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Families covered: Talbot of Carton (Cartown), Talbot of Malahide, Talbot of Tyrconnell

Descended from Richard de Talbot (a 1085) were 2 brothers ...
1. Richard Talbot, lord of Malahide (a 1193)
  A. Reginald Talbot of Malahide (dsp)
  B. Adam Talbot, lord of Malahide
  i. Richard FitzAdam Talbot, lord of Malahide (a 1278, 1286)
  a. Sir Milo Talbot of Malahide
  m. Alianore
  (1) Sir Richard Talbot of Malahide
  m. Margaret de Ashbourne
  (A) Sir Thomas Talbot of Malahide (a 1373)
  m. Agnes Kenewrick (sister of William Kenewrick)
(i) Sir Richard Talbot of Malahide, Sheriff of Dublin
  m. Cecilia
  (a) Thomas Talbot
  ((1)) Christopher Talbot of Malahide (dsp young)
  (ii) Thomas Talbot, later lord of Malahide (d c1431)
  (a) Richard Talbot, lord of Malahide
  m. Matilda/Maud Plunkett (dau of Christopher Plunkett, Lord Killeen)
  ((1)) Thomas Talbot, lord of Malahide (d 23.07.1487)
  m1. _ Sommerton
((A)) Peter Talbot of Malahide (d 10.07.1529)
  m. Catherine FitzGerald (natural dau of Gerald Fitzgerald, Earl of Kildare)
  m2. Elizabeth Buckley
  ((B)) John Talbot of Dardistown had issue
  ((C)) Thomas Talbot
  m. Alison Warde
  ((i))+ issue - Gilbert, Peter, Nicholas, Robert, Simon
  ((D)) William Talbot of Robertstown - continued below
  m. Genet Tew
  ((2)) William Talbot ("a younger son of Talbot of Malahide") possibly of this generation
2. Walter Talbot



William Talbot of Robertstown - continued above
BE1883 reports that Sir William, 1st Bart, was son of Robert of Carlton, 3nd son of Sir Thomas Talbot of Malahide. We follow BP1934 which is supported by TCP.
m. Genet Tew
1. Patrick Talbot (2nd/3rd son)
  m. Genet FitzGerald (dau of Thomas FitzGerald)
  A. Sir William Talbot, 1st Bart of Carton or Cartown (d 16.03.1633-4)
  m. Alison Netterville (dau of John Netterville of Castletown)
i. Sir Robert Talbot, 2nd Bart of Carton (b c1610, d 21.10.1670)
  m. Grace Calvert (dau of George Calvert, 1st Lord Baltimore)
  a. Sir William Talbot, 3rd Bart of Carton (dsp 18.05.1691, Master of the Rolls)
  m. (1683) Anne Nugent (dau of Richard Nugent 2nd Earl of Westmeath)
  b. Frances Talbot (d 1718)
  m. Richard Talbot of Malahide (d 1703)
  ii. John Talbot (dsp before 06.1685) probably the John who married ...
  m. Jane Aylmer (dau/heir of James Aylmer of Dollardstown)
  iii. Garret Talbot (d before 06.1685)
  m. (before 12.03.1633-4) Margaret Gaydon (dau of Henry Gaydon of Dublin)
  a. Sir William Talbot of Hagardstown, 4th Bart of Carton, '2nd Earl of Tyrconnell' (b c1642, d 26.12.1724)
  Being heir of the earldom of Tyrconnel, Sir William used that title even though it had been forfeited.
  m. Mary White (dau of Nicholas White of Clonmel)
  (1) Richard Talbot, 'Viscount Baltinglass' (dvp 08.05.1716)
  m. (19.12.1702) Charlotte Talbot (d 14.02.1721/2, dau of Richard Talbot, Earl then Duke of Tyrconnell) @@ below
  (A) William Talbot, 5th Bart of Carton, '3rd Earl of Tyrconnell' (bpt 26.12.1710, dsp 12.03.1752)
  m. (after 22.11.1745) Madeleine de Lys (d 02.11.1759)
vi. Peter Talbot, Archbishop of Dublin (d 1680, 6th son)
  v. Gilbert Talbot (d c1674, 'Colonel')
  m1. ??
  a. Jane Talbot
  m2. Dorothy Boyle (b 31.12.1617, d 26.03.1668, dau of Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork)
  iv. Richard Talbot, 1st Earl of Tyrconnell, Duke of Tyrconnell (b 1630, d 14.08.1691)
  (1) Having fought for James II at the battle of the Boyne, Richard was attainted and his titles forfeited.
(2) BE1883 indicates that Richard's daughters were by his 2nd wife but BP1934, supported by TCP at least in respect of Charlotte, reports that they were by ...
m1. (before 03.04.1669) Catherine Boynton (bur 17.03.1677/8, dau of Col. Matthew Boynton, son of Sir Matthew, Bart)
  a. Charlotte Talbot (b c1676, d 14.02.1721/2)
  BE1883 reports that Charlotte married the Prince de Vintimiglia but BP1934 reports that she married ...
  m. (19.12.1702) Richard Talbot, 'Lord Baltinglass' (dvp 08.05.1716) @@ above
  b. daughter
  m2. (mcrt 11.1681) Frances Jennings (b c1648, bur 09.03.1730/1, dau of Richard Jennings of Sandridge)
vii. Mary Talbot
  m. Sir John Dungan, Bart
  viii. Bridget Talbot
  m. John Gaidon of Irishtown
ix. Margaret Talbot (d 1663)
m. Sir Henry Talbot of Templeogue or Mount Talbot
  x. Frances Talbot
  m1. James Cusack of Cushenstown
  m2. Sir Thomas Newcomen
  i. Eleanor Talbot (8th dau)
  m1. (c1655) Sir Henry O'Neill, Bart
  m2. James Netterville (dsp)
  xii. Lucinda Talbot sister of Richard, Duke of Tyrconnell, probably fits here
  m. Edward Cusack of Lismullen
  xiii.+ other issue - James, Thomas (friar), Elizabeth, Jane, Catherine
  B. Thomas Talbot

Main source(s): BP1934 (Talbot De Malahide) with input from BE1883 (Talbot of Tyrconnell), TCP (Tyrconnell)
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