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Families covered: Engaine of Colne, Engaine of Engaine, Engaine of Laxton, Engaine of Pytchley, Lisures of Abingdon, Lisures of Benefield
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Richard 'Ingaine' (chief engineer to King William the Conqueror)
1. Vitalis or Viel Engaine of Laxton and Pytchley (a 1130)
A. Richard Engaine of Laxton and Pytchley (d 1177)
  m. Margery (b c1135, a 05.1196)
  i. Richard Engaine of Laxton and Pytchley (d 23.04.1209)
  m. Sara de Chesney of Colne (dau of William 'de Caisneto' of Horsford and Colne)
  BE1883 identifies Sara as daughter of the (1st) Earl of Oxford. We follow TCP.
  a. Richard Engaine of Laxton, Pytchley and Colne (d unm 1216)
  b. Viel (or Vitalis) Engaine of Laxton, Pytchley and Colne (d 22.10.1248)
  m. Rohese of Montgomery
  (1) Viel (or Vitalis) Engaine (dvp unm)
  (2) Henry Engaine of Laxton, Pytchley and Colne (d unm 28.06.1271/2)
  (3) William Engaine (dsp c1244)
  (4) John Engaine of Laxton, Pytchley and Colne (d 05.01.1296/7)
  m. Joane (dau of Sir Gilbert de Grinville or Greinville of Hallaton)
(A) John de Engaine of Laxton, Lord (dsp 28.09.1322)
  m. Ellen (dau of Sir Robert FitzRoger of Warkworth)
  (B) Nicholas de Engaine of Colne Engaine and Coton (d 12.1322)
m. Amicia Fauconberg (dau of Sir Walter de Fauconberg of Skelton, 1st Lord)
  (i) Sir John de Engaine of Laxton and Dillington, 1st Lord (b c1302, d 16.02.1357/8)
  m. Joane Peverell (dau of Sir Robert Peverell of Castle Ashby)
  (a) Thomas de Engaine, 2nd Lord (dsp 29.06.1367)
  m. Katherine Courtenay (d 31.12.1399, dau of Hugh Courtenay, 2nd Earl of Devon)
  (b) Joyce Engaine
  m. John de Goldington of Thele and Springfield
  (c) Elizabeth Engaine
  m. Sir Lawrence Pabenham of Pavenham (b c1334, d 10.06.1399)
  (d) Mary Engaine (d 19.05.1401)
  The following comes from TCP and Visitation (Bedfordshire, 1566, Cheyney of Toddington).
m1. Sir William Bernak or Barnacke of Saxlingham, etc (son of John, son of William, son of Richard by Sara, dau of William Dawbnay of Barkeston)
  ((1)) Sir John Bernak of Saxlingham (b before 1374, d 08.1409)
  m. Anne Noon (dau of Sir Edmund Noon of Shelfanger)
  ((A)) Mary Bernak (b 08.09.1406, d 23.09.1464)
  m. Robert Stonham of Stonham Aspall (d 27/8.02.1454/5)
  Visitation inserts an additional generation here with the following Elizabeth being dau of another Robert (by Katharine, dau of William Burgett). The dates make that look unlikely. Perhaps that Robert was her brother who dsp.
  ((i)) Elizabeth Stonham (b c31.07.1425)
  m. John Broughton of Toddington (d 13.07.1489)
((B))+ other issue - John (d before 1401, d 17.08.1415), Edmund (b before 1406, d 19.08.1415), Joan (b after 1406, d unm 12.1420)
  m2. Thomas la Zouche of Westoning (dsp 30.10.1404)
  (C) Joan de Engaine (d 01.06.1315)
  m1. (1286) Walter FitzRobert (b 1275, d 1293)
  m2. (by 1296) Adam de Welle, 1st Lord (d 01.09.1311)
  (D) Joyce de Engaine (d 1312) apparently of this generation
  m. (c1277) Roger de Huntingfield of Huntingfield & Frampton (d c11.1302)
  B. Fulk de Lisures of Benefield and Abingdon (d 1185)
  m. Adelis or Alice (b c1135, a 12.1189, sister of William d'Auberville)
  i. William de Lisures of Benefield and Abingdon (dsp 12.1194)
  m. Isabel (a 07.1225, dau of Simon FitzSimon)
  ii. Hugh de Lisures of Benefield and Abingdon (d 24.02.1207/8)
  a. Alice de Lisures of Benefield and Abingdon (d 18.11.1252)
  m. Nicholas de Bassingburne (a 10.1229)

Main source(s): BE1883 (Engaine), TCP (Engaine)
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