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The letter in 'The Gentleman's Magazine' starts with John, Sheriff of London in 1460), identified as father of Thomas (m 1507, m. Joan Wilcock) father of John (dsp 1519), William & Michael. FMG shows as follows.
William or John Locke
1. John Locke, Sheriff of London (a 1461, d 1519)
2. Thomas Locke of London (d 1507)
  m. Joan Wilcocks (dau/heir of William Wilcocks of Rotherham)
  A. Sir William Locke, Sheriff of London (b 1480, d 04.08.1554)
  m1. Alice Spencer (Spence) of London (bur 1522)
  i. Thomas Locke (b 08.02.1514, 2nd son?)
  m. Mary Long (d 30.10.1578, dau of Simon Long of the Isle of Man, widow of Dr. Owen, m3. Sir WIlliam Allen)
  a. Matthew Locke (3rd son)
  m. Sibil Allen (dau of Sir William Allen (alderman of London) by Joanna, dau of John Dawborne of Guilford)
  (1) Thomas Locke
  b.+ other issue - William, Rowland, John, Mary
  ii. Matthew Locke of London (b 21.02.1521, youngest son)
  m. Elizabeth Baker of London
  a. Elizabeth Locke
  m. Richard Candler or Chandler of London
  (1) Elizabeth Candler or Chandler
  m1. Sir Ferdinando Richardson (d 1596, Groom of the Privy Chamber for Queen Elizabeth)
m2. John Melton
  iii. Jane Locke (b 29.08.1512)
  m. Robert Meredith of London (son of Philip)
  a. William Meredith (dsp)
  m. Martha Long (dau of Robert Long of London)
  b. Mary Meredith
  m. Richard Springham of London
  c. Elizabeth Meredith
  m. Matthew Field of London
  d. Ellen Meredith
m. Geffery Ducket of London
  iv.+ other issue - William (d 1517), Peter (d 1517), Edmund, Richard (d 1516), William (b 1519), Philip (d 1524)
  m2. Catherine Cooke (bur 14.10.1537, dau of William Cooke or Cock of Salisbury, sister/coheir of Sir Thomas of Wiltshire)
  x. Michael Locke of London
m1. Jane Wilkinson (dau of William Wilkinson (Sheriff of London) by sister of Roger, Lord North)
  a. Zachary Locke 'of London' (d before 04.04.1603)
  m. (c1593) Dorothy Brampton (b c1560, d 24.02.1596, dau of James Brampton of Brampton by dau of Sir Edward Bullein)
  (1) Henry Locke (dvm)
  b. daughter
  m. _ Jenny
  c. Joan Locke
  m. William Samson of London
  d. daughter
  m. _ Bluet of Cornwall ## see here ##
  e.+ other issue - Benjamin (a 1603), Eleazor of Huntingdon (d before 02.05.1605), 8 others (a 1596)
m2. Margery Perin (widow of Dr. Cosar Alelemare of Vienna)
  xi. Henry Locke of ('Acton in') London
  m. Ann Vaughan
  a. Henry Locke
  (1)+ issue - Henry, Charles
  b. Ann Locke (bur 12.04.1604)
  m. (Robert) Moyle of Cornwall
  c.+ other issue (dsp) - Henry, Mochael
  xii. Dorothy Locke
  m1. Ottiwell Hill of London
m2. John Cosworth of London
  xiii. Catherine Locke
  m1. Thomas Stacey of London
  m2. William Braden of Nottinghamshire
  xiv. Rose Locke
  m1. Anthony Hickman of London
  m2. _ Throckmorton of Brandon
  xv. Elizaeth Locke
  m1. Richard Hill of London
  a. Mary Hill
  m. Thomas Moundeford (doctor, son of Sir Edmund of Feltwell)
  (1) Bridget Moundeford
  m. _ Bramston
  b.+ other issue
  m2. Nicholas Bublingham, Bishop of Worcester
  xvi.+ other issue - John, Francis (d infant), John (b/d 10.1537), Alice (d 1537), Thomazine (d 1531)
  m3. Eleanor (d 1546, widow of Walter March)
  m4. Elizabeth (widow of Robert Merdd (Meredith?))
  The following comes from 'The Gentleman's Magazine' where the following Michael is identified as a younger brother of Sir William.
  B. Michael Locke
  i. Matthew Locke of Pensford, Buckinghamshire
  a. Richard Locke of Bedminster, Somerset (d 1617)
  (1) John Locke, Mayor of Bristol (a 1641)
  (A) John Locke of Bristol
  (i) Samuel Locke of London
  b. Christopher Locke
  (1) Christopher Locke (bpt 25.03.1593)
  (A) Christopher Locke
  (i) Anne Locke
  m1. Henry Symonds of South Brent
  m2. Tory Tutton
  (ii) Christian Locke
  m. Robert Dod of Burnham
  (B) William Locke of South Brent
  (i) Mary Locke
  m. John Petheram
(C) John Locke of Locks Broad House in Mark
  (i) Elizabeth Locke
  m. John Champion
  (2) John Locke (bpt 01.08.1595, d 1645, Captain)
  m. Agnes Keene named in Wikipedia ("John Locke").
  (A) son (d infant)
  (B) John Locke (b 29.08.1632, d unm 28.10.1704, philosopher) §G
  (3) Christian Locke (bpt 03.07.1601)
  (4) Lewis Locke (bpt 13.07.1606, bur 27.03.1692)
  Lewis had 35 children by 4 wives. 'The Gentleman's Magazine' reports that "It is ... generally believed that all the Lockes of Somersetshire and Devonshire derive themselves from this Lewis".
  (A) Allen Locke (younger son by 4th wife)
  (i) Allen Locke
  (a) Thomas Locke of Taunton (a 1792)
  ((1))+ 9 sons + 1 daughter
  (B) William Locke of Pitminster (near Taunton) (b c1670, d 25.01.1719)
  m. Dorothy Cooksley (dau of Richard Cooksley of Dunstar)
  (i) Richard Locke of Burnham (b c1701, d 1765)
m. Hannah Dod (dau of John Dod of Burnham)
  (a) Richard Locke of Highbridge House, Burnham
  ((1)) Richard Locke (a 1792)
  (C)+ other issue - John (b 1625, a 1684, eldest son), Christopher (b 1684, youngest son)
  (5) Peter Locke of Somerset possibly fits here
  (A) Anne Locke
  m. Jerome King of Exeter
  Anne's son is described in BP1934 (Lovelace) as "nephew (maternally) of the famous John Locke" but TCP (King), which names her father, identifies Anne as "1st cousin of the celebrated philosopher John Locke".
  (6) Honour Locke (bpt 21.08.1597)
  m. Francis Shephard of Mark
  (7) Anne Locke probably of this generation
  m. William Stratton (bpt 02.1598)
  ii.+ other issue

Main source(s): FMG (vol 4, MS632, 'Locke', p1306+), 'The Gentleman's Magazine' (1792, 'Historical Account of the Locke Family', p798+)
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