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Families covered: St. George of Hatley St. George

Baldwin from St. Georges (near Limoges) ("came into England with William the Conqueror")
1. Baldwin de St. George (a temp William Rufus who r. 1087-1100)
  A. Baldwin St. George (a 1113)
  i. William St. George (a 1156)
  m. ?? (dau of Bancis of Kingston)
  a. Baldwin St. George (a 1199)
  (1) Baldwin St. George (a 1228)
  (A) William St. George (a 1242)
  (i) Baldwin St. George (a 1256)
  MGH identifies Baldwin's wife as Bazilia de Soham of Mepham ("An heiress of Avenel"), widow of Eymond de Turenberd of Upton (Constable of the Tower of London) by whom she had 4 daughters: Elizabeth (m. Thomas de Echalers), Margery (m. Roger Gynney), Alianora (m. Baldwin Colne) & Margaret who is shown as m. Sir William de St. George, her half-brother. We doubt that. Visitation identifies his wife as Barzilia Oxham (or Sopham) of Mepham who married Simon de Tarnberd (or Turnebere) by whom she had 4 daughters: Elizabeth (m. Thomas des Chatariis), Margerett (m. Roger Greney), Ellenor (m. William Colne) & Margareta (no husband shown). Visitation does not name the wife of her step-son, William. Provisionally, we follow BE1883's identification of both Baldwin's wife and that of his son William.
m. Roesia de Upwood.
  (a) Sir William St. George (d before 1316)
  m. Margaret de Turnbard (dau/coheir of Egbaud de Turnbard of Upton)
  ((1)) Baldwin St. George (dvp)
  m. Johanna or Joane (a 1340)
  ((A)) William St. George of Hungre Hatley, Cambridgeshire (a 1348)
  ((i)) Sir Baldwin St. George of Hatley St. George (a 1358) - continued below
m. Elizabeth de Argentine (dau of Sir John de Argentine)
  ((B)) Basilia St. George
  ((2)) Margery or Margaret St. George
  m. Robert Haringall or Haringale of Yorkshire (Harringwell of Frickley, Yorkshire)
  The following comes from BLG1952 ('Anne of Bardown formerly of Burghwallis') supported by Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, 'Anne of Frickley').
  ((A)) Katherine Harringwell
  m. John FitzWilliam of Woodhall
  ((B)) Joan Harringwell
  m. Sir Henry Gramery (or Gramercy)
  ((i)) Agnes Gramery
  m. Alexander Anne of Frickley & Hooton Pagnall (a 1379)
  ((C)) Alice Harringwell (d 1400)
  m. Sir William de Ann, Constable of Abrgavenny (a 1281, 1331)
  (B) Baldwin St. George
  (C) Amicia St. George
  m. Sir Philip Abbington
  (2) William St. George (a 1223)
  (3) Robert St. George of Haliverton (Haileweston) (a 1223)
  m. Agnes (dau/heir of William de Alneto, widow of Hugo de Ardres)
  (A) Agnes St. George
  m. William de Graffham
  (B) Albreda St. George
  . m. William Windberge or Windleberg (a 1245)
  (C)+ other issue - Baldwin, Sir William, Felicia (a 1245), Cecilia (a 1245)
  (4) Henry St. George (a 1223)
  m. Alicia
(A) Alicia St. George
  m. Walter Gifford
  (B) Joan St. George
  m. Robert Bozon
  (C) Rosamund St. George
  b. Mabilia St. George (nun in Clerkenwell)
  c. Isabella St. George 'of Hatley St. George' possibly fits here
  m. Sir Robert de Furneaux
  ii. Albreda St. George (nun in Clerkenwell)



Sir Baldwin St. George of Hatley St. George, Sheriff of Cambridgeshire & Huntingdonshire (a 1358, MP) - continued above
m. Elizabeth de Argentine (dau of Sir John de Argentine)
1. Baldwin St. George of Hatley St. George (d 14.02.1425)
  m. Joan Engaine (dau /coheir of John Engaine by Margaret, dau of William Delahay son of Sir John of Shepereth)
  A. John St. George (dvp)
  m. Matilda Cogshall (dau of Sir William Cogshall)
  i. Sir William St. George of Hatley St. George (d 1472-3, MP)
MGH identifies William's wife Alianora as dau/coheir of Sir Richard Arundel. Visitation & BE1883 identify her as ...
  m1. Elionor Arundell (dau/(co)heir of Sir William Arundell)
  a. Thomas St. George (dvmsp)
  m2. Katherine Maningham (dau of Sir John Maningham)
  b. Sir Richard St. George of Hatley St. George (b 1446/c1456, d 1485)
  m. Ann or Elizabeth Burgoine (dau of Thomas Burgoine or Burgaine or Burgoyne of Impington)
(1) Thomas St. George of Hatley St. George (b 1473, d 1540 or1543-4)
  m1. Alice Rotheram (d before 1512, dau of Sir John Rotheram of Somerham)
  (A) George St. George (dsp) shown by Visitation to be by Etheldred but by MGH & BE1883 to be of this marriage
  m. _ Mordaunt
  (B) Ann St. George
  m. John Docwra
  (C0 Catherine St. George
  m. Richard Marshall
  m2. Etheldreda (Audrey) Higham (dau of Clement Higham of Giffords)
  (D) Francis St. George of Hatley St. George (b c1525)
  m. (by 1540) Rohesia or Rose Hutton (dau of Thomas Hutton or Hatton of Drydrayton (Drudraston or Drayton))
(i) John St. George of Hatley St. George (b c1544, a 1628)
  m. Mary Grey (dau of Peter Grey of Rugcourt)
  (a) John St. George of Hatley St. George (bur 30.12.1652)
  m. Dorothy Legatt (dau of John Legatt of Hornchurch)
  ((1)) John St. George
  m1. Clara Gage (dsp)
  m2. Margaret Perkins (dau of Francis Perkins of Upton)
  ((A)) Mary St. George
  m. F. Harris
  ((B)) Margaert St. George (dsp 1720)
  m. _ Segrave
  ((2)) Richard St. George
  m. Susanna Thomson (dau of Anthony Thomson of Cambridge)
  ((A)) John St. George (d 06.10.1690)
  m. Sarah Norman (dau of Edward Norman of Lodon)
  ((i)) Edward St. George
  m. Alicia Selden (dau of Gabriel Selden of Kinsale)
  ((a))+ other issue (dsp) - Dillon (dsp 21.05.1719), Henry (b 04.11.1720), George (b 04.12.1723), Emelia (b 05.05.1717), others (d young - Edward, Gabriel, George, Richard)
  ((ii))+ other issue - Elkin, Sarah (d infant)
  ((B))+ other issue - Susanna (d unm), Mary (d young)
  ((3)) Margaret St. George
  m. Humfrey Elms
  ((4)) Ketherine St. George
  m1. John Sharpe
  m2. J. Southwell
  ((5)) Mary St. George
  m. P. Lenthal
  ((6)) Ann St. George
  m1. _ Flood
m2. _ Fanning
  ((7)) Elizabeth St. George
  m. _ Cramlington
  ((8))+ other issue - Thomas, William, Anthony
  (b) Thomas St. George (d 11.1637, younger son)
  m. Frances Shelbury (dau of John Shelbury of High Holbroen & Perrivale)
  ((1))+ issue - Baldwin, Margaret (nun in Paris)
  (c)+ other issue - Baldwin (dsp), William, Henry, Peter
  (ii) Sir Richard St. George of Hatley St. George (d 17.05.1635, Clarenceaux King of Arms)
  m. (1575) Elizabeth St. John (dau of Nicholas St. John of Lydiard Tregoze)
  c. Thomas St. George (dsp)
  m3. (sp) Margaret (widow of Richard Cotton)
  B.+ other issue - Baldwin (a 1465), William
2.+ other issue (a 1381) - Thomas, Giles (a 1393), John, Elizabeth

Main source(s): MGH (NS1, vol 3 (1880), 'Pedigree of the Family of St. George', p77+), Visitation (Cambridgeshire, 1575+1619, 'St. George'), BE1883 ('St. George of Hatley St. George')
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