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John Wawton of Cliff
m. Alice Thwenge (dau of John de Thwenge of Cornburgh)
1. John Wawton (a 1424)
  A. John Wawton of Cliffe (d 1479)
  m. Margaret Clesby (dau of Thomas Clesby by Elizabeth Conyers)
  i. Ivetta Wawton
  Walker shows that Ivetta married Thomas Westropp of Brettonby but, noting that there appears to have been some duplication/contradiction within his records, we follow the Witham records, supported by Visitation (Foster 1875, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, Westroppe of Corneburgh), which show that she married ...
  m. Thomas Witham of Bretonby
  ii. Margaret Wawton
  m1. William Tocketts of Tocketts
  Walker, who gives Margaret's dates as 1435-1525, reports that William succeeded his brother John in 1519 and dsp 1526 but shows George as her 2nd husband. The Witham records, which report that Margaret d 1479, confirm that Margaret was widow of William Tacketts (sic) when she married ...
  m2. George Witham of Cliffe
  B. Gilbert Wawton



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Griffith (Gruffydd) Dwnn or Donne (of family of Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire)
m. Joan Scudamore ("a grandchild of Owain Glyndŵr")
1. Sir John Donne, later of Horsenden, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire (d 1503, diplomat, soldier, 3rd son)
  m. (before 1445) Elizabeth Hastings (d 1507-8, sister of William, Lord Hastings)
  A. Sir Edward Donne of Horsenden (a 1529, dspms)
  The following connection comes from VCH (Buckinghamshire, vol 2, Parishes: Horsenden) & VCH (vol 3, Buckinghamshire, vol 3, Parishes: Saunderton).
i. Elizabeth Donne (dvp?)
  m. Sir Thomas Jones of Saunderton 'of Aubermerle' (d 1559)
  B. Sir Griffith Donne (Dwnn), Sheriff of Carmarthenshire (d 1543) probably the Sir Griifth who was father of ...
  i. Elizabeth Donne (Dwnn)
  m. Thomas Hughes of Uxbridge
  a. Grissel Hughes (b 1559, d 16.06.1613)
  m1. Edward Nevill, 7th Lord Bergavenny (d 10.02.1588)
  m2. Francis de Clifford, 4th Earl of Cumberland (d 1641)
  C.+ other issue - Anne, Margaret, others (dvp)



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John Donne of London (d 1576, "of Welsh descent")
m. Elizabeth Heywood (d 1577, dau of John Heywood, sister of Jasper (translator/poet), great-niece of Chancellor Thomas More, m2. John Syminges)
1. John Donne (b 1572, d 13.03.1631, poet, Dean of St. Paul's, 3rd child)
  m. (1601) Ann More (b 1584, d 15.08.1617, dau of George More)
  A. Bridget Donne probably the Bridget who married ...
  m. Thomas Gardiner of Peckham (bpt 26.05.1605, d before 13.04.1660)
  B.+ issue - Constance, John, George, Francis (d young), Lucy, Mary (d young), child (stillborn), Nicholas (d young), Margaret, Elizabeth, child (b/d 10.08.1617)
2.+ Henry, Mary (d 1581), Katherine (d 1581), 4 others



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Eudes de Longvilliers of Silkstone, Yorkshire
m. Agnes de Reinville (dau of Adam de Reinville)
1. Sir Eudes de Longvilliers of Silkstone
  m. (1189) Clementine Malherbe (dau of John Malherbe of Boughton)
  A. Sir John de Longvilliers of Farnley (b 1190, d 1254)
  i. Sir John de Longvilliers of Farnley
  m. (1233) Elena Deinville (dau of Sir John Deinville)
  a. Margaret de Longvilliers (d 02.1319)
  m. (c1267) Sir Geoffrey de Neville
  ii. Agnes de Longvilliers
  m. Thomas de Pennington (d 1240)



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Sir Robert Holywode of Holywood & Artaine, co. Dublin (d before 12.09.1430)
BLG1886 (Dowdall of Ireland), supported by BLGI1958 (Nangle formerly of Kildalkey), identifies Sir Robert's wife as Elizabeth, dau of Christoph (Plunkett), 3rd Lord Killeen). The dates make that appear unlikely so we show her as ...
m. Elizabeth Plunkett (dau of Christopher Plunkett, 1st Lord Killeen)
1. Margaret Holywode
  m. (before 21.12.1440) Robert Burnell 'of Ballgriffin'
  A. Anne Burnell probably of this generation
  m. William Preston, 2nd Viscount Gormanston (d 21.09.1532, Lord Chief Justice of Ireland)
2. Alianore Holywode
3. Elizabeth Holywode
  m1. James Nugent, younger of Delvin (dvp 1458)
  m2. Sir Thomas Dowdall mentioned by BLG1886 (Dowdall of Ireland)



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Engelgram (a temp Henry I who r. 1100-1135)
1. Ranulph de Alfreton (a 1160)
  A. Sir William Alfreton (a 1180)
  m. Idonea Blackwell
  i. William de Alfreton (a temp Richard I who r. 1189-1199)
a. Robert de Alfreton of Alfreton, etc. (a 1242, 1270)
  CTG (vol 7, article I, p18), which supports the following except that it does not name Robert's wfe, identifies this Robert as grandson of Robert FitzRalph, founder of Beauchief Abbey. That appears to confuse 2 Roberts, with the founder of the Abbey actually (according to Hunter) being great-uncle of the Robert who was this Robert's grandfather.
  m. Agnes (widow of Bertram dde Roesa)
  (1) Norman de Alfreton of Alfreton (dsp 1269) named Thomas by CTG
  (2) Joanna or Amicia de Alfreton named Joanna by Hunter but Amicia by CTG
  m. Sir Robert Lathom of Lathom
  (3) Alice de Alfreton
  m. Sir William Cadencis = William de Chaworth
  (4) Laetitia (Letice) de Alfreton (dsp)
  b.+ other issue - Ranulf, Alicia
  ii. Isabella
  m. John de Gireby (a 1180)
  B. Robert FitzRanulph (founder of Beauchief Abbey)
  Various web sites identify the founder of Beauchief Abbey as Robert FitzRanulf de Alfreton, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire. BHO (Magna Brittania, vol 5, Derbyshire, 'Parishes: Alfreton') reports that he was a direct descendant of Ingram de Alfreton (a 1086).
  C. Roger FitzRanulph (1180)
  D. Alicia
  m. Jordan de Chevercourt
2. Ingeram



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Orme of Heleton or Halton
Either this Orme or his father, also called Orme, was married to ...
m. Aliz (dau of Herveus, sister of Herveus Waler, aunt of Theobald Walter the Chief Butler) possibly parents of ...
1. Ailward
  A. Orme FitzAilward of Ormskirk ## see here ##
  m. Emma Greslie (dau of Albert Greslie)
  i. daughter
  m. Robert FitzHenry of Lathom (d by 1199)

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