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Families covered: Powell of Birkenhead, Powell of Broadway, Powell of Ewhurst, Powell of Horsley

Thomas Powell
m. Alice Worseley (dau of Ralph Worseley of Chester)
1. Thomas Powell of Horsley and Birkenhead
  m. Dorothy Wynne (dau of Morris Wynne of Gwydir)
A. Sir Thomas Powell, 1st Bart of Horsley and Birkenhead
  m. Katharine Egerton (b 1584, dau of Sir John Egerton of Egerton and Oulton)
  i. John Powell (dvp 12.1642)
  m. Margaret Puleston (dau of Edward Puleston of Allington)
  a. Sir Thomas Powell, 2nd Bart of Horsley and Birkenhead (b 1631, d after 1694)
  m1. Mary Conway (dau of William Conway of Bodryddan)
  (1) Thomas Powell of Horsley (dvp before 1694)
  m2. Jane Ravenscroft (dau of Robert Ravenscroft of Bretton)
  (2) Elizabeth Powell
  m. Thomas Eaton
  (3) Margaret Powell
  b. Catherine Powell
  m. _ Rossendale of Wrexham
  ii. Frances Powell
  m1. Edward Norreys of Speke
  m2. John Edwards of Hantsy of Stansty



The following is a temporary record of information on a family which is to be researched futher in due course. It has been compiled from references in BE1883 (Herbert of Chirbury), TCP (Hamilton), TCB (volume iv, Powell) & (volume ii, Pryce). The 1st generation comes from 'Williams of Edwinsford' (Part 2 in "Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion", 1987, Major Francis Jones, p24).
John Powell of Pentre Meurig in Llanwrda
m. Catherine
1. Sir John Powell of Broadway (near Laugharne) (judge)
  m. Jane Williams (dau of Nicholas Williams of Rhydodin) wife of Sir John, presumed mother of ...
  A. Sir John Powell, 1st Bart of Broadway (b c1666, d 24.08.1720)
  m. Judith Herbert (dau of Sir James Herbert of Colebrooks)
i. Sir Herbert Powell, 2nd Bart of Broadway (b c1700, d unm 21.03.1721)
  ii. Mary Powell
  m. Charles Powell of Penybank
  a. Anna Charles Maria Powell (d 26.06.1791)
  m. (10.1742) Lord Anne Hamilton (b 12.10.1709, d 25.12.1748)
  iii. Elizabeth Powell (b c1699, d 22.04.1731)
  m. Sir John Pryce, 5th Bart of Newtown, Sheriff of Montgomeryshire (d 1761)
  B. Ann Powell (d by 10.1723)
  m. Sir Vaughan Pryce, 4th Bart of Newtown, Sheriff of Montgomeryshire (d c1720)
  C.+ other issue



John ap Howell of Ednor, Salop
m. Rose Crowder (sister of William Crowder of Knighton)
1. Meredith Powell of Brampton Ralf, Somerset
  m. Alice Saffin (sister of John Saffin of Culhampton)
A. Sir Nathaniel Powell, 1st Bart of Ewhurst, Sussex (d 03.1674-5)
  m. Sarah Muddle (dau of William Muddle of Ewhurst)
  i. Sir Nathaniel Powell, 2nd Bart of Ewhurst (b c1640, d c1707)
  m1. Elizabeth Barnham (dau of Sir Robert Barnham, 1st Bart of Boughton Monchelsy)
  a. Barnham Powell (dvp)
  m. Elizabeth Clitherow (dau of James Clitherow of Boston House)
  (1) Sir Nathaniel Powell, 3rd Bart of Ewhurst (b c1688, d unm 1708)
  (2) James Powell (d unm)
  (3) Sir Christopher Powell, 4th Bart of Ewhurst (b c1690, dsp 05.07.1742)
  m. (1728) _ Newington
  b.+ other issue - Nathaniel (dsp), daughter
  m2. (26.01.1668) Frances Stapleton (d before 05.1719, dau of Sir Francis Stapleton of Wartre or Wighill)
  d. Leonard Powell (captain)
  m. Margaret Lawley (dau of Sir Francis Lawley, Bart of Canwell)
  (1)+ 2 sons and 1 daughter
  e.+ 2 sons (dsp)
  ii. Mary Powell
  m. John Buck
  iii. Anne Powell
  m. John Green
  iv. Katherine Powell
  m. Thomas Gunston
  v. Damaris Powell
  m. Charles Fowkes

Main source(s):
(1) For Powell of Birkenhead : BEB1844 (Powell of Birkenhead)
(2) For Powell of Broadway : as mentioned above
(3) For Powell of Ewhust (uploaded 21.10.06) : BEB1841 (Powell of Ewhurst), TCB (vol iii, Powell of Ewhurst)
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