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Families covered: Cheney of Boston, Cheney (Cheyne) of Fenn Ditton

Henry Cheyne or Cheney of Fenne Ditton
m. _ Mochete or Monchet
1. Sir William Cheyne or Cheney of Fenn Ditton (d 06.06.1399)
  m. Catherine Pabenham (d 17.07.1436, dau of Sir Lawrance Pabenham or Pavenham by Elizabeth Engayne)
  A. John Cheney (d before 17.07.1736)
  B. Sir Lawrence Cheney of Fenn Ditton (d 30.12.1461)
  m. Elizabeth Cockayne (dau of John Cockayne of Bury Hatley)
i. Sir John Cheney of Fenn Ditton (d 13/4.07.1489)
  m(1). Elizabeth Rempston (dau of Sir Thomas Rempston of Beckering & Tuxford)
  a. Sir Thomas Cheney of Fenn Ditton, Thenford and Irthlingborough (d 13/4.01.1513/4)
  m1. Elizabeth Huddleston (dau of Henry Huddleston of Irthlingborough)
  m2. Anne (not Elizabeth) Parr (a 11.1513, dau of Sir William Parr of Kendal)
  (1) Elizabeth Cheney (b c1505, d 20.11.1556)
  m. (1523) Thomas Vaux, 2nd Lord of Harrowden (b 25.04.1509, bur 10.1556)
  b. William Cheney of Thorngumbald (d 1547/8)
  Shown by Visitation (Cambridgeshire) is William's following family.
  m1. Elizabeth Wentworth (dau of Henry Wentworth)
  (1)+ issue - Andrew, Lawrence
  Shown by Maddison is William's following family. As son William died long after his father, it is presumed that the marriage to Anne Holme was William's 2nd.
  m2. Anne Holme (dau of John Holme of Paul Holme)
  (3) William Cheney (d c1601)
  m. Frances Cheney (d before 08.1608, natural dau of Sir Thomas Cheney, Warden of the 5 Ports)
  (A) John Cheney of Benington (b c1568, bur 16.03.1623-4)
  m1. Elizabeth (d 1614)
  (i) John Cheney (bpt 30.06.1605, d before 11.05.1657, 2nd son, 1st John)
  m. Anne
  (a)+ issue - Henry (a 1690), Jane, Winifred
  (ii) John Cheney of Coningsby (bpt 09.11.1609, 4th son, 2nd John)
  (a) Thomas Cheney of Boston (d 1670)
  m. Hannah Calverley (d before 23.04.1670, sister of Samuel Salverley)
  ((1)) Thomas Cheney of Boston (bur 10.03.1689-90)
  m. (25.03.1675-6) Anne Butler (bur 14.08.1720)
  ((A)) John Cheney, Mayor of Boston (bur 03.03.1728-9)
  m. Ann
  ((i))+ issue - John, William, Elizabeth
  ((B)) Thomas Cheney (bpt 18.12.1685, a 07.1719)
  m. Mary (d before 11.05.1719)
  ((i))+ issue (a 1718) - Thomas (b c1713, d 11.03.1788-9), John, Anne
  ((C))+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 08.10.1676, bur 09.11.1676), William (bpt 15.06.1687), Ann (bpt 13.10.1678), Frances (bpt 07.10.1680), Hannah
  ((2)) William Cheney (b after 1650, bur 14.06.1685)
  m. (21.01.1678-9) Mary Butler (bur 17.07.1726)
  ((A)) Charles Cheney of Boston (d by 1719)
  m. (01.01.1703-4) Sarah Smith
((i))+ issue - Charles (bur 01.06.1705), Charles (a 1705), William, Mary, Sarah
  ((B)) Thomas Cheney (bur 16.10.1718)
  (iii) Thomas Cheney (bpt 25.078.1607, dsp before 11.04.1673, rector of Kirton in Holland)
  m. Mary
  (iv)+ other issue - William (bpt 05.02.1598-9), Edward (bpt 20.07.1606, bur 03.12.1613), Richard (bpt 29.09.1611), Frances (bpt 20.09.1596, a 1673), Jane (bpt 28.02.1600-1, a 1673), Agnes (bpt 16.10.1608, a 1673), Elizabeth (bpt 05.06.1614, bur 22.01.1626-7)
m2. (c11.1614) Alice (b c1568, a 08.1627, Mrs. Skinner)
  (B) Christopher Cheney of Grantham (d before 28.12.1620)
  m. Katherine Cave (dau of Thomas Cave of Belgrave (Barggrave))
  (i) Thomas Cheney (d before 05.06.1633)
  m. Bridget Cawdron (d 1670, dau of Robert Cawdron of Great Hale)
  (a) Anne Cheney
  m. John Duncalfe
  (b) Jane Cheney
  m. John Turner (Captain)
  (c) Jane Cheney
  m. John Fawcett
  (ii) William Cheney of Mareham-le-Pen (bur 09.09.1633)
  (a)+ issue - Christopher (bpt 11.02.1626-7, bur 02.10.1634), William (bpt 02.07.1630-1, bur 26.09.1631), Anne, Jane (bpt 20.11.1628, a 1635)
  (iii) Anne Cheney
  m. George Smith of Nettleton
(iv) Katherine Cheney
  m. (c05.1628) John Harrison of East Keal
  (v) Frances Cheney
  m. Henry Yarborough of Yarborough
  (C) William Cheney
  c. Mary Cheney (d 1473)
  m. John Allington (d 08.1480)
  d. Elizabeth Cheney
  m. John Hasildon of Cambirdgeshire
  e. Catherine Cheney
  m. Henry Barley
  f. Anne Cheney
  m. John Appleyard
  ii. Elizabeth Cheney
  m1. Sir Frederick Tilney of Boston and Ashwell Thorpe
  m2. Sir William Say

Main source(s): Visitation (Cambridgeshire, 1575+1619, Cheney), Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees 1906 (Cheney of Boston) with some support/input from TCP (Engaine)
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