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Families covered: Charlesworth of Kettlethorpe Hall, Cleybrooke of Fulsham, Cleybrooke in Kent, Charron of Beamish, Charron of Sutton, Cogeshall (Cogshall) of Essex

Joseph Charlesworth of Chevet in Royston (bur 17.12.1777, gardener)
m. (29.06.1745) Mary Parkinson of Sandal
1. Joseph Charlesworth of Ouchthorpe Lane then Kettlethorpe Hall in Sandal (bpt 07.05.1749, d 19.02.1822, miner then colliery proprietor)
  m. (07.02.1773) Sarah Dodgson (dau (by Elizabeth who d 23.09.1781) of John Dodgson of Ouchthorpe Lane (d 24.03.1744) son of John of Ouchthorpe Lane)
  A. John Dodgson Charlesworth of Kettlethorpe Hall (bpt 22.10.1777, d 10.06.1850) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Hague of Dirtcar (b 1778-9, d 09.07.1824)
  B. Joseph Charlesworth of Lofthouse (bpt 19.02.1784, d 15.02.1845) had issue
  m. (1816) Jane Barf (b 1794-5, d 09.07.1834)
  C. Mary Ann Charlesworth (bpt 18.02.1774)
  m. Francis Marshall
  D. Elizabeth Charlesworth (b 1775-6, d 09.02.1824)
  E. Sarah Charlesworth (bpt 05.02.1781, d 24.04.1857)
  m. William Stobart of Pelaw House



Giles Cleybrooke of Fulsham
m. _ Norton
1. Stephen Cleybrooke of Fulsham
  m. Margaret Wolfe (dau of Thomas Wolfe)
A. William Cleybrooke of Monston
  m. Ann Johnson (dau of Paul Johnson)
  i. Stephen Cleybrooke (dsp)
  ii. Paul Cleybrooke of Nash Court in St. John's, Isle of Thanet
  m. Mary Knatchbull (dau of Richard Knatchbull of Mersham)
  a. Paul Cleybrooke (b c1589, a 1619)
  b. William Cleybrooke
  m. Sarah Northwood (dau of Manases Morthwood)
  c. Mary Cleybrooke
  m. Alan Espe
  d. Ann Cleybrooke
m. Richard Northwood
  B. Thomas Cleybrooke
  m. Mary
  i. William Cleybrooke
  ii. Thomas Cleybrooke
  m. Mary Chalonor of London
  C. William Cleybrooke
  m. Etheldreda Barneham (dau (sb sister?) of Francis Barneham)
  i. Thomas Cleybrooke of Swalelive, Kent
  m. Margaret Sackett (dau of John Sackett)
  a.+ issue - Etheldreda, Margaret



Hodgson shows that it was the following Guischard who "came into England in the suite of Peter de Savoy, uncle of Eleanor, wife of king Henry the Third". Various web sites report that this was in 1241 but some show an additional generation of Guiscards with it being the second Guiscard (son of the one who came into England) who m1. Mary Sutton, m2. Isabel. BHO does not say who was the first to come into England but starts with ...
Guiscard de Charron of Beamish, Sheriff of Northumberland (a 1298)
m1. Mary Sutton (dau/coheir of Richard de Sutton of Sutton-on-Trent)
1. Stephen de Charron of Sutton (a 1305)
m2. Isabel (possibly dau of Walran de Horton?)
Both sources show Isabel as mother of the following Guiscard, with the fact that Horton passed into this family suggests that Isabel de Horton was the mother, but correspondence has been seen which suggests that this was not the case. Various web sites suggest that she was dau/heir of Walran de Horton and widow of Thomas de Castre & Thomas de Ryhill.
2. Sir Guiscard de Charron of Beamish, Tanfield & Sutton, Sheriff of Northumberland (a 1310, d Bannockburn 1314?)
  Both sources show this Guiscard's wife as Lucy. Various web sites suggest that she was ...
  m. (c1288) Alice Lucy (dau of Sir Thomas Lucy of Cockermouth)
  A. Joan Charron, heiress of Sutton identified by various web sites as heiress of Horton
  m1. Bertram (or Bartram) Monboucher (d by 1332)
  m2. Richard de Willoughby of Wollaton



The following family's name was spelt in various ways. Whilst the most common are Cogeshall & Cogshall, other variations included Coggeshall, Coggeshale, Goggleshale & Cokeshale. Wright's, whose brief mention of this family uses the 'de Coggleshall' version, reports that Bemfleet Manor went into "the considerable family of Coggeshall, of Paklesham" which was in the hundred of Rocheforde, Essex. The in Visitation is ...
John Cogeshall of Hertfordshire & Rewenhall (Rellen Hall), Essex (a temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307)
1. Henry Cogeshall (d 1306?)
2. Sir John Cogeshall (a 1294)
  A. John Cogeshall in Bemfleet, Rawley, Essex (a 1320)
  i. Sir John Cogeshall or Cogshall of Essex (d 1361)
  m. Mabell de Staunton (a 1342, sister/heir of Anfrus de Staunton)
  a. Henry Cogeshall or Cogshall (d 1375)
  m. Joanne
  (1) William Cogeshall or Cogshall 'of Codham' 'of Little Stamford Hall' (a 1375)
Wright reports that William had 4 daughters (including Alice, wife of Sir John Tyrell of Heron) who were his co-heiresses and was succeeded by the line of Tyrells which appears to be the one shown here. However, Visitation does not show any daughters in this generation but continues with a son, Thomas, father of Richard father (by dau/coheir of Sir John Wattevile) of Sir William who had 4 wives of whom Mary, dau/heir of Sir John Hawkwood, was mother of 4 daughters including Elianor who m. John Tirrell of Heron, Treasurer of the Household of King Henry 6. BEB1841 ('Tyrrell of Springfield') identifies the wife of Treasurer Sir John Tyrrell as Alice, dau/coheir of Sir William, Coggeshall of Little Stamford Hall, Essex. We presume that Visitation has inserted too many generations but identify the 4 daughters of this William as those shown by Visitation as some generations later (except that Visitation names Lady Tyrell as Elianor rather than Alice). Visitation names the mother of those daughters as Mary Hawkwood but BEB1841, supported by 'The Genealogical Magazine' (vol 3, 1899-1900, 'Hawkwood-Josselyn Pedigree', p103), names her ...
  m. Antiocha Hawkwood (dau/heir of Sir John Hawkwood of Essex)
(A) Alice Cogeshall or Cogshall, heiress of North Bemfleet Manor
  m1. Sir John Tyrell of Heron (a 1423, Treasurer of the Household to King Henry 6)
  m2. John Langham (son/heir of Sir William Langham of Pantfield)
  (B) Blanche Cogshall
  m. John Dorward
  (C) Margaret Cogshall
  m1. _ Bateman
  m2. Sir John Green of Essex
  (D) (Matilda) Cogshall
  m. John St. George
  b. Elizabeth Coggeshall possibly fits here
  m. Sir John Bourchier, 2nd Lord, Governor of Flanders (b 03.1329, d 21.05.1400)
3. Ralph Cogeshall of North Bemfleet (d 1305)
  A. John Cogeshall of North Bemfleet (dsp?)
  Wright, who appears to start with John's father Ralph, reports that John was succeeded in North Bemfleet Manor by Sir John de Coggeshall. We presume that this was his cousin John who is identified in the Visitation as having held lands in little Befleet c1320.

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(4) For Cogeshall (uploaded 14.09.17) : Visitation (Essex, 1558, 'Cogshall, Cogeshall') with some support from 'The History and Topography of the County of Essex' (Thomas Wright, vol 2, 1836, p584)
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