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Families covered: Balleine of Jersey, Bradstreet of Kilmainham, Bradstreet of Stacumnie, de Bosco (Bois or Boys) of Fersfield, Bates of Aydon, Bates of Horsley

'Armorial' reports that "This family, whose name has been spelt at various times Bolen, Baleyne, Balene, Ballaine, and Balleine, settled in Jersey at a very early period, probably from France."
Thomas Balleine
1. James Balleine
m. Douce Le Brocq
  A. George Balleine
  m. Elizabeth Balleine
  i. James Balleine 'of S. Peter'
  a. James Balleine
  m. Jane De La Perrelle
  b. Elizabeth Balleine
  m. John De Jersey Le Montais
  ii. George Balleine (d 1856, rector of S. Ouen then S. Peter & S. Martin) had issue
  m1. Elizabeth Le Couteur (dau of Amice Le Couteur of Sark by _ De Carteret)
  m2. Mary Ann Le Roux (dau of John Le Poitevin-dit-Le Roux of Guernsey by Elizabeth Le Motte)



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John Bradstreet of Blanchville Park, co. Kilkenny (a 1650, to Ireland)
m. Margaret
1. Samuel Bradstreet of Tinnescolly, co. Kilkenny
  m. Elizabeth Agar (dau of Charles Agar of Gowran)
  A. Ellen Bradstreet (b c1697, d 25.10.1779, 3rd dau)
  m. (by 1728) Sir Simon Bradstreet, 1st Bart @@ just below
  B.+ other issue
2. Simon Bradstreet of Port Lahane, co. Tipperary
  A. Sir Simon Bradstreet of Kilmainham (co. Dublin), 1st Bart (b 1693, d 26.04.1762)
  m. (by 1728) Ellen Bradstreet (dau of Samuel Bradstreet of Tinnescolly) @@ just above
  i. Sir Simon Bradstreet of Kilmainham, Sheriff of co. Dublin, 2nd Bart (b 22.03.1728, bur 16.12.1773)
  m. (09.10.1759) Anne Cavendish (dau of Sir Henry Cavendish, 1st Bart of Doveridge, by Anne Pyne)
  a. Eleanor Catherine Bradstreet (d 1849)
m. William Hore of Harper's Town
  ii. Sir Samuel Bradstreet of Stacumnie (co.Kildare), 3rd Bart (d 02.05.1791, recorder of Dublin, MP)
  m. (19.01.1771) Eliza Tully (d 25.12.1799, dau/heir of James Tully of Dublin by Bridget, sister of Edmund Netterville of Longford Castle)
  a. Sir Simon Bradstreet of Stacumnie, 4th Bart (b 25.11.1772, d 25.10.1853) had issue
  m. (01.01.1808) Clare Margaret Murphy (d 12.11.1869, dau of John Murphy of Dublin)
  b. Eleanor Bradstreet probably of this generation
  m. William Wynne 'of Dublin' (d 1855)
  c. other issue - Samuel James, Edmund, John (d 12.1831)
  iii. Charlotte Bradstreet (d 27.03.1778)
  m. (1744) Edmund Butler, 10th Viscount Mountgarret (d 09.02.1779)
  iv. Emilia Bradstreet
  m. Samuel Zobett (Captain)



It is not clear how many families there were of the name de Bosco not least because Bosco comes from the Latin boscus (which means shrub or shrubwood, hence wood) and so was probably a common name because it could have originated almost anywhere. The name appears to have been recorded for several families which later took the name Wood or Bois (the French for wood) and hence Boys. There was a William del Bois (or de Bosco) who (according to Wikipedia) was Chancellor of Scotland from 1211-1224 and whose ancestors (according to www.clan-wood.org.uk) may have come from Boissay (meaning woodland) near Rouen in Normandy and who was probably ancestor of various Wood families in Scotland (see Wood01). According to Blomefield, the following family "sirnamed themselves De Bosco, or Bois, from the great wood which ajoined to their mansion-house" with the implication being that that referred to their seat in Norfolk.
Sir William de Bosco (du Boys) of Fersfield, Norfolk (a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189)
1. Sir Robert de Bosco of Feyrfreud (Fersfield) (a 1165)
  m. Isolda
  A. Gilbert de Bosco or Boys (d 1249)
  i. Joan (Johanna) de Bosco or Boys
  m. William de Boville
It is not clear whether or not this William was connected to the Bovilles of Letheringham or even to the Boteville family.
  B. Sir Robert de Bosco of Fersfield, Burston, Denton, Garboldisham, etc. (d 1298)
  m. Amy (Amicia (widow of Thomas Hastyng of Gissing)
  i. Robert de Bosco or de Bois of Fersfield (b c1268, d 1311)
  m. Christian Latimer (d c1313/a 1316?, dau of Sir William Latimer, widow of Sir John Carbonel of Waldingfield, m3. Sir Thomas Mose)
  a. Sir Robert de Bois or du Boys (b by 1307, d unm 1333)
  b. Alice de Bois (d 1371)
  m. Sir John Howard
  ii. John de Bosco or de Bois or de Nova Aula (New Hall) (dsp c1335)
  m. Katherine
  iii. William de Bosco or de Bois (a 1305, cleric)
  iv. Nicholas de Bosco or de Bois (a 1299)
  a. William de Bois of Cretyng St. Mary
  m. Christian
  v. Richard de Bosco or de Bois
  a. Thomas de Bois (rector of Garboldesham)



BLG1879 reports that "This family descends from a common source with that of Bates of Milbourne, springing from" the undermentioned George of Horsley. BLG1952 starts with ...
George Bates
1. William Bates
  A. George Bates of Horsley in Ovingham the first mentioned by BLG1879
  m. (c1620) Catherine Surtees (dau of Cuthbert Surtees of Ebchester)
  i. George Bates of Horsley (d 1696)
  m. (05.08.1654) Mabel Locke
  a. George Bates
m. (14.11.1699) Catherine Cook (dau/coheir of John Cook of Aydon (by Mary Winship), sister of Rev. Henry of Chelmsford)
  (1) John Bates of Aydon White House (b 1701, d 10.1776)
  m. (15.07.1731) Mary Jefferson (d 1797, dau/heir of William Jefferson of Hexham)
  (A) George Bates of Aydon & Heddon (d 19.09.1816)
  m. (1769) Diana Moore (d 06.12.1822, dau/heir of Thomas Moore of the Moor (Salop) by Ann, dau/coheir of Henry Blayney of Gregyng (son (by Joyce Blayney) of Sir Arthur son of Edward, 1st Lord Blayney))
  (i) John Moore Bates of Aydon (b 28.06.1773, d 30.07.1843) had issue
  m. (14.04.1806) Margaret Dobson (d 25.07.1864, dau of John Dobson of High Seat)
  (ii) Thomas Bates of Kirklevington, Yorkshire (d unm 1849, agriculturist)
  (2) Thomas Bates
  (A) Thomas Bates of Akeld, Northumberland
  (B) Catherine Bates
  m. Matthew Culley of Copeland Castle
  (2) son
  b. Catherine Bates
  m. John Mitford of Hexham

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