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Families covered: Girlington of Girlington, Girlington of Hackforth, Girlington of South Cave, Girlington of Thurland Castle

Some sites show the following Laurence as son of Waleran son of Henry son of William son of Waleraon (d 1094) but show no source for that information. 'Collectanea' starts with ...
Laurence Girlington of Girlington in Richmondshire (a temp John who r. 1199-1216)
m. Sapience
1. Thomas Girlington of Girlington (d 1292)
  m. Beatrice
  A. Robert Girlington of Girlington (a 1327)
  m. Amabilia (dau of William of York)
  i. Thomas Girlington of Girlington (a 1341, 1362)
  m. Matilda
a. John Girlington of Girlington Hall (a 1397, 1404)
  (1) Henry Girlington of Girlington (d c1467)
  m. Emme Lancaster (dau of Sir William Lancaster of Sockbridge)
  (A) John Girlington of Girlington
m. Elizabeth Brough (dau of _ Brough of Brough)
  (i) Henry Girlington of Girlington (d 1546)
  m. Eda (or Helen or Margaret/Margery) Wycliffe (dau of Robert Wycliffe of Wycliffe)
  (a) Randall Girlington of Girlington
  m. Isabel Stephenson (dau of John Stephenson of Richmond)
  ((1)) Anthony Girlington of Girlington
  m. Christian Conyers (dau of William Conyers of Maske)
  ((A)) Ninian Girlington of Girlington (a 1575)
  m1. Jane Meynell (dau of John Meynell of Hanbey)
  ((i)) Nicholas Girlington of Girlington (b c1565)
  m. _ Wycliffe (dau of John Wycliffe of Thorpe in Wycliffe)
  ((ii))+ other issue - Margaret, Elizabeth, Margery, Dorothy, Ellen
  m2. Ellen Killinghall (dau of Francis Killinghall)
  ((vii)) Anthony Girlington
  ((2)) Rafe Girlington (a 1575)
  ((3)) Francis Girlington of Richmond (bur 09.05.1597)
  m. _ Norton (dau of Thomas Norton of Skirningham)
  ((A)) Simon Girlington
  ((i)) John Girlington (a 1640)
  m. (04.05.1613) Lucy Peacock
((ii)) Elizabeth Girlington
  m. (29.10.1615) Oswyn Chapman
  ((B)) H. Girlington (bur 18.10.1617)
  (b)+ other issue - Peter (dsp), Laurence (priest), Rafe (d young), Anthony (had issue)
  (ii) William Girlington
  (a) George Girlington in Norfolk had issue
(iii) John Girlington probably of this generation
  (a) Richard Girlington of Great Worth (bur 23.03.1698)
  m. Anne Gillibrand (dau of Thomas Gillibrand of Chorley Hall)
  (2) Nicholas Girlington of Great Hutton (Hutton Longvilllers)
  m. (Elizabeth) Catterick (dau of ?? Catterick of Stanwick)
  (A) Nicholas Girlington of Basingham
Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Girlington of Hackforth) supports the following and, in a note from the Harleian editor, provides the line from Sir John of Thurland Castle.
  m. Margaret Montfort (dau/coheir of Thomas Montfort of Hackforth, son/heir of Sir Thomas)
  (i) Nicholas Girlington of Hackforth
  m. Elizabeth Hansard (dau of Sir William Hansard of Kelsa)
  (a) Nicholas Girlington of Hackforth (a 1585, 2nd son)
  m. Dorothy Meignell (dau of Robert Meignell, Serjeant-at-law)
((1)) Sir John Girlington of Thurland Castle (a 1585, 4th son)
  m(2?). Christian Babthorpe (dau of Sir William Babthorpe by Frances Dawnay)
  ((A)) Nicholas Girlington of Thurland Castle (a 1613)
  m. Jane Lambert (dau of Josias Lambert of Calton)
  ((i)) Josias Girlington (b c1612, dsp)
  ((ii)) Sir John Girlington 'of Thurland Castle' (d 1644-5)
  m. Katherine Girlington (dau of William Girlington of South Cave) @@ below
  ((a)) John Girlington 'of Thurland Castle' (b c1637, a 1664)
  The Harleian editor's notes ends with this generation. The following (and the name of John's mother) comes from various web sites.
  m. Margaret Duckett (dau of James Duckett of Grayrigg)
  Possibly illegitimate was ...
  (((1))) Nicholas Girlington (b 1675-6, d 1774 in Virginia) had issue
  Nicholas emigrated to North America and has been idenitified as ancestor of various families there of the name Gillentine & Garlington.
m. (in Virginia) Mary Elenor Echols
  ((b))+ other issue - William (b c1642), Nicholas (bur 27.06.1644)
  ((B)) Frances Girlington
  m. _ Collingwood of Bawtry
  ((C)) Dorothy Girlington
  m. William Salvin of Newbiggin
  ((D)) Faith Girlington
  m. Ralph Carre
  ((E))+ other issue - William, John, Anthony
((2)) Margaret Girlington
  m. John Wycliffe (son of William by Margery (sb Muriel?) Bowes)
  ((3))+ other issue - Thomas, Robert (dsp), James
  (b) Dorothy Girlington
  m. John Dymoke (son/heir of Arthur of Toft Grange)
  (c) Faith Girlington
  m. Sampson Wyvill (son of Marmaduke of Little Burton)
  (d) Jone Girlington possibly the Joan who married one or both of ...
  m1/2. Sir Robert Babthorpe
  m2/1. Marmaduke Lambton of Belsis (a 1575)
  (e)+ other issue - Christopher (d young), Henry (a 1585), Marmaduke, Anthony, sons (dsp), Bridget, Lucy, Mary
  (ii) Elizabeth Girlington
  m. Thomas Grimston of Grimston (d 29.03.1572)
(iii) Margery Girlington
  m. Thomas Missenden of Healing (son/heir of Sir Thomas of Healing)
  (iv) daughter possibly of this generation
  m. William Snelling of Snelling
  (B) William Girlington of Normanby (d 1540)
  The following comes from Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Girlington of Normanby) with support/input from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, Girlington of Hackforth).
  m. Katherine Hildyard (d before 05.04.1540, dau of Sir Robert Hildyard of Winestead, widow of John Haldenby of Haldenby)
  (i) Nicholas Girlington (d 1552)
CTG & Visitation (Yorkshire, Girlington of Hackforth) show just one wife for Nicholas, a dau of Grenville pf Barnbro'/Barnnow, showing her as mother of Nicholas, Anne & Dorothy. Maddison shows as follows (albeit not mentioning Dorothy).
  m1/2. Anne Portington (dau of Thomas Portington of Roxby)
  (a) Nicholas Girlington of Burton Strather (d by 1565)
  m. Jane Aske (dau of ?? Aske of Aughton)
  ((1)) Nicholas Girlington of South Cave 'of Sand Hall' (a 1609)
  m. Jane Bayley of Lincoln (a 1589)
((A)) Nicholas Girlington of South Cave
  m. Jane./Joan Stewart (dau of Nicholas Stewart of London)
  ((B)) William Girlington (bpt 29.05.1589) probably the William father of ...
  ((i)) daughter possibly the Katherine who married ...
  m. Sir John Girlington 'of Thurland Castle' (d 1644-5) @@ above
  ((C)) Ann Girlington
  m. Robert Wright
  ((D))+ other issue - William (bpt 28.01.1577-8, bur 08.08.1578), Jane
  ((2))+ 2 others (dsp)
  m2/1. Isabel Grenville (dau/heir of John Grenville of Barnborough)
  (b) Anne Girlington
  m. Sir Christopher Wray of Wentworth (d 08.05.1592, Chief Justice)
(c) Dorothy Girlington presumed of this marriage
  m. George Yorke of Ashby
  (ii) William Girlington (a 1540)
  m. Anne (a 1540)
  Maddison notes that Ann may have been dau of Thomas Portington of Roxby whom we shows as married to his brother Nicholas.
  (a)+ issue - William, George, Elizabeth
(iii) Isabel Girlington (d 1559/60)
  m1. Christopher Kelke of Barnetby
  m2. Sir WIlliam Tyrwhit of Scotter (d before 01.06.1541)
  (iv) Elizabeth Girlington
  m. George Littlebury of Somersby (d 1564)
  (a) John Littlebury of Hagworthingham (d 1594)
  (v)+ other issue - Anthony, Katherine
  (C) daughter
  m. (Thomas) Colt of Essex
  (3) William Girlington, Lord Mayor of York (a 1441, dsp)
  ii. William Girlington in York
  B. Stephen Girlington in York
2. Stephen Girlington (dsp)

Main source(s): CTG (vol 6, 1840, 'Pedigree of Girlington of Girlington Hall, ...', p190+) with support/input as reported above
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