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Families covered: Criol of Croxton, Criol (Kryell or Kyrriel) of Westenhanger

(1) Parts of this page were first launched on 29.07.11 within a section on a Temporary page, then based wholly on data taken from various contradictory web sites. It was redone using the sources identified below with any data left over from that first attempt being shown in itaIics. As mentioned below, there are contradictions between our sources (not helped by references to the family sometimes as Criol and other times as Kyrriel or Kryell) so, although we have attempted to find a way through that, it would be presumptuous for us to suppose that we have been significantly more successful in doing so than anyone else. Accordingly, this page should be viewed as 'Draft' in nature but nevertheless, as we suspect that there is little chance of our making a significant improvement to it in the near future, we have launched it into the main database. It remains possible that it will be further reviewed in due course should we find another source that gives us confidence that it improves on what we have.
(2) Planché reports that "This family, which took its name from Creuil, or Criel, a town in the department of the Oise, and now a station on the railway not far from Paris, was of eminence in England shortly after the Conquest". TCP ('Criol or Kiriel') notes that the arms of Lord Nicholas were "Or, two chevrons and a quarter, Gules" and "The name is derived from Criel, in the contè of Eu".
Robert de Criol
m. ?? (dau of Osbern, son of Letard de Popeshall)
1. Nicholas or Bertram de Criol
  The sites we have seen which cover this family disagree (in particular) on this and the next generation. Some show Nicholas (m. dau of Ralph de Curbenine of Comford Park & Popeshall) father of Simon (m. Joan, dau of Bertram FitzRafin, widow of Ralph Nevill) father of the John who m. Margery de Spelmoden. Others show Bertram father of Bertram (m. Emma, dau of Elias de Crevequer (cf. below)) father of the John who m. Margery de Spelmoden.
  A. Simon or Bertram de Criol
  i. John de Criol or Kyrriel (d 1229)
  Planché reports that John (a 1194) had by his wife Margery 4 sons as identified below. Visitation confuses the issue by starting with a Nicholas, showing him as father, by Johanna Nevyll, of Bertram (dsp), Simon (dsp) and not one but 2 Nicholases (but not a William). In following Planché, which is supported by Baronage, we show the younger of those Nicholases as Bertram's son rather than his younger brother.
  m. Margery de Spelmoden (dau/heir of John de Spelmoden)
  a. Sir Bertram de Criol of Croxton Castle (Leicesterhire), Sheriff of Kent (also of Essex & Hertfordshire) (a 1231, 1238, Keeper of Dover & Rochester Castles)
  Nichols starts with this Bertram, brother of Simon. Planché indicates that some sources identify Bertram's wife Emma as Emma de Crevecoeur "but the dates make this improbable". Visitation supports the following male descent albeit using the name Kryell rather than Criol.
  m. Emma de Kennet (dau/heir of Nicholas de Kennet)
  (1) Sir Nicholas de Criol of Croxton & Cherry Hinton (Cambridgeshire), Sheriff of Kent (d before 02.07.1273, Warden of the Cinque Ports, Governor of Rochester Castle)
m. Joan Auberville, heiress of Westenhanger (dau/heir of Sir William Auberville of Eynsford, etc., m2. Henry de Sandwich)
  (A) Sir Nicholas de Criol or Kyrriel of Eynsford, Stockbury, Westenhanger, etc. (Kent) & Croxton Kerrial (Leicestershire), Lord (d 12.10.1303)
  TCP ('Criol or Kiriel') provides information on Nicholas and his parents and confirms that his wife was Margery Peche. Banks's 'Baronies in Fee' (vol 1, 1844, 'Criol', p167) reports that his son Nicholas "was never summoned to parliament, but whose issue male ... long continued to Sir Thomas Criol, slain at the battle of St. Albans, 38 Hen. VI., leaving two daughters" (Elizabeth & Alice).
  m. (before 10.02.1271/2) Margery Peche (a 1319, dau of Sir Gilbert Peche of Westcliff (son of Hamon) by Joan de Creye)
  (i) Nicholas de Criol or Kryell (a 1325, Admiral)
  m. Roesia
  (a) John de Criol or Kryell (d 1377)
  m. Lettice
  ((1)) John de Criol or Kryell
  Nichols shows this John as father rather than brother of Nicholas. Provisionally, we follow Visitation in showing him as brother.
((A)) Rosia de Criol or Kryell
  m. John Wykis or Wyckers of Newmarket
  ((i)) Roisia Wykis or Wyckers
  m. Hugo Stranle
  ((2)) Nicholas de Criol or Kryell or Kirriell (d 1400)
  m. Elizabeth Trussell (dau of William/Warren Trussell by Maud St. Philibert)
  ((A)) William de Criol or Kryell of Westenhanger (d 1413)
  m. Elizabeth
((i)) Sir Thomas de Criol (Kryell or Kyrriel or Keriell) of Westenhanger (d St. Albans 17.02.1460/1)
  Some sites show Cecily Stourton/Hill as mother of Alice but a site on Westenhanger Castle points out that Alice (and so probably Elizabeth) was probably of an earlier marriage.
  m1. ??
  ((a)) Elizabeth Criol
  m. John Bourchier
  ((b)) Alice Criol
  m. Sir John Fogge of Repton (b by 1417, d 1490)
  m2. (1437) Cecily Stourton (dau of John Stourton by Joan Banastre, widow of John Hill)
  This may be the Sir Thomas who may have been the 1st husband of ...
m3. Elizabeth Chichley (dau of John Chichley of Wympell)
  (2) John de Criol (d 1253-4 or 1264)
  The following is partly supported by 'Archaeologia Cantiana' (Kent Archaeological Society, 'Inquisitiones Post Mortem', p304).
  m. Matilda de Eastwelle (d 1267, dau of Margeria)
  (A) Bertram de Criol (d 1295)
  The following is supported by 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Hertford' (Robert Clutterbuck, vol 1, 1815, p280).
  m. Eleanor de Crevequer (dau/coheir of Hamon de Crevequer of Folkstone by Maud, sister/heir of William Abrincies or Averenches)
  (i) John de Criol (b c1260, dsp 1301-2)
  (ii) Bertram de Criol (b c1264, d 1305-6)
  m. Petronilla
  (a) John de Criol (dsp)
m. Eleanor
  (iii) Joan de Criol
  m. Richard de Rokesley 'of Westwood & Ruxley'
  Clutterbuck (1815) shows that their daughters married as follows: Agnes to Thomas de Poynings, Johanna to Hugh de Patshull then William Baud. Provisionally, we follow Nichols (1971 edition) which shows as follows
  (a) Johanna de Rokesley
  m. Sir William Baud
  (a) Agnes de Rokesley (d before 22.12.1346)
  m1. Walter de Pateshull
  m2. (c1317) Sir Thomas de Poynings
  (3) Sir Simon de Criol (d 1267)
  The following is supported by 'Archaeologia Cantiana' (Kent Archaeological Society, 'Inquisitiones Post Mortem', p303-4).
  m. Matilda de Esseteford (dau/heir of William de Esseteford)
  (A)+ issue (a 1267) - son (b c1237), son (b c1243), son (b c1244), son (b c1247), son (b c1251), son (b c1253), son (b c1255), son (b c1256)
  b. Nicholas de Criol or Kryell (4th son) 
  m. Margery de Clifford
  Planché, which uses Criol as the family name, reports that Nicholas & Margery had 3 (unnamed) daughters. Visitation, which uses Kryell as the family name, shows 5 daughters and a son as follows.
  (1) Bertram Criol or Kryell
(A) John Criol or Kryell (dsp)
  (2) Johanna Criol or Kryell (dsp)
  m. Sir William Baude
  (3) Agnes Criol or Kryell
  m. Sir Michael Poynings
  (4) Margaret Criol or Kryell
  m. Sir Robert Hereward
  (5) Elizabeth Criol or Kryell
  m. Sir John Pabenham
  (6) Catarina Criol or Kryell (dsp)
  m. Sir Galfridus (Geoffrey) Braddene
  c.+ other issue - Simon (dsp), William

Main source(s): 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 2 part 1 (1795 - or 1971, ISBN 0.85409.688.4), 'Pedigree of Criol', p147), 'A Corner of Kent' (J.R. Planché, 1864, p291+), Visitation (Huntingdonshire, 1619, 'Kryell') with a little input/support from 'The Dormant and Extinct Baronage of England' (T.C. Banks, vol 1, 1807, 'Criol', p278+), referred to above as 'Baronage', and further input (shown in italics) from various web sites
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