Hodgson nor BHO (Durham) identify Reginald's wife but show Isabel Willoughby as 1st wife (sp) of Reginald's son Bertram. BHO ('History of Nottinghamshire' by Thorton, Vol 3 (1796), edited by John Throsby, 'Sutton upon Trent', p177) shows her in this generation but names him Bertram. Provisionally, we follow Craster in showing the pedigree as follows.
  m. Isabella Willoughby (dau of Sir Richard Willoughby (of Wollaton), m2. John de la Peche)
  i. Sir Bertram de Monboucher of Horton etc., Sheriff of Northumberland (b c1337, d 06.08.1388)
  m. (c1358) Christiana Widdrington (b c1341, d before 1388, dau of Sir Roger Widdrington or Wooderington by Elizabeth de Acton)
  a. Bertram Monboucher of Horton, Sheriff of Northumberland (b c1367, d 6.10.1399)
  m. Elizabeth Bowes (d 16.08.1450, m2. William Whitchester of Seaton Delaval, m3. Roger Fulthorp, m4. Thomas Holden, m5. Sir Robert Hilton) ## see here ##
  (1) Bertram Monboucher 'of Horton' (b c1391/3, d 08.02.1413/4)
  Some sources show this as the Bertram who m. Elizabeth Bowes (just above). That is unlikely given that she married William Whitchester in/about 1401.
  (A) Bertram Monboucher (dsp 15.06.1425)
  b. Reginald Monboucher (dsp?)
  c. Isabel Monboucher (d by 1427)
m1. Henry de Heaton or Hetton of Hartley (dspms)
  m2. Robert Harbottle of Preston (d 1419)
  B. Sir George Monboucher of Gamston-upon-Idle (Nottinghamshire)& Swinhope (Lincolnshire) (d before 24.08.1349)
  m. Isabella de Chauncy (dau/heir of Gerard de Chauncy son of Philip by Isabella, sister of Thomas son of Thomas son of Ranulf son of Roger son (by Isabella) of Ranulf son of Roger de Maresey (Maresi or Marsey))
i. Sir Nicholas Monboucher of Gamston (b c1342, d 23.08.1384)
  Visitation shows Sir Nicholas as son of Bartram son of Sir George. We are following Craster, supported by BHO ('History of Nottinghamshire' by Thorton, Vol 3 (1796), edited by John Throsby, 'Gamston', p254), in showing him as son rather than grandson of Sir George. BHO also provides more information on Nicholas's mother Isabella.
  m. Margaret Cromwell (a 1409, sister of Sir Ralph Cromwell of Tatteshall)
  a. George Monboucher of Gamston & Skipwith (b c1376, dsp 15.06.1409)
  m. Elizabeth Skipwith (dau/heir of William Skipwith)
  b. Ralph Monboucher of Gamston (b c1383, dsp 11.09.1416)
  m. Margaret Foljambe (d 15.07.1464, dau of Thomas Foljambe of Riby, m2. John Cockfield of Nuthall)
c. Bertram Monboucher (dsp before 1416)
  d. Isabel Monboucher (dsp 24.01.1450/1)
  m. John Burgh of Cowthorp
  e. Margaret (or Matilda) Monboucher (b 1388-9, a 1451, dsp)
  m. John Kirmond or Kermond (d 16.12.1435, usher of the Exchequer)
  ii. Joan Monboucher
  m. Sir Edward (Edmond or Edmund) Pierpoint of Holme
  iii. Margaret Monboucher
  m. Anker Frecheville of Staveley
  iv. Isabella Monboucher
  m. Sir John Clifton of Clifton

Main source(s): 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 9, H.H.E. Craster, 1909, 'Monboucher of Horton and Gamston', p261+) with support from Hodgson's 'A History of Northumberland in three parts' (Part II, vol II, 1832, p261, 'Pedigree of Charron, &c.'), BHO ('The History and Antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham, vol 2 (1820), Chester Ward, 'Chapelry of Tanfield', 'Descent of Charron, Monboucher, Harbotel, and Percy, Lords of Beamish and Tanfield'), Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1569+1614, 'Perpoint' (p47+)) with a little input from various web sites shown in italics
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