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Families covered: Plunkett of Bewley (Beaulieu), Plunkett of Dunsany, Plunkett of Killeen, Plunkett of Kilsaran, Plunkett of Louth, Plunkett of Rathregan

John Plunkett of Bewley or Beaulieu (a 1322)
m. Alice
1. John Plunkett of Bewley (a 1337)
  A. Richard Plunkett of Bewley (d 17.09.1360)
  m. Alice D'Arcy (d 08.10.1362, dau of _ D'Arcy of Trim)
  i. Walter Plunkett of Bewley, Sheriff of Louth (d 01.02.1436)
  m. Joan Netterville (dau of Thomas Netterville)
a. Walter Plunkett of Bewley
  m. ?? Bellew (dau of ?? Bellew of Bellewstown)
  (1) Sir John Plunkett of Bewley, Kilsaran and Talanston, Sheriff of Louth (d 14.02.1508)
  m. Catherine Nangle (dau of Thomas Nangle of Navan by Ismay Wells)
  (A) Thomas Plunkett of Kilsaran
  m. Alice Fitzgerald (dau of James Fitzgerald)
(i) Eleanor Plunkett
  m1. Thomas More of Barmeath
  m2. Thomas Barnewall of Robertstown
  (ii) Anne Plunkett
  m. Sir James Gernon of Kilnecoole
  (B) Sir Oliver Plunkett of Kilsaran, 1st Lord of Louth (a 1549, d before 05.1553)
  m1. Catherine Rochfort (dau of John Rochfort of Carrick by Genet Dexter)
  (i) Thomas Plunkett, 2nd Lord of Louth (d 01.05.1571)
  m. Margaret Barnewall (dau of Nicholas Barnewall of Dromnah)
  (ii) Patrick Plunkett
  m. Jane Garland (dau of James Garland of Killencoole)
  (iii) Christopher Plunkett
  m. Margaret Cusack (dau of Walter Cusack of Kilcarne)
  (iv) John Plunkett
  m. Alison Bate (dau of Edward Bate of Donnacarney)
  (a)+ 3 sons and 2 daughters
  (v) Edward Plunkett
  (vi) Alexander Plunkett of Carstown ancestor of Plunketts of Castle Plunkett
  m. Anne Hope (dau of Francis Hope of Mullingar)
(vii) Maud Plunkett
  m1. Leonard Castel of Dundalk
  m2. Patrick Stanley
  (viii) Anne Plunkett
  m1. John Wakeley of Navan
  m2. Gerald Wesley of Dangan
  (ix) Jenet Plunkett
  m. Christopher Barnewall of Rowestown
  (x) Margaret Plunkett
  m. (1599) Sir John Bellew of Bellewstown
  m2. Maud Bath (dau/coheir of Walter Bath of Rathfeigh, widow of Walter Golding, m3. Richard Bellew)
  (xi) Edward Plunkett
  m. _ Bellew (natural dau of Richard Bellew)
  (xii) Alexander Plunkett
  m. _ Dowdall (dau of _ Dowdall of Artreston)
(xiii) Catherine Plunkett
  m. Robert Bath of Mullagh
  (xiv) Eleanor Plunkett
  m. Roger Garland
  (C) Sir John Plunkett of Bewley ancestor of later Plunketts of Bewley
  This is possibly the Sir John of Beaulieu who married ...
  m. Anne Barnewall (dau of Robert Barnewall) mother of ...
  (i) Elizabeth Plunkett (a 03.1564)
  m. Christopher St. Lawrence, 7th Lord Howth (d 24.10.1589)
  (D) Anne Plunkett
  m. John Tath of Cookstown
  (E) Genet Plunkett
  m. Patrick Garland of Garlandstown
(F) Alison Plunkett
  m. _ Babe of Durvey
  (G) Thomasine Plunkett
  m. Andrew Nugent of Dromay
  (H) Margaret Plunkett
  m1/2. Patrick Plunkett of Haastown
  This may be the Margaret who (also) married ...
  m2/1. James Everard of Randlestown (d 20.03.1564-5)
  (H) Elizabeth Plunkett
  m. Patrick Ballard of Drogheda
  (I)+ other issue - Walter (d unm), Nicholas (friar)
  b. Maud Plunkett possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Richard Bellew of the Roche and Bellewstown, Sheriff of Uriel (a 1474)
  B. Alice Plunkett possibly of this generation
m. Nicholas St. Lawrence of Howth (d 29.09.1404)
2. Richard Plunkett of Rathregan (a 1374)
  A. Richard Plunkett of Rathregan (d c1376)
  m. Elizabeth
  i. Sir Christopher Plunkett of Rathregan, Sheriff of Meath, 'Lord Killeen' (d 1445)
  m. (before 10.1399 (not 1403)) Joan Cusack (dau of Sir Lucas Cusack of Killeen)
  a. John Plunkett of Killeen (dvp)
  (1) Sir Christopher Plunkett, Lord Killeen (d 1462)
  m. (by 1432) Joanna Bellew (dau of _ Bellew of Bellewstown)
(A) Christopher Plunkett, Lord Killeen (d 1467)
  m. (before 05.01.1463/4) Elizabeth Welles (dau of Sir William Welles, Lord Chancellor of Ireland)
  (i) Janet Plunkett possibly a generation earlier
  m. Nicholas St. Lawrence, Lord of Howth (d 10.07.1526)
  (ii) Elizabeth Plunkett possibly a generation earlier
  m. William D'Arcy of Plattyn
  (B) Edmund Plunkett, Lord Killeen (b c 1449, d 18.08.1510)
  m1. _ Fitzgerald (dspm)
  m2. Eleanor Fleming (dau of James Fleming, Lord Slane)
(i) Sir John Plunkett, Lord Killeen (d 19.03.1549/50)
  m1. (before 1523) Margaret Preston (a 21.05.1527, dau of William Preston, 2nd Viscount Gormanston)
  m2. (before 20.07.1536) Janet
  m3. Ellen Barnewall (a 03.12.1542)
  (C) Broughton Plunkett (d Stoke 1487)
  b. Christopher Plunkett, 1st Lord of Dunsany (b c1410, d 1462-3)
  m1. Anne Fitzgerald (dau of Richard Fitzgerald of Ballysonan)
  (1) Richard Plunkett, 2nd Lord of Dunsany (d before 1482)
  m. Joan FitzEustace (dau of Sir Rowland FitzEustace, Lord Portlester)
  (A) John Plunkett, 3rd Lord of Dunsany (d c1500)
  m. Catherine Hussey (dau of _ Hussey, lord of Galtrim)
(i) Edward Plunkett, 4th Lord of Dunsany (d 24.01.1520-1)
  m. Anne Bermingham (dau of Philip Bermingham)
  (B) Catharine Plunkett possibly of this generation
  m. John Hussey, lord of Galtrim
  (2)+ 3 sons
  m2. Elizabeth Preston (a 07.1462, dau of Sir Christopher Preston of Gormanston)
  Possibly of this generation but unknown by which wife was ...
  (5) Susanna Plunket
  m. Nicholas Hussey of Mulhussey (a 1406, 1422)
  c. Thomas Plunkett of Rathmore (chief justice) ancestor of Plunketts of Rathmore
  (1) Anne Plunkett possibly of this generation
  m. (before 1435) Christopher St. Lawrence, Constable of Dublin Castle, 1st Lord Howth (d c1463)
  d. Rowland Plunkett
  (1) Sir Thomas Plunkett (chief justice) ancestor of Plunketts of Dunsoghlin
  e. Matilda/Maud Plunkett possibly of this generation
  m1. Richard Talbot, lord of Malahide
  m2. John Cornewalsh (chief baron)
  f. Elizabeth Plunkett possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Robert Holywode of Holywood & Artaine (d before 12.09.1430)
  g.+ other issue - Robert, Edward
  ii. John Plunkett
  a.+ issue - William, Richard

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