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Families covered: Springham of London, Sykes of Sheffield, Sill of Wakefield, Sylvester of Mansfield, Silvester (Silvestre) of London

Richard Springham of London
m. Mary Meredith (dau of Robert Meredith of London by Jane Locke)
1. Richard Springham (b 1553)
2. Matthew Springham of London
  m. Elizabeth Consterdine of Nottinghamshire
  A. Henry Springham
  B. Ann Springham
  m. Henry Cutter of London
  C. Elizabeth Springham
  m. Benjamin Valentine
  D. Mary Springham
  m. _ Park of London
3. Mary Springham
  m. Richard Procter of London
4. Margaret Springham
  m. _ Towers
5. Martha Springham
  m. _ Kynnester of Essex
6. Mawdlin Springham
  m. Thomas Marsham



John Sykes of Calver in Bakewell (mason)
1. Godfrey Sykes (a 1699)
  A. John Sykes of Sheffield (filesmith)
  m. _ Beldon
  i. Mary Sykes
  m. Samuel Roberts of Sheffield
  ii. Hannah Sykes
  m1. Jacob Roberts of Sheffield
  m2. David Cazman of Sheffield (dsp, m1. _ Ellis)
  iii. daughter
  m. _ Lees
  iv. Ann Sykes
  m. _ Skidmore
  v.+ other issue - John, Denis



Toby Sill (d 1679)
m. (13.09.1638) Susan Kaye (b c1618, d 04.03.1692, dau of Rev. Edward Kaye of Rothwell, m2. _ Adam)
1. Toby Sill 'of Wakefield' (bur 10.09.1694)
  m. (01.06.1663) Susanna Oley (bur 22.12.1714, dau of Daniel Oley of Wakefield)
  A. Daniel Sill (bpt 21.06.1674, a 1731, 3rd son)
  i.+ issue - Oley (bur 24.01.1716), Edward (b 1720), Mary (bur 04.08.1712)
  B. Elizabeth Sill (bpt 27.01.1680, d 15.02.1735)
  m. Francis Wheatley of Wakefield (bpt 21.09.1670, d 21.08.1714, m1. ??, son of Thomas)
  C. Sarah Sill apparently of this generation
  m. Charles Nettleton (a 1663, rector of Bulwick & Eaton)
D.+ other issue - Joseph (bpt 06.02.1666), William (bpt 05.04.1671, d young?), William (bpt 12.05.1677), Henry (bpt 30.09.1684), Margaret (bpt 08.02.1679), Barbary (bur 04.08.1682)
2. James Sill (bpt 24.05.1644, d 20.02.1726)
  m. Mary (bur 08.09.1699)
  A. Toby Sill (bpt 15.10.1694, bur 21.06.1695)
  B. Joseph Sill of Skellow Grange (bpt 10.06.1697, d 1752)
  m. Ann (bur 01.07.1735)
i.+ issue - Joseph (bur 27.10.1729), Margaret (bur 30.04.1730)
  C. Ann Sill (bpt 14.01.1695, d 24.05.1773)
  m1. John Neville of Chevet (d 10.10.1720)
  m2. (03.08.1721) Matthew Wentworth of Wakefield (b 13.04.1689, bur 29.07.1749)
  The following are all shown as daughters of James Sill of Wakefield. We speculate that they were of this family, of this generation.
  D. daughter
  p. Robert Benson of Bramham, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Bingley (b 1675/6, dspm 09.04.1731)
  E. Barbara Sill (b 1697, d 05.06.1735)
  Francis Maude (b 1693, d 20.05.1734)



?? Sylvester
m. _ Plumbe (dau of John Plumbe of Eltham, sister of William of Fulham)
1. Joshua ("the silver-tongued") Sylvester (b 1563, d 28.09.1618, author)
  m. ?? Johnson (sister of Benjamin Johnson or Johnson, the poet)
  A. Gregory Sylvester of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire (bur 13.12.1675)
  m. Jane (bur 05.07.1675)
  i. Matthew Sylvester (b 1636, d 25.01.1707/8, cleric)
  ii. Joshua Sylvester of Mansfield (b c1617, a 1684, rector of Mansfield)
m. (07.11.1646) Judith Field (bur 27.11.1681)
  a. Field Sylvester of Sheffield (b 11.05.1654, d 10.05.1717, 4th/5th son)
  m. (15.02.1680/91) Rebecca Capper (bpt 01.09.1650, d 28.07.1725, dau of Joseph Capper of Sheffield by Bridget Lee)
  (1) Cassandray Sylvester (bur 10.03.1683/4)
  (2) Rebecca Sylvester (b 17.10.1685, bur 12.06.1735)
m. (11.03.1714/5) John Wadsworth of Sheffield
  b. Oliver Sylvester of London (b 10.10.1658, d 26.01.1689, feltmaker, youngest son?)
  (1) Benjamin Sylvester (a 1702)
  c. Judith Sylvester (b 25.12.1647, d 18.04.1692)
  m. Ebenezer Heathcote of London (surgeon)
  (1) Mary Heathcote (bur 31.03.1732)
  m. (11.10.1697) Joseph Fletcher of Sheffield (b 1668, d 18.06.1746)
  d. Cassandra Sylvester (b 13.03.1648, dsp)
  m. _ Maitland of Scotland
  e. Jane Sylvester (b 05.05.1657, bur 27.11.1680)
  m. _ Dickinson
  (1) _ Dickinson
  (A) Rivers Dickinson
  m. Mary Godfrey
  f. Margaret Sylvester (b 06.01.1660, d 29.08.1726)
  m. George Etherege (Colonel)
  (1)+ issue - Richard (d young), Mary (b 1703, d 26.01.1718/9)
  g.+ other issue - Joshua (b 15.10.1650, d 20.01.1652), James (b 20.04.1652, dsp 14.04.1678), Joshua (b 31.07.1652, d 19.07.1666), Gregory (b 24.02.1655/6, dsp 02.06.1677)
  iii. Elizabeth Sylvester
  m. (26.09.1657) John Firby of London
  B.+ other issue - Edward (b 1585, d 12.1658), Henry (d 1658-9, Mayor of Oxford)



Daniel Silvestre ("Advocate in the Parliament of Bordeaux")
m. Susanna Bernardine (d 1722)
1. Peter Silvestre (d 16.093.1718, physician to William III)
2. Francis Jason Silvestre (a 1713)
  m. (1713) Catherine Berbineau (d 13.11.1783)
  A. Sir John Silvestre or Silvester (d 02.11.1780, physician )
  m. (1739) Catherine Aletta Everardina d'Audnis (d 20.03.1772, dau of Colonel _ d'Audnis)
  i. Sir John Silvestre or Silvester 'of Yarldey Hoiuse, Essex', 1st Bart (dsp 30.09.1822, recorder of London)
  By special remainder of the patent, his title passed to a nephew who assumed the name Carteret-Silvester.
  m. (12.1793) Harriet Davies (dau of Rev. Owen Davies of Southampton, widow of Rev. John Miles Speed of Eling)
  ii. Mary Rachel Silvestre or Silvester (b 1741, d 05.1815)
  m. (04.1772) Philip De Carteret of Trinity (d 07.1796, Rear Admiral)

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