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Families covered: Cavendish of Doveridge, Cavendish of Waterpark

Henry Cavendish of Tutbury Priory (b 12.1550, dspl 10.10.1616)
m. Grace Talbot (d after 1625, dau of George Talbot, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury)
partner(s) unknown
Henry is often reported as having died without issue. However, TCP (Waterpark) reports that he had an illegitimate son, Henry, who was ancestor of the Cavendish Lords Waterpark. KC, the contributor who was a Main Source for this section of the page, reported the other illegitimate children.
1. Henry Cavendish of Doveridge (d 22.12.1624)
  m. (14.10.1610) Bridget Willoughby (d 30.06.1624, dau of Sir Percival Willoughby)
  A. Charles Cavendish (dsp after 1636?)
B. Francis Cavendish of Doveridge (b 11.12.1618, d 16/7.06.1650)
  'Le Parchmin', a source for this section, indicates that Francis's son Henry was by his 1st marriage but Visitation suggests that he was by his 2nd. We follow Visitation which is supported by FMG (p448) which shows Dorothy as Francis's only child by ...
  m1. (13.11.1642) Dorothy Bullock (dau of John Bullock of Darley Abbey)
  i. Dorothy Cavendish
  m. Gervase Nevell of Sheaffield (Sheffield?)
  ## FMG (p448) identifies Dorothy's husband Gervas as "of Holbeck, co. York." and shows their children as Rev. Cavendish (m. Catherine Pilkington), Barbara (m1. Michael Portington m2. Rev. Peter Robinson) & others (dsp). This appears to be confusion with this Gervase Nevile and between that Gervase's wife & mother-in-law.
m2. (1649) Dorothy Broughton (dau of Thomas Broughton)
  ii. Henry Cavendish of Doveridge (b 25.01.1649, d 23.04.1698)
  m. Mary Tyrrell (dau of Sir Timothy Tyrrell of Shotover by Elizabeth Ussher)
  a. William Cavendish of Doveridge Hall (b 20.09.1682, d 07.09.1719) - continued below
  m. (1709) Elizabeth Holt (dau of John (James) Holt)
  b.+ 3 sons and 11 daughters
  iii. Charles Cavendish (b c1650, a 1663)
  C. Bridget Cavendish
  m. Samuel Mason of Nottingham
  D. Mary Cavendish
  m. John Broughton of Whittington
2. Anne Cavendish probably of this generation
  m. Vincent Lowe of Denby
3.+ other issue - Augustine, Charles, Thomas, 3 others



William Cavendish of Doveridge Hall (b 20.09.1682, d 07.09.1719) - continued above
BP1934 shows the mother of William's son Henry as Mary, dau of Sir Timothy Tyrrell of Shotover. However, we follow the advice of the contributor referred to below (supported by various web sites) in identifying Mary Tyrrell as William's mother.
m. (1709) Elizabeth Holt (dau of John (James) Holt)
1. Sir Henry Cavendish, 1st Bart of Doveridge (b 15.04.1707, d 07.05.1755)
  m1. (1730) Anny Pyne (dau of Henry Pyne of Waterpark)
A. Sir Henry Cavendish, 2nd Bart of Doveridge (b 13/29.09.1732, d 03.08.1804)
  m. (05/12.08.1757) Sarah Bradshaw, 1st Baroness Waterpark of Waterpark (b 01.04.1740, d 04.08.1807, dau of Richard Bradshaw of Cork by Deborah, dau of William Thompson of Cork)
  i. Sir Richard Cavendish, 3rd Bart of Doveridge, 2nd Lord Waterpark (b 13.07.1765, d 01.06.1830)
  m. (06.08.1789) Juliana Cooper (b c1767, d 11.10.1847, dau/coheir of Thomas Cooper of Cooper's Hill and Mullimast or Mullaghmast Castle)
  a. Henry Manners Cavendish, 3rd Lord Waterpark (b 08.11.1793, d 31.03.1863) had issue
  m. (18.07.1837) Elizabeth Jane Anson (b 26.02.1816, d 15.09.1894, dau of Thomas Anson, 1st Viscount of Shugborough)
  b. Richard Cavendish of Thornton Hall and Crakemarsh Hall (b 1794, d 18.03.1876) had issue
  m. (22.07.1841) Elizabeth Maria Margaret Hart (d 04.06.1858, dau of Thomas Hart)
c. George John Cavendish (b 1796, d 23.10.1865, Vice Admiral RN) had issue
  m. (14.08.1838) Caroline Prideaux Brune (d 13.07.1885, dau of Rev. Charles Prideaux Brune of Prideaux Place)
  d. Augustus Cavendish (d 09.05.1863, Rev.) had issue
  m. (12.1830) Mary Anne Legh (dau of Thomas Legh of Adlington)
  e. Thomas Cavendish (dsp 26.03.1859, vicar of Doveridge)
  m. (04.05.1835) Sophia Robinson (d 13.07.1891, dau of Sir John Robinson, Bart)
  f. Sarah Georgiana Cavendish (d 19.09.1874)
  m. (18.11.1819) Sir George Richard Philips, Bart
  g. Juliana Cavendish (d 19.01.1865)
  m. (28.12.1816) Frederick Farmer Taylor of Chyknell House (d 24.06.1852)
h. Catherine Cavendish (d 16.05.1863)
  m. (12.12.1839) Thomas Musgrave, Archbishop of York (d 1860)
  i.+ other issue - Frederick (b c1800, d 24.05.1877, captain), Anne Emma (b c1791, d 09.07.1881)
  ii. George Cavendish 'of Leixlip Castle' (b 26.08.1766, d 13.02.1849)
  m1. (26.02.1803) Letitia Catherine Caulfeild (dsp 03.08.1805, dau of James Caulfeild)
  m2. (15.11.1807) Catherine Smyth (dau of Ralph Smyth of Gaybrook)
iii. Augustus Cavendish, later Bradshaw (b 17.02.1768)
  m. (15.11.1796) Mary Anne Jeffreys (d 14.02.1849, dau of James St. John Jeffreys of Blarney Castle)
  iv. Frederick Cavendish (b 1777, d 10.03.1856) had issue
  m1. (25.05.1801) Eleanor Gore (d 25.03.1812, dau of Arthur Saunders Gore, 2nd Earl of Arran)
  m2. (05.10.1817) Agnes Catherine Macdonnell (dau of Alexander Macdonnell)
  v. Catherine Cavendish (d 1800)
  m. Baron de Ville
vi. Deborah Cavendish
  m. (10.11.1782) Sir Richard Musgrave, Bart (dsp 06.04.1818)
  vii. Sarah Cavendish (d 02.01.1849)
  m. (20.12.1783) Arthur Annesley, 8th Viscount Valentia, 1st Earl of Mountnorris (b c1744, d 04.07.1816)
  viii. Anne Cavendish (b 22.03.1774, d 06.07.1863)
  m. (25.07.1793) James Caulfeild Browne, 2nd Lord Kilmaine (b 16.03.1765, d 23.05.1825)
  B. Pyne or Pyn Cavendish
  m1. (1768) Maurice Crosby or Crosbie (Dean of Limerick)
  m2. Henry Otway-Trevor (General)
C. Mary Cavendish
  m1. George Quin of Quinsborough (b 23.02.1729, d 1791)
  m2. (1792) Thomas Ahmuty
  D. Frances Cavendish
  m. (15.05.1769) Sir Frederick Flood, Bart (dsp 01.02.1824)
  E. Anne Cavendish
  m. (09.10.1759) Sir Simon Bradstreet, 2nd Bart
  F. Catherine Cavendish (a 1804)
  m. Thomas Burroughs
  m2. (06.10.1748) Catherine Prittie (dau of Henry Prittie of Dunalley)
  G. James Cavendish
  m. Harriet Moore-Coote (dau of Guy Moore of Abbey)
  i. Henry Cavendish
  m. Elizabeth Johnson (dau of Woodhouse Johnston)
  a. Guy Moore Coote Cavendish
  m. ?? (Mrs. Young)
b. Harriet Cavendish
  m. William Richard Gordon
  c. Maria Cavendish
  m. Peter Cayley Shadwell
  ii. James Cavendish
  iii. Catherine Harriet Cavendish
  m. John Eschin
  iv. Theodosia Cavendish
  m. James Caulfeild Donovan
  v. Maria Cavendish
  m. Henry Bambrick
2. Henrietta Cavendish
  m. Richard Wilmot
3. Frances Cavendish probably of this generation
  m. Richard Green of Leventhorp House, Yorkshire
  A. Frances Green (b 1752-3, d 02.06.1804)
  m. (1788) Charles Chadwick of Healey Hall, Ridware, New Hall & Callow (b 1753, d 1829)
4. child

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : information kindly provided by a contributor (KC, 29.01.06) reporting an article in 'Le Parchmin' (July-August 1988, published by Office Genealogique et Heraldique de Belgique), Visitation (Derbyshire, 1662-4, Cavendish of Doveridge)
(2) For lower section : BP1934 (Waterpark) with a little support/input from TCP (Waterpark)
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