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Families covered: Barnham of Boughton Monchelsey, Barnham of Hollingborne, Barnham of Norwich

Stephen Barnham of Southwick, co. Southampton (Hampshire)
1. Francis Barnham, Sheriff of London (d 1571)
  m. Alice Brabridge or Brogbridge of Sussex
  A. Sir Martin Barnham of Hollingborne, Sheriff of Kent (d 12.12.1610)
  m1. Ursula Rudstone (dau of Robert Rudston of Boughton Monchelsey)
i. Sir Francis Barnham of Hollingborne (d by 1646)
  m. Elizabeth Leonard (dau of Sampson Leonard of Chevening)
  a. Sir Robert Barnham, 1st Bart of Boughton Monchelsey (b c1606, d 1685, 2nd son)
  m1. (by 1636) Elizabeth or Anne Henley (dau of Robert Henley of Henley)
(1) Francis Barnham (dvp 1668)
  m. Anne Parker (dau of Sir Thomas Parker of Ratton)
  (A) Sir Robert Barnham, 2nd Bart of Boughton (d 1728)
TCB mentions this Robert but says that his "existence is, however, doubtful" but that such a Robert "is sometimes suppored to have suc. to the Baronetcy ... and to have d.s.p. (probably unm)". Barnham & Berry show that he had a daughter who married Thomas Rider. However, BHO ('The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent, vol 5, 'Parishes: Boughton Monchensie') reports that the wife of that Thomas Rider was the undermentioned Philadelphia.
  (B) Philadelphia Barnham identified by BHO (identified above) as "only daughter and heir" of Francis
  m. Thomas Rider
  (2) Elizabeth Barnham probably of this generation, of this marriage
  m. Sir Nathaniel Powell, 2nd Bart of Ewhurst (b c1640, d c1707)
  m2. (c08.1663) Hannah Nichols (d before 01.1685/6)
  b. William Barnham, Mayor of Norwich (a 1652, 5th son)
  m1. Elizabeth Windham (dau of Thomas (not William) Windham of Stokesby)
  (1) William Barnham of Norwich (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Windham (dau of Charles Windham of Stokesby, cousin, she m2. Sir Francis Burdett, Bart)
  m2. Sarah Middleton (dau of Sir Hugh Middleton, Bart)
  (2) Sarah Barnham
  m. Charles Wood of London
  m3. Rebecca Bacon (dau of Edward Bacon of London)
  (3) Mary Barnham
  m. Charles Wood
  (4) Rebecca Barnham
  m. Benjamin Wolleston of London
  m4. Mary Flowerdew of Norwich
  (5) William Barnham of Norwich
  m. _ Virtue (sister of Rev. Isaac Virtue)
  (A) William Barnham of Norwich
  m. Elizabeth Smith (dau of William Smith of Rumplingham)
  (i) William Barnham of Norwich (b 1756)
  m. Catherine Barry Hebert (dau of James Hebert of London, grandau of Sir Hildebrand Jacob, Bart, widow of John Gibbs Clarke of Barbadoes)
  (a)+ issue - William (b 1789), Hildebrand Barry (captain), CharlesWindham (b 1796)
  (ii) John Barnham of Hoyden
  m. Prudence Howley
  (a) George Barnham
(iii) Hannah Barnham
  m. Charles Vercoeul of Rotterdam
  (iv) Margaret Barnham
  m. Thomas Hopking
  (v)+ other issue (d unm) - Mary, Elizabeth
  c. Francis Barnham of Maidstone, (a 1677, 4th son)
  m. Margaret
  (1)+ issue - Francis, Robert, Edward, Frances, Margaret, Grace
  d.+ other issue - Dacres (b c1604, dsp after 1618), Edward, Dudley, Martin, Margaert, Judith, Elizabeth, Franceds
  m2. Judith Colthorp (dau of Sir Martin Colthorp, Mayor of London)
ii. Martin Barnham of Hollingborne
  m. _ Isley (dau of Henry Isley of Sundrish)
  iii. James (Jacob) Barnham
  m. (Elizabeth) Wood of Bromley
  a.+ issue - Martin, Francis, Judith
  iv. Thomas Barnham
  v. Elizabeth Barnham
  m. Augustin Steward of Barking
vi. Alice (probably not Anne) Barnham
  m. Robert Honywood of Charing
  vii. Catherine Barnham
  m. Sir Christopher Buckle of Banstead
  viii. Anne Barnham
  m. Sir George Chute of Salop
  B. Stephen Barnham 'of Lewes'
  Shown by Berry as married _ Cresy of London, which appears to be confusion with his uncle (Thomas or Simaon) below.
  m1. _ Patrik (dau of Richard Patrik of London)
  i. Mark Barnham
  m. _ Dobell of Sussex
  ii. Ursula Barnham (d 28.05.1632)
  m1. Robert Swyft
  m2. (before 16.07.1630) William Crichton, 1st Earl of Dumfries (d 1642-3)
iii. daughter
  m. _ Dobell of Sussex
  iv. Alice Barnham
  m. _ Mason
m2. _ Bowyer
  C. Anthony Barnham
  D. Benedict Barnham, Sheriff of London (d 1598)
  m. Dorothy Smith (dau of Ambrose Smith of London, she m2. Sir John Packington)
  i. Elizabeth Barnham
  m. (before 1619) Mervyn Touchet, 2nd Earl of Castlehaven (b 06.1593, d 14.05.1631)
  ii. Dorothy Barnham
  m. Sir John Constable
  iii. Benedicta Barnham
  iv. Bridget Barnham
  m. Sir William Soame (d 1655)
  v. Alice Barnham (d 29.06.1650)
  m. (10.04.1606) Francis Bacon, Lord Chancellor of England, Baron Verulam, Viscount St. Albans (b 22.01.1561, dsp 09.04.1626)
2. Thomas Barnham named Simon by Visitation (London)
  m. _ Cressy or Gressey of London
  A. Francis Barnham of Odiam (d 24.09.1624)
  m1. Jane Inwood of Wabridge
  i. Mary Barnham
  m. Charles Hewett of Halshott
  ii. Jane Barnham
  m. Thomas Smarfoote of London (fishmonger)
  iii. Martha Barnham
  m1. Francis Rogers of London
  m2. Francis Clowes of London
  iv. Elizabeth Barnham
  m. Robert Rogers (brother of Francis)
  v.+ other issue - Francis (dsp), Thomas, Charles (dsp)
  m2. Anne Barrey of London
  viii.+ other issue - Benedict, Anne
  B. Margaret Barnham
m1. Robert Combes or Conyers of London
  m2. Thomas Covill of Chigwell
  C. Awdrey (Etheldreda) Barnham
  Named Awdrey by Visitation (Hampshire) and Etheldreda by Visitation (London). BEB1841, which names her Etheldred, shows her as daughter of Francis, Sheriff of London, rather than his brother Thomas.
  m. William Claybrook
  D.+ other issue - Augustin (dsp), Simon (dsp), Mary
3. Dorothy Barnham
  m. John Chapman of London

Main source(s): BEB1841 (Barnham of Boughton Monchelsey), Visitation (Hampshire, 1575+1622+1634, Barnham), Visitation (London, 1568, Barnham), CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p394+) with a little support from TCB (vol iii, Barnham of Boughton Munchensye, p285)
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