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Families covered: Steward of Barton Mills, Stuart of Hartley Mauduit, Steward of Lakenheath, Steward of Stantney

Simon or Simeon Steward of Lakenheath (b 1507-8, d 23.06.1583)
m. Johanna Bestney (dau of Edward Bestney of Sone or Soham)
1. Edward Steward of Lakenheath (2nd son)
  m1. Margery Kirkby (dau of Richard Kirkby of Landbech)
  A. Joane Steward
  m. Sir Thomas Jermy
B.+ other issue (dsp) - Thomas, Edward, Elizabeth, Joane, Frances, Anne, Mary
  m2. Hellen Steward (dau of William Steward of Ely)
  I. son (d infant)
2. Sir Mark Steward of Stantney, Isle of Ely (b c1523, d 28.02.1603-4)
  m. Anne Huick (dau of Robert Huick or Hewick)
  A. Sir Simeon Steward of Stantney
  m. Grace St. Barbe (dau of Edward St. Barbe of Ashington)
  i. Robert Steward (b c1599, d 17.05.1633/4)
  m. Mary Reresby (dau of Sir Thomas Reresby of Thribergh)
  a. Thomas Steward of London (b c1651, a 1684, 2nd son) had issue
m(2). Elizabeth Smith (dau of Oliver Smith of Ely)
  b. Grace Steward
  m. Robert Belwood of Yorkshire
  c.+ other issue - Simon of Ely, Charles
  B. Mary Steward
  m. (1594) Sir William Forster of Aldermaston
  C.+ other issue (d young) including Huick
3. John Steward of Marham (d 1604)
  m. Anne Shouldham (dau of Humphry Shouldham of Sholdham and Marham)
  A. John Steward
  m. _ Lucas of Essex
  B. Thomas Steward of Cambridge (a 1619, 5th son)
  m. Peyton Alleyn (dau of William Alleyn of Cambridge)
  C. Anne Steward
  m. Samuel Lukin or Lakin of Mountness (Mount Nessing)
  D. Grisel Steward
  m. Thomas Warden
  E. Susanna Steward
  m. John Moor
  F. Bridget Steward
  m. Edward Flowerdew
G. Mary Steward
  m. Francis Capel of London
  H.+ other issue - Humphrey, Francis, William, Simeon, Jane, Elizabeth
4. Thomas Steward of Milden Hall
  m. Frances Butts (dau of William Butts or Betts)
  A. Thomas Steward of Barton Mills
  The following comes from Visitation (Suffolk, 1664, Steward of Barton Mills).
  m. Sarah Lucas (dau of Sir Edward Lucas)
  i. Thomas Steward of Barton Mills
  m. Sarah or Susan Lewkenor (dau of Sir Edward Lewkenor of Denham)
  a. Thomas Steward of Barton Mills (a 1664)
  m1. Susan Wendy (sister of Sir Thomas Wendy of Haselingfield)
(1) Thomas Steward (b c1642, a 1664)
  (2) Elizabeth Steward
  m. Robert Kemp
  m2. Susan Steffield (dau of Sir Martin Steffield)
  b. Edward Steward
  c. Joan Steward apparently of this generation
  m. John Wright of West Laxham & Ovington
  ii. Mary Steward possibly fits here
  m. (by 1616) Devereux Talkerne of Essex (d 03.04.1628)
  B.+ other issue - Simeon, William, Mary, Joane, Jane
5. Augustin Steward
  m. (26.01.1580) Anne Argol (dau of Thomas Argol)
A. Augustin Steward 'of Barking' (b 13.10.1584, 2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth Barnham (dau of Martin Barnham of Kent)
  B.+ other issue - Thomas (b 19.06.1583), Simeon (b 31.10.1585), Margaret (b 07.01.1581), Anne (b 02.10.1587, d 25.10.1588), Mary (b/d 08.07.1588)
6. Nicholas Steward 'of London' (d 01.06.1633)
  m. Frances Baker (dau of John Baker of Cambridge)
A. Simeon Steward or Stuart of Hartley Mauduit, Hampshire (b 16.05.1573)
  m. (18.08.1616) Dorothy Ingoldsby (dau of Sir Richard Ingoldsby of Lithenborough or Lethenborough, relict of Sir Christopher Pigot of Doddershall)
  i. Sir Nicholas Stuart, 1st Bart of Hartley Mauduit (b 07.02.1616/7, d 15.02.1709-10)
  m. (29.04.1641) Mary Sandys (dau of Sir Miles Sandys of Missenden)
  a. Miles Stuart (b 10.01.1646, dvpsp 31.12.1670, 2nd son)
  m. (20.03.1670) Jane Johnson (dau of Nicholas Johnson of London, niece of Sir William Turner)
b. Charles Stuart (b 1657, dvp, 4th son)
  m. (12.08.1678) Clemence Hovell (dau of Sir William Hovell of Hillington)
  (1) Sir Simeon Stuart, 2nd Bart of Hartley Mauduit (d 11.08.1761)
  m. Elizabeth Dereham (dau of Sir Richard Dereham, Bart)
  (A) Sir Simeon Stuart, 3rd Bart of Hartley Mauduit (d 19.11.1799)
  m. _ Hooke (dau of Lt. Col. _ Hooke, Governor of Minorca)
  (i) Sir Simeon Stuart, 4th Bart of Hartley Mauduit (d 14.01.1816)
m. (20.05.1789) Frances Maria Luttrell-Olmius (d 04.01.1848, dau of John Luttrell-Olmius, 3rd Earl of Carhampton, by Elizabeth Olmius)
  (a) Sir Simeon Henry Stuart, 5th Bart of Hartley Mauduit (b 23.10.1790, d 23.10.1868) had issue
  m1. (25.10.1815) Georgiana Frances Gun-Cuninghame (d 16.01.1840, dau of George Gun-Cuninghame)
  m2. (20.07.1857) Eliza Fewings (dau of John Fewings)
  (b)+ other issue - William Frederick (b 30.05.1794, d 06.12.1878), Barclay John (b 26.06.1796, d 1813), Ann Luttrell (d 09.03.1813)
  (B) Elizabeth Stuart
  m. Hewer Edgeley Hewer
(C) Anne Stuart
  m. George Bourne
  c. Mary Stuart (b 03.06.1643)
  m. (1688) Sir James Worseley of Pilewell (b 1645)
  d. Elizabeth Stuart (b 22.11.1648, d 02.08.1675)
  m. (02.01.1673) John Ady of Kent
  (1) Mary Ady (b 03.06.1673)
  m. Henry Stephens of Culham (b 1672-3, d 26.01.1713)
  e. Anne Stuart (b 15.09.1652, dsp 08.09.1680)
  m. (01.09.1679) John Smith of Tidworth
  f. Jane Stuart (b 31.08.1665)
  m. (1691) Thomas Pleydell of Coleshill (d 02.02.1727)
  g.+ other issue - Nicholas (b 26.03.1642, dvp unm 11.1664), Sandys (b 12.08.1654, d 16.11.1673), Dorothy (b 24.08.1659, d unm 23.01.1678), Arabella (b 24.07.1668, d 23.05.1674)
  ii. Dorothy Steward (b 22.02.1618)
  m. Thomas Ward of Barford
  iii.+ other issue - Richard (b 27.07.1624, dsp), Anne (b 07.05.1621, d unm 01.01.1647-8), Elizabeth (b 28.12.1626)
  B. Elizabeth Steward (b 22.09.1576)
  m. Richard Norwood of Lakehampton
C. Mary Steward (b 22.02.1577)
  m. Sir Thomas Skinner of Lanham
  D. Frances Steward (b 04.07.1579, dsp)
  m. Francis Young of London
  E. Anne Steward (b 27.09.1580)
  m. Humphrey Littlebury of Lincolnshire
  F. Joane Steward (b 24.01.1582)
  m. Nicholas Girlington of Yorkshire
  G.+ other issue - Lawrence (b16.12.1591), Thomas (b 1588), George (b 20.08.1590)
7. Alice Steward
  m. Thomas Betts of Charteris
8. Margaret Steward
  m. Sir John Brograve of Hamels
9.+ other issue (d unm) - Robert of Ely (d 19.01.1570), Simeon (d unm)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Stuart (of Hartley Mauduit)), Visitation (Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, 1686, Steward of Hartley Maudit)
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