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Families covered: Nevile of Chevet (Chute), Nevile of Holbeck, Neville of Hornby, Nevile of Liversedge (Liversage)

Geoffrey de Nevill (d before 26.03.1285)
m. (c1267) Margaret Longvilliers (d c02.1318/9, dau of Sir John Longvilliers)
1. John de Neville (b 10.08.1269, d 1309)
  m. Pernel (d before 06.1349)
  A. John de Neville (b 30.11.1299/1300, dsp before 01.12.1335)
2. Robert de Neville (3rd son)
  A. Sir Robert de Neville of Hornby (a 07.1373)
  m1. Joan de Atherton (a 07.1348, dau of Henry de Atherton (by Emma), son of Hugh)
  i. Robert de Neville of Hornby, Sheriff of Yorkshire, Lord (d 04.04.1413)
  m. (by 12.1344) Margaret de la Pole (dau of Sir William de la Pole)
  a. Thomas de Neville (dvp before 1387)
  (1) Margaret de Neville (b c1384, dsps)
  m. (before 15.02.1403/4) Thomas Beaufort, Duke of Exeter (b c01.1377, d 27.12.1417/1426)
  The husbands of Robert's daughters were reported in VCH (1914, Lancashire vol 8, Hornby).
  b. Margaret de Neville
  m. Sir William Harington of Hornby (b c1365, d 1440)
  c. Joan de Neville
  m. Sir John Langton
  ii. Joan Nevile (d 1427) possibly of this generation, of this marriage
  m. Sir Roger de Swillington
iii.+ other issue - John, Giles, Thomas, William, Geoffrey
  m2. Elizabeth de St. Laurence (dau of Thomas de St. Laurence)
3. Sir Edmund de Nevile of Liversedge
  m. Isola Flamburgh (dau of Robert Flamburgh)
  A. William de Neville (d c1369)
  m. Elizabeth Harington (dau of Sir John Harington of Farlton by Katherine Sherburn)
  i. Sir John de Neville, Sheriff of Yorkshire
  m. Alice Sherwood (dau of Henry Sherwood)
a. Sir Robert Nevile of Liversedge (d by 1438)
  m. Alice Gascoygne (dau of Richard Gascoygne of Hunslet)
  (1) Sir Robert Nevile of Liversedge or Liversage
  m1. _ Scargyll
  (A) Elsabeth (or Katherine) Nevile
  m. (1456) Thomas (not Richard) Beaumont of Whytley (d1495)
(B) daughter
  m. _ Lacy
  BLG1952 identifies Sir Robert's 2nd wife as Eleanor, dau of Sir William Molyneux of Sefton. BEB1841 identifies Anne, dau of Richard Molyneux, as wife of Richard Nevill of Liversedge. Visitation, which calles her Ellen, does not name her father other than as Molyneux of Lancashyre.
  m2. Eleanor/Ellen or Anne Molyneux (dau of Sir Richard Molyneux of Sefton)
(C) Sir John Nevile of Liversedge or Liversage, Sheriff of Yorkshire (d 1502)
  m. Maud Ryther (dau of Sir William Ryther of Ryther)
  (i) Thomas Nevile of Liversedge (dvp)
  m. Isabell Sheffield (dau of Sir Robert Sheffield)
  (a) Sir Robert Nevile of Liversedge
  m. Elenor Towneley (dau of Sir John Towneley of Towneley)
  ((1)) Sir John Nevile of Liversedge (a 1563)
  m1. Dorothy Danby (dau of Sir Christopher Danby of Thorp)
  ((A)) Elsabeth Nevile
  m. Hugh Ayscough of Revesby (bur 23.02.1625-6)
  ((B)) Jane Nevile
  m. Roger Cholmondeley (brother of Sir Richard of Thornton)
((C))+ other issue - Robert (a 1563), Elenor
  m2. Beatrice Home (dau of Henry Brome of Wrenthorp)
  ((E)) Mary Nevile probably the Mary who married ...
  m. Edmond Eltoft of Farnhill (b c1517, d 1587)
  ((F))+ other issue - Matthew, Edmond, Saintmon, Grace, Duglas, Margaret
  ((2)) Margaret Nevile
  m. Raff Byston (Beeston) of Byston
  ((3)) Rosamund Nevile (dsp)
  m. Sir Robert Nevell
  ((4)) Katherine Nevile
  m. Richard Beaumont of Whitley Beaumont (b c10.1511, d 11.03.1573)
  ((5)) Elsabeth Nevile
  m. Francis Woodroff of Wolley (d 20.08.1592)
((6)) Elenor Nevile
  m. Christopher Ratclyff
  ((7))+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Robert (dsp), Henry
  (b) Edmond Nevile
(c) Izabell or Elizabeth Nevile
  m. John Poppeley of Morehouse (b 1485, d 1529)
  (ii) Sir John Nevile of Chevet, Sheriff of Yorkshire (3rd son)
  Dugdale shows this John as grandson rather than son of Sir John and Maud, there being an intermediary generation, a Robert.
m. Elizabeth Bosvile (dau of William Bosvile of Chevet)
  (a) Henry Nevile of Chevet or Chute
  m. (1533) Dorothy Dawney (dau of Sir John Dawney of Cowick)
  ((1)) Gervase Nevile of Chevet (a 1585)
  m. Anne Greenhalgh (dau of Thomas Greenhalgh of Teversall)
((A)) Henry Nevile of Chevet (b c1572) - continued below
  m. Eleanor Sandford (dau of Hercy Sandford of Thorpe Salvin)
  ((2)) Francis Nevile
  m. Prudence Waterhouse (dau of George Waterhouse of Harthill)
((A))+ issue (a 1612) - Gervase (b c1608) , Henry, Cotton
  ((3)) Mary Nevile
  m. Edward Draycott (son of George of Eddeshall)
  ((4)) Elizabeth Nevile
  m. Richard Palmes (son of Nicholas of Naburne)
((5)) Frances Nevile
  m. Richard Palmes (son of William of Naburne family)
  (b) Francis Nevile 'of Barby' (3rd son)
  m. Elsabeth Pygot (dsp, dau of Thomas Pygot, 'Lady Brandon')
  (c) Elsabeth Nevile
  m. Roger Rokeley of Faithwayte
  (d) Anne Nevile
  m1. Thomas Drakes of Woodhall (d before 25.02.1566)
  m2. Thomas Gregson (a 1585)
(e) Mary Nevile (d 10.04.1564)
  m. Sir Gervase Clifton of Clifton and Hodsock (d 1587)
  (f)+ other issue - Richard, William (dsp), Edith (dsp), William (dsp)
  (iii) Elizabeth Nevile possibly of this generation
  m. (1493/4) Thomas Stapleton (d 1526)
  (iv)+ other issue - George (dsp), Edward, Robert, William. Beatrice (dsp)
  (D) Jane Nevile
  m. Richard Bosvyle of Goodthwaite (son of John of Ardesley)
  (E) Alison Nevile
  m. John Southill of Southill (d 28.09.1498)
  (F) Anne Nevile
  m. (1447-8) Aylmar Burdet of Denby
  (2) Elizabeth Nevile apparently of this generation
  m. John Woodrove of Woolley (b c1416, d 20.10.1487)
  b. Anne Nevile probably of this generation
  m. Sir William Mauleverer
4.+ other issue - Geoffrey, William



Henry Nevile of Chevet (b c1572) - continued above
Dugdale identifies Henry's wife as Eleanor, dau of Henry Samford of Thorpe Salvein. BLG1952 identifies her as ...
m. Eleanor Sandford (dau/coheir of Hercy Sandford of Thorpe Salvin)
1. Francis Nevile of Chevet (b c1592, a 1665)
  m1. Rosamund Arthington (dau of Cyril Arthington of Arthington)
  A. Sandford Nevile of Chevet & Kildwick
  m1. Dorothy Shalcrosse (dau of Humphrey Shalcrosse of London)
  i. Dorothy Nevile
  m. Algernon Cecil (d 11.1676, MP)
  m2. Anne Wolstenholme (dau of John Wolstenholme)
ii. Francis Nevile 'of Chevet' (b c1648, a 09.1665) probably the Francis who married ...
  m1? (after 1654) Anne Markham (dau of Charles Markham of Ollerton)
  m2?. (1672) Margaret Armytage (dau of Sir John Armytage, Bart of Kirklees
  a. John Nevile 'of Chevet' (d 10.10.720)
  m. Ann Sill (bpt 01.1695, d 1773, dau of James Sill, m2. Matthew Wentworth) wife of John, presumed mother of ...
(1) Anne Nevile (dsp 08.1765)
  m. Harrison Pilkington
  iii. Rosamund Nevile
  m. John Estoft of Estoft
  iv. Anne Nevile who married ...
  m. Everingham Cressy of Birkin (b 1640-1, a 04.1666)
  v.+ other issue - Sandford, Catharine, Dorothy
  B. Mary Nevile
  m. Sir Richard Tancred of Whixley
  C. Rosamund Nevile
  m1. Sir Thomas Bland, 1st Bart of Kippax Park (d 10.1657)
  m2. Walter Walsh or Welsh of Houghton
m2. Anne Tancred (dau of Thomas Tancred of Brampton)
  D. Gervase Nevile of Milnthorpe
  m. Elizabeth Beaumont (dau of Sir Thomas Beaumont of Whitley-Beaumont)
  i. Elizabeth Nevile
  m3. ??
2. Gervase Nevile of Beeston 'of Holbeck' 'of Leeds' (d 15.02.1676/7)
  m. Barbara Bullock (d 1660, dau of John Bullock of Ounston (probably not Derley)) ## see here ##
  A. William Nevile of Holbeck, Sheriff of Yorkshire (dsp 22.04.1713)
m. Bridget Calverley (dau of Walter Calverley of Calverley)
  B. Gervase Nevile of Holbeck (d unm, vicar of Bingley)
  C. Cavendish Nevile of Chevet (vicar of Norton)
  m. (01.05.1737) Katherine Pilkington (d 11.08.1790, dau of Sir Lyon Pilkington, 4th Bart of Stanley)
  i.+ issue - Cavendish (d infant), Anne (b c1742, d 05.05.1756)
  D. Barbara Nevile
  m1. Michael Portington of Portington
  m2. (15.11.1705) Peter Robinson (rector of Grindon)
  (1) Their eldest grandson assumed the name of Nevile in lieu of Lister.
(2) Barbara appears also to have married ...
  m3. John Wigfall of Renishaw (bpt 28.09.1637, bur 05.11.1711)
3. Mary Nevile probably the Mary who married ...
  m. Ralph Arthington
4.+ other issue - Rogert, Henry, Hercy, Margaret, Sarah

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Nevile of Skelbrooke formerly of Chevet) with input from TCP (Neville of Hornby), Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Nevell), Visitation (Foster 1875, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, Nevile of Chevet), Visitation (Surtees Society 1869, Yorkshire, Dugdale 1664-6, Nevill of Chevet)
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