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Families covered: Cromwell of Cromwell, Cromwell of Tattershall, Cromwell of West Hallam

Haldane de Cromwell (a temp Henry II 1154-1189)
1. Hugh de Cromwell
  A. Ralph de Cromwell
  i. Ralph de Cromwell of Cromwell & West Hallam (a 1219)
  a. Ralph de Cromwell of Cromwell & West Hallam (d before 18.09.1289)
  m1. Mazera Marmion (dau of Philip Marmion of Scrivelsby, Sheriff of Warwickshire, etc)
(1) Joan de Cromwell
  m. Sir Alexander de Freville of Tamworth, Lord (d 01.03.1328)
  m2. (before 26.01.1270/1) Margaret de Somery (a 1293, dau of Roger de Somery of Dudley)
  (2) Ralph de Cromwell (d before 02.03.1298/9)
  (A) Ralph de Cromwell (b c1291/2)
  m. Joan de la Mare
(i) Ralph de Cromwell of Cromwell & West Hallam (d before 28.10.1364)
  m. Anice de Bellers (dau of Roger de Bellers)
  (a) Ralph de Cromwell, 1st Lord of Tattershall (d 27.08.1398)
  m. (before 20.06.1366) Maud Bernake (d 10.04.1419, dau of John Bernake of Tattershall)
  ((1)) Ralph de Cromwell, 2nd Lord of Tattershall (b c1368, d 1417/9)
  m. Joan
  ((A)) Ralph de Cromwell, 3rd Lord of Tattershall (b c1403, dsp 04.01.1454/5, Lord High Treasurer)
m. (before 04.07.1424) Margaret Deincourt (b 21.09.1405, dsp 15/6.09.1455, dau of John Deincourt, 5th Lord)
  ((B)) Maud de Cromwell (d 1455)
  m. (1411) Sir Richard Stanhope of Rampton (d 1436)
  ((2)) Hawise or Avicia de Cromwel
  m. Thomas Bardolf de Wirmegay, 5th Lord
  ((3)) Maude de Cromwell
  m. Sir William FitzWilliam of Sprotborough
  ((4)) Elizabeth de Cromwell (d 1393-4)
  m1. John de Clifton, 1st Lord of Buckenham (d 10.08.1388)
  m2. Sir Edward Bensted
  (b) Margaret Cromwell (a 1409) possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Nicholas Monboucher of Gamston (b c1342, d 23.08.1384)
  (3) Sir John de Cromwell, Lord (d before 08.10.1335)
  BE1883 reports this John as being succeeded by Ralph, whom we show above as the 1st Lord, whom BE1883 calls 2nd Lord and describes as either John's son or his brother Ralph's son. We follow TCP, which treats John's peerage as having died with him, and the above Lord Ralph's peerage as a new creation, and therefore number the lordships differently from BE1883. As shown above, TCP also inserts 2 additional generations into what BE1883 reports.
  m. (before 25.06.1302) Idonea (d 10.11.1333, dau of Roger de Vipont, Sheriff of Westmoreland)

Main source(s): TCP (Cromwell), BE1883 (Cromwell of Tatshall) with some support from BP1934 (Cromwell)
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