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Families covered: Parker of Bexley, Parker of Lewes, Parker of Ratton

Geffrey Parker of Bexley, Sussex
m. Mary Hall (dau of _ Hall of Oare)
1. Walter Parker of Bexley
  m. Jane Levett (dau of _ Levett of Grove in Hollington)
  A. Nicholas Parker of Bexley
  m. Katherine Hidney (dau of _ Hidney of Cahrtnes in Hartfeild)
i. John Parker of Lewes
  m. Alice Rakeley (dau/heir of Richard Rakeely of Ratton)
  a. John Parker of Ratton
  m. Ann Bate (dau of Andrew Bate of Lid)
  (1) Edward Parker of Ratton
  m. Elizabeth Thatcher (dau of John Thatcher of Lewes)
  (A) John Parker of Ratton - continued below
  m1. Jane Sackville (dau of Richard Sackville of Buckhurst)
  m2. Jane Farenfold (dau of William Farnefold)
  (2) John Parker of Lewes
  m. _ Wells of Hampshire
  (A) Edward Parker
  m. _ Telham (dau of William Telham)
  (i) Sir Nicholas Parker (Captain of St. Dennie Castle, Cornwall)



John Parker of Ratton - continued above
m1. Jane Sackville (dau of Richard Sackville of Buckhurst)
1. Thomas Parker of Ratton (d 16.04.1580)
  m. Eleanor Waller (dau of William Waller of Grombridge)
A. Sir Nicholas Parker of Ratton (b c1546, d 09.03.1619)
  m1. (sp) Jane Courtenay (dsp, dau of Sir William Courtenay of Powderham)
  Berry shows that Sir Nicholas m2. Katherine Temple m3. Elizabeth Baker. Provisionally we follow BEB1841 which shows those marriages the other way round.
  m2. (sp) Elizabeth Baker (dsp, dau of John Baker)
  m3. Catherine Temple (dau of John Temple of Stow)
  i. Sir Thomas Parker of Ratton (b c1595, d 31.05.1663)
  m. Philadephia Lennard (dau of Henry Lennard, Lord Dacre of the South)
a. George Parker of Ratton (b c1620, d 12.07.1673)
  Berry ends with this generation.
  m. Mary Newdegate (dau of Sir Richard Newdegate, Bart of Arbury)
  (1) Sir Robert Parker, 1st Bart of Ratton (b c1654, d 30.11.1691)
  m. Sarah Chute (dau of George Chute of Brixton Causeway in Lambeth)
  (A) Sir George Parker, 2nd Bart of Ratton (d 18.06.1726)
  m. Mary Bagot (dau of Sir Walter Bagot, Bart of Blithfield)
  (i) Sir Walter Parker, 3rd Bart of Ratton (d unm 20.04.1750)
  (ii) Sarah Parker
  m. Thomas Luxford of Laming
  (iii) Philadephia Parker
  m. Nathaniel Trayton of Lewis
(iv)+ other issue - Thomas, Nicholas (b c1711, d unm 1734), Anne, Jane
  (B) Philadephia Parker
  m. _ Piper of Essex (Colonel)
  (C)+ other issue (dsp or unm) - Robert, Thomas, William (d 01.01.1727), German, Lucy (d young)
  (2) Richard Parker of Hedsor
  m. Sarah Chilcot (dau of Robert Chilcot of Isleworth)
  (A) Juliana Parker
  m. (22.07.1707) Cecil Bowyer (dvp 05.12.1720)
  (B) Elizabeth Parker
  m. William Bowyer
(C)+ other issue - Jeffrey, Anne (d unm)
  b. Grace Parker
  m. Sir William Campion of Combwell (d 1648)
  c. Philadephia Parker
  m. Samuel Boys of Hawkhurst
  d. Rachel Parker
m. William Gee of Bishop's Burton
  e. Catherine Parker (d 02.05.1700)
  m. Sir Thomas Nutt of Moys or Mays
  f. Anne Parker
  m1. John Shirley of Isfield
  m2. Francis Barnham (dvp 1668)
g. Margaret Parker (bpt 15.05.1637)
  m. Thomas Howard, 3rd Earl of Berkshire (bpt 14.11.1619, d 12.04.1706)
  h.+ other issue - Richard (dsp), Thomas (b c1624, a 1634), Nicholas (dsp), Edward (dsp), John (b c1619, a 1634), William (b c1621, a 1634)
  ii. Anne Parker (bpt 04.08.1594)
  m1. Adrian Moore of Odyam (Odiham)
  m2. Sir John Smith
  iii.+ other issue (dsp or d unm) - John, Robert, Nicholas, Henry, Mary
  B. Sir John Parker (b c1547, d unm 15.10.1617, Colonel, captain of Pendennis Castle)
2. Elizabeth Parker
  m. Sir Edward Gage of Firle
m2. Jane Farnfield (dau of William Farnfield or Farnefold of Sussex)
3. Thomas Parker of East Bourne
  m. Elizabeth Selwyn (dau of Thomas Selwyn of Friston)
  A.+ issue - Sir Selwyn, Edward, Henry, Richard, Elizabeth, Jane
4. Edward Parker
  A. Elizabeth Parker
  m. Henry Palmer (son of Sir Thomas)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 09.08.11) : CountyGen (Sussex, Berry)
(2) For lower section (uploaded 25.01.05) : BEB1841 (Parker of Ratton) with some support from CountyGen (Sussex, Berry)
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