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This section first uploaded 03.10.05.
William Blomer or Bloomer of Westmorland
m. _ Crosby
1. John Blomer of Hagthorpe or Hatherop
A web site on Hatherop reports that John bought that estate in 1552.
  m. Anne Willington
  A. William Blomer of Hagthorpe or Hatherop
  m1. Martha Wellesbourne (dau of Oliver Wellesbourne of Westhaney)
  i. Sir Henry Blomer of Hagthorpe or Hatherop (a 1623)
  m1. Bridget Kemeys (dau of John Kemeys of Slough)
  m2. Emma
ii. John Blomer or Bloomer of Hatherop Castle
(1) TCB (vol ii, Webb of Odstock) reports that the Mary who married Richard Draycote and then Sir John Webb was daughter of William Blomer of Hatherop by Frances Browne. However, both King's Staffordshire Pedigrees 1912 (Draycote) and BLG1952 (Webb formerly of Odstock) name her father John, the latter identifying her as his only daughter.
(2) Visitation (Glos., Blomer) mentions this John in brackets, as though he was missed out from some records, but (considering the dates) it is presumed that this is the John of Hatherop who married Frances Browne.
(3) TCB (vol ii, Webb of Odstock) reports that Mary's first marriage was without issue but the Draycote sources show children. However, the estate passed into the Webb family rather than the Draycote family which indicates either that a family arrangement was made to bypass the traditional inheritance route or that TCB and/or the Draycote sources and/or we have confused the undermentioned Mary with another Mary.
  m. Frances Browne (dau of Anthony Browne, 2nd Viscount Montagu)
  a. Mary Blomer
  m1. Richard Draycot (d 1662)
  m2. Sir John Webb, 2nd Bart of Odstock and Canford (d 29.10.1700)
  iii. Joan Blomer
  m. Henry Fisher of Wiltshire
  iv. Ellenor Blomer
  m. Simon Unwyn of co. Southampton
  m2. ??
  v. Richard Blomer
  a. William Blomer (a 1623)
  m. Mary Banester
  (1)+ issue (a 1623) - Henry, Gyles
  B. Edward Blomer (dsp)



This section first uploaded 29.07.11.
Robert de Criol
m. ?? (dau of Osbern, son of Letard de Popeshall)
1. Nicholas or Bertram de Criol
  The sites we have seen which cover this family disagree (in particular) on this and the next generation. Some show Nicholas (m. dau of Ralph de Curbenine of Comford Park & Popeshall) father of Simon (m. Joan, dau of Bertram FitzRafin, widow of Ralph Nevill) father of the John who m. Margery de Spelmoden. Others show Bertram father of Bertram (m. Emma, dau of Elias de Crevequer) father of the John who m. Margery de Spelmoden.
A. Simon or Bertram de Criol
  i. John de Criol or Kyrriel (d 1229)
  m. Margery de Spelmoden (dau/heir of John de Spelmoden)
  a. Sir Bertram de Criol or Kyrriel
  m. Emma de Kennet (dau/heir of Nicholas de Kennet)
  (1) Sir Nicholas de Criol or Kyrriel
  m. Joan Auberville (dau of Sir William Auberville)
  (A) Sir Nicholas de Criol or Kyrriel (d 1303)
m. Margery Peche (dau of Gilbert Peche (son of Hamon) by Joan de Creye)
  (i) Nicholas de Criol or Kyrriel
  m. Roesia
  (a) John de Criol or Kyrriel (d 1377)
  m. Lettice
  ((1)) Nicholas de Criol or Kyrriel (d 1400)
  m. Elizabeth Trussell (dau of William/Warren Trussell by Maud St. Philibert)
  ((A)) William de Criol or Kyrriel of Westenhanger (d 1413)
m. Elizabeth
  ((i)) Sir Thomas de Criol or Kyrriel of Westenhanger (d 1460)
  Some sites show Cecily Stourton/Hill as mother of Alice but a site on Westenhanger Castle points out that Alice was probably of an earlier marriage.
  m1. ??
  ((a)) Alice Criol
  m. Sir John Fogge of Repton (b by 1417, d 1490)
  m2. (1437) Cecily Stourton (dau of John Stourton by Joan Banastre, widow of John Hill)
  This may be the Sir Thomas who may have been the 1st husband of ...
  m3. Elizabeth Chichley (dau of John Chichley of Wympell)
  (ii) Elizabeth de Criol or Kyrriel
  m. John de Pabenham @@ below



This section first uploaded 29.07.11.
Hugh de Pabenham
1. John de Pabenham of Pavenham/Pabenham, Bedfordshire (a 1201) the first mentioned by VCH
  A. Hugh de Pabenham
  i. John de Pabenham (b c1219, d 1247)
  m. Eleanor St. Remy (b 1226, d 1248, dau of William de St. Remy)
  a. John de Pabenham of Pavenham (d 1269)
m. _ Morin (dau of Ralph Morin son of Ralph by Albreda Briouse)
  (1) John de Pabenham of Pavenham (d 1322)
Some sites combine John and his son into one person, showing him as father of Thomas. However, VCH reports that there were 2 Johns and that the 2nd alienated the manor to his uncle Thomas. VCH identifies the 2nd John's mother as Elizabeth. We presume that this was ...
  m. Elizabeth de Criol (dau of Nicholas de Criol) @@ above
  (A) John de Pabenham of Pavenham (d 1331)
  (2) Thomas de Pabenham of Pavenham (d 1345)
m. Alicia de Ufford (dau of Robert de Ufford, 1st Lord, by Cecily de Valoines)
  (A) Laurence Pabenham of Pavenham (b c1334, d 10.06.1399)
  m. Elizabeth Engayne (dau of John Engayne, 1st Lord) wife of Laurence and mother of John & Katherine, presumed also of Laurence & Eleanor
  (i) Laurence Pabenham (dvpsp)
  m. Joan, later of Pavenham (d 1414, m2. John Waleys)
  (ii) John Pabenham (dsp 1407)
  (iii) Eleanor Pabenham
  m. John Tyringham (d 1445)
  (iv) Katherine Pabenham (b before 1373, d 17.07.1436)
  m1. Sir William Cheyne or Cheney of Fenn Ditton (d 06.06.1399)
  m2. Sir Thomas Aylesbury of Milton Keynes (b before 1370, d 09.09.1418)



This section first uploaded 17.02.14.
Sir Robert Brideshall of Clifford, Yorkshire
m. Mabilla Malthorpe (dau/heir of _ Mathorpe of Malthorpe)
1. Sarah Brideshall
  m. Anketine Malorie
  A. Nicholas Malorie of Northallerton (dsp before 1275)
  B. Margerie Malorie
  m. Ralph Salvayne
  C. Sarah Malorie
  m1. William Glenton
  m2. Thomas Grimston
  D. Nicholia Malorie
  m. Nicholas Orlesthorpe of Yorkshire
  E. Avicia Malorie
  m. William Burdon

Main source(s):
(1) For Blomer of Hatherop : Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1623, Blomer)
(2) For Criol/Kyrriel of Westenhanger : various web sites
(3) For Pabenham : VCH (Bedfordshire, vol 3, Parishes: Pavenham) with some input/support (in italics) from various web sites
(4) For Brideshall-Malorie : Commoners (vol 1, 'Salvin of Croxdale', note on p533)
[The section on Otway of Castle Otway has been absorbed into Otway1; that on Dacres of Cheshunt into Dacre2.]
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