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Families covered: Boyle of Blesington, Boyle of Burlington, Boyle of Castle Martyr, Boyle of Cork, Boyle of Orrery, Boyle of Shannon

Lewis (Ludovic) Boyle of Bidney in Dilwyn, Herefordshire (a temp Henry VII who r. 1485-1509)
m. Elizabeth Russell (dau of William Russell of Hereford)
1. John Boyle of Bidney & St. John's (d 06-7.1551)
  m1. ??
  m2. Anne Rodd (a 1601, dau of Hugh Rodd of Rodd)
2. Roger Boyle of Canterbury (d before 1593)
  m. Jane Patishall (dau of Thomas Patishall or Pateshall of the Ford, Hereford)
  A. John Boyle in Hereford (d by 1598)
  m. Alice Haworth (a 1598, dau of Alexander Haworth of Burhope (Barop) Hall)
  i. Mary Boyle
  m. (after 1598) _ Price
  ii. Jeronima Boyle
  m. Edward Booth of Harrow-on-the-Hill
  iii. Anne Boyle
  m. (before 1598) _ Atkinson
  iv.+ other issue - Roger, Barrow of Smithfield (d 02.1598), Jane
  B. Roger Boyle of Canterbury and Preston (d 24.03.1576)
  m. (16.10.1564) Joan Naylor (b 15.10.1548, d 26.03.1586, dau of John Naylor of Renvile)
  i. John Boyle, Bishop of Cork and Cloyne (d 10.07.1620)
  m. Elizabeth Lacy (dau of Matthew Lacy of Melton)
  a. Matthew Boyle (d young)
  b. Edward Boyle
  m. Mary Hull (dau of Sir William Hull of Lemcon)
  c. John Boyle of Borris
  m. Anne Scoales (dau of Jasper Scoales of Waterford)
(1) Catherine Boyle
  m. _ Tynte
  (2) Barbara Boyle either of this generation or the previous @@@
  m. Sir John Browne of the Hospital, Limerick
(3)+ other issue - George, Mary, Elizabeth (d young)
  d. Barbara Boyle either of this generation or the next @@@
  m. Sir John Browne of Hospital
  ii. Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork (b 03.10.1566, d 15.09.1643)
  m1. (06.11.1595) Joan Apsley (dsps 14.12.1599, dau/coheir of William Apsley of Limerick, son of Nicholas of Pulborough, by Annabella, dau of John Browne of Awney)
  m2. (25.07.1603) Catherine Fenton (d 16.02.1629/30, dau of Sir Geoffrey Fenton, Sec. State for Ireland, by Alice Weston)
  a. Richard Boyle, 2nd Earl of Cork, 1st Earl of Burlington, Lord Clifford of Lanesborough (b 20.10.1612, d 130.1.1697-8)
  m. (05.07.1635) Elizabeth Clifford (d 06.01.1698, dau of Henry Clifford, 5th Earl of Cumberland)
(1) Charles Boyle, 'Viscount Dungarvon', Lord Clifford (bpt 12.12.1639, dvp 12.10.1694)
  m1. (07.05.1661) Jane Seymour (dau of William Seymour, Duke of Somerset)
  (A) Charles Boyle, 3rd Earl of Cork, 2nd Earl of Burlington (d 09.02.1703-4)
  m. (26.01.1687-8) Juliana Noel (d 17.10.1750, dau of Henry Noel of Luffenham)
  (i) Richard Boyle, 4th Earl of Cork, 3rd Earl of Burlington (b 25.07.1695, d 03.12.1753)
  m. (21.03.1720) Dorothy Saville (d 21.09.1758, dau of William Saville, 2nd Marquess of Halifax)
  (a) Dorothy Boyle (b 1724, dsp 1742)
  m. George FitzRoy, Earl of Euston (b 24.08.1715, dvpsp 07.07.1747, of Grafton family)
  (b) Juliana Boyle (b 1727, d 1730)
  (c) Charlotte Elizabeth Boyle, Baroness Clifford (d 24.12.1754)
  m. (28.03.1748) William Cavendish, 4th Duke of Devonshire (b 1720, d 02.10.1764, Prime Minister)
(ii) Elizabeth Boyle (d 25.11.1751)
  m. (28.08.1719) Sir Henry Arundel Bedingfield, Bart
  (iii) Juliana Boyle (dsp 26.03.1739)
  m. (16.01.1719) Charles Bruce, 4th Earl of Elgin, 3rd Earl of Ailesbury (b 1682, d 10.02.1746-7)
  (iv) Henrietta Boyle (b 09.02.1700/1, d 13.12.1746)
  m. (09.1726) Henry Boyle of Castle Martyr, 1st Earl of Shannon (d 28.12.1764) @@ below
(B) Henry Boyle, Lord Carlton (d unm 14.03.1725, secretary of State)
  (C) Elizabeth Boyle (bpt 13.02.1662)
  m. James Barry, 4th Earl of Barrymore (b 1667, d 05.01.1747/8)
  (D) Mary Boyle (b c1671, d 02.10.1709)
  m. (01.12.1685) James Douglas, 2nd Duke of Queensberry, 1st Duke of Dover (b 18.12.1662, d 06.07.1711)
  (E) Arabella Boyle (dsp 10.1740)
  m. (1699) Henry Petty, Earl of Shelburne (b 22.10.1675, dsps 17.04.1751)
  m2. Arethusa Berkeley (d 11.02.1742-3, dau of George Berkeley, 1st Earl of Berkeley)
  (F) Arethusa Boyle
  m. James Vernon
(2) Frances Boyle (d c1673)
  m1. Sir Francis Courtenay, 3rd Bart of Newcastle (Colonel)
  m2. (04.1662) Wentworth Dillon, 4th Earl of Roscommon (b c1637, d 17.01.1684/5)
  (3) Elizabeth Boyle (b c1637, d 01.09.1725)
  m. (11.04.1664) Nicholas Tufton, 3rd Earl of Thanet (b 07.08.1631, dsp 24.11.1679)
  (4) Anne Boyle (d 14.09.1671)
  m. (01.1668) Edward Montagu, 2nd Earl of Sandwich (b 03.01.1647/8, d before 29.11.1688)
  (5) Henrietta Boyle (b c1646, d 12.04.1687)
  m. (1665) Laurence Hyde, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, 1st Earl of Rochester (bpt 15.03.1641/2, d 02.05.1711)
(6)+ other issue - Francis (b 1636, d young), Richard (d 03.06.1665)
  b. Lewis Boyle, Viscount Kinalmeaky (b 28.05.1619, dsp Liscarroll 02.09.1642)
  m. (26.12.1638) Elizabeth Feilding, Countess of Guildford (d 09.1667, dau of William Feilding, 1st Earl of Denbigh)
  c. Roger Boyle, 1st Earl of Orrery (b 25.04.1621, d 16.10.1679)
  m. (27.01.1640/1) Margaret Howard (dau of Theophilus Howard, 2nd Earl of Suffolk)
  (1) Roger Boyle, 2nd Earl of Orrery (bpt 24.08.1646, d 29.03.1681-2)
  m. (06.02.1664-5) Mary Sackville (b 04.02.1646, d 04.11.1710, dau of Richard Sackville, 5th Earl of Dorset)
(A) Lionel Boyle, 3rd Earl of Orrery (b 1670, dsp 31.08.1703)
  m. (02.1692-3) Mary Sackville (d 26.06.1714, natural dau of Charles Sackville, 6th Earl of Dorset)
  (B) Charles Boyle, 4th Earl of Orrery (b 28.07.1674, d 28.08.1731)
  m. (30.03.1706) Elizabeth Cecil (d 12.06.1708, dau of John Cecil, 5th Earl of Exeter)
  (i) John Boyle, 4th Earl of Orrery, 5th Earl of Cork (b 13.01.1706-7, d 23.11.1762)
  m1. (09.05.1728) Henrietta Hamilton (d 22.08.1732, dau of George Hamilton, 1st Earl of Orkney)
  (a) Charles Boyle, 'Viscount Dungarvon' (b 2.02.1728-9, dvp 16.09.1759)
  m. (11/8.05.1753) Susannah Hoare (d 04.02.1783, dau of Henry Hoare of Stourhead)
((1)) Henrietta Boyle (b c1756, d 03.09.1793)
  m. (18.10.1777) John O'Neill of Shane's Castle, 1st Viscount (b 1740, d 17.06.1798)
  (b) Hamilton Boyle, 6th Earl of Cork and Orrery (b 03.02.1729, d unm 17.01.1764)
  (c) Elizabeth Boyle (d 16.01.1800)
  m. (1749) Sir Thomas Worsley, Bart (b 22.04.1728, d 23.09.1768)
m2. (30.06.1738) Margaret Hamilton (d 24.05.1758, dau/heir of John Hamilton of Caledon by Lucy, dau of Anthony Dopping, Bishop of Meath)
  (d) Edmund Boyle, 7th Earl of Cork and Orrery (b 21.11.1742, d 06.10.1798)
  m1. (31.08.1764, div 1782) Anne Courtenay (dau of Kelland Courtenay of Painsford by Elizabeth Montagu)
  ((1)) John Boyle, 'Viscount Dungarvon' (b 27.05.1765, dvp 08.03.1768)
  ((2)) Edmund Boyle, 8th Earl of Cork and Orrery (b 21.10.1767, d 29.06.1856) had issue
  m. (09.10.1795) Isabella Henrietta Poyntz (d 29.11.1843, dau of William Poyntz of Midgham, cousin)
((3)) Sir Courtenay Boyle (b 03.09.1770, d 21.05.1844, Vice-Admiral) had issue
  m. (16.04.1799) Carolina Amelia Poyntz (d 07.10.1851, dau of William Poyntz of Midgham)
  ((4)) Charles Boyle (b 1775, d unm 11.1800)
  ((5)) Lucy Isabella Boyle (d 07.09.1801)
  m. (28.07.1792) George Bridgeman (b 11.08.1765, d 27.10.1832, rector of Wigan and Weston)
  m2. (17.06.1786) Mary Monckton (d 30.05.1840, dau of John Monckton, 1st Viscount Galway)
(e) Lucy Boyle (b 27.05.1744, d 18.03.1792)
  m. (10.07.1765) George Byng, 4th Viscount Torrington (b 11.10.1740, d 14.12.1812)
  (f) Catherine Agnes Boyle (d unm)
  (2) Henry Boyle of Castle Martyr (d 1693)
  m. Mary O'Brien (dau of Murragh O'Brien, 1st Earl of Inchiquin)
  (A) Henry Boyle of Castle Martyr, 1st Earl of Shannon (b c1686, d 28.12.1764, 2nd son)
  m1. (1715) Catherine Coote (dsp 05.05.1725, dau of Chidley Coote of Killester)
  m2. (09.1726) Harriet Boyle (d 13.12.1746, dau of Charles Boyle, 3rd Earl of Cork) @@ above
  (i) Richard Boyle, 2nd Earl of Shannon (b 30.01.1727, d 02.05.1807)
  m. (15.12.1763) Catherine Ponsonby (b 02.04.1746, d 30.01.1827, dau of Sir John Ponsonby)
  (a) Henry Boyle, 3rd Earl of Shannon (b 08.08.1771, d 22.04.1842) had issue
  m. (09.06.1798) Sarah Hyde (d 06.09.1820, dau of John Hyde of Castle Hyde)
  (b) Catherine Henrietta Boyle (b 12.01.1768, d 08.07.1815)
  m. (12.02.1784) Francis Bernard of Castle Bernard, 1st Earl of Bandon (b 26.11.1755, d 26.11.1830)
  (ii) Henry Boyle, later Walsingham (d 1756)
  m. Lucy Martin (d 26.07.1802, dau of Col. John Martin, m2. Viscount Clifden)
  (a) Henry Boyle (d 1757)
(iii) William Boyle (d 1748)
  (iv) Charles Boyle
  m. (1755) Henrietta Price (d 1758, dau of James Price)
  (a) John Boyle of Bafford Hall (b 1758, d 1809) had issue
  m. (1799) Eleanor Taylor (dau of R. Taylor)
  (v) Robert Boyle, later Boyle-Walsingham (b 1736, d 10.1779, MP)
m. (17.07.1759) Charlotte Williams (d 1790, dau of Sir Charles Hanbury-Williams)
  (a) Richard Boyle (b 1762, d 1788)
  (b) Charlotte Boyle, later De Ros, Baroness de Ros (d 09.01.1831)
  m. (03.08.1791) Henry FitzGerald (b 30.07.1761, d 08.07.1829)
  (vi) Juliana Boyle (d 22.02.1804)
  m. (18.5.1745) Somerset Hamilton Butler, 1st Earl of Carrick (d 15.04.1774)
  (B) William Boyle (d 1725, 4th son)
  m. Martha Beaufoy Garth (dau of Sir Samuel Garth (the physician))
(i) Beaufoy Boyle
  m. (11.06.1736) John Wilder of Nunhide
  (ii) Henrietta Boyle
  m. (09.12.1736) William Nichols (Nicholas) of Froyle
  (iii) Elizabeth Boyle
  m. (09.10.1736) Matthew Graves of Chiswick
  (iv)+ other issue - Henry (d 14.02.1756), Robert (dsp)
  (C) Margaret Boyle apparently of this generation
  m. (1699) Joseph Deane (lord chief baron of the Exchequer in Ireland)
  (D)+ other issue - Roger (d unm 1705), Charles (Captain RN)
(3) Margaret Boyle
  m. William O'Brien, 2nd Earl of Inchiquin, Governor of Jamaica (d 01.1691-2)
  (4) Elizabeth Boyle (d 17.10.1709)
  m. Folliott Wingfield, Viscount Powerscourt (bpt 02.11.1642, dsp bur 17.02.1717)
  (5)+ 3 daughters
  d. Francis Boyle of Ballinrea (Shannon Park), 1st Viscount Shannon (b 25.06.1623, bur 19.04.1699)
  m. (24.10.1638) Elizabeth Killigrew (bpt 16.05.1622, bur 04.01.1680/1, dau of Sir Robert (not William) Killigrew (by Mary, dau of Sir Henry Wodehouse of Waxham), mistress of King Charles II)
  (1) Richard Boyle (a 09.1679, dvp)
  m. (1668) Elizabeth Ponsonby (dau of Sir John Ponsonby of Bessborough)
  (A) Richard Boyle, 2nd Viscount Shannon (b c1674, d 20.12.1740, Field Marshal)
  m1. (after 08.1703) Mary Sackville (dsp 26.06.1714, natural dau of Charles Sackville, 6th Earl of Dorset)
  m2. (01.1720/1) Grace Senhouse (b c1695, d 10.05.1755, dau of John Senhouse of Netherhall)
  (i) Grace Boyle (dsp 10.05.1763)
  m. (30.10.1744) Charles Sackville, 2nd Duke of Dorset (b 06.02.1710-1, dsp 06.01.1769)
(B)+ 2 sons and 1 daughter
  (2) Charles Boyle
  (3) Elizabeth Boyle
  m. John Jephson of Mallow
  e. Robert Boyle (b 25.01.1627, d 30.12.1691, physicist, etc, 7th/youngest son, 14th child) widely reported on the Internet
  f. Alice Boyle (b 20.03.1607, d 23.03.1666)
  m1. (21.07.1621) David Barry, 1st Earl of Barrymore (b c10.03.1604/5, d 29.09.1642)
  m2. John Barry of Liscarrol
g. Sarah Boyle (b 29.03.1609, d 14.07.1633)
  m1. Sir Thomas Moore ( (b c1597, dsp 01.12.1623, of Drogheda family)
  m2. (15.12.1626) Robert Digby, 1st Lord of Geashill (d 07.06.1642)
  h. Lettice Boyle
  m. (25.07.1629) George Goring, Lord Goring (b 14.07.1608, dvpsp 07.1657, Lt. General, of Norwich family)
  i. Joan Boyle (b 14.06.1611, d 11.03.1656)
  m. (15.08.1630) George FitzGerald, 16th Earl of Kildare (b 23.01.1611-2, d 1660)
  j. Catherine Boyle (b 22.03.1614, d 23.12.1691)
  m. (before 11.1630) Arthur Jones, 2nd Viscount Ranelagh (d 07.01.1669/70)
k. Dorothy Boyle (b 31.12.1617, d 26.03.1668)
  m1. (1624) Sir Arthur Loftus of Rathfarnham
  m2. Gilbert Talbot (d c1674, 'Colonel')
  l. Mary Boyle (b 11.11.1624/08.11.1625, d 12.04.1678)
  m. (21.07.1641) Charles Rich, 4th Earl of Warwick (b 1616, d 24.08.1673)
  m.+ other issue including 2 sons, Margaret (d unm)
  iii. Mary Boyle
  m. Sir Richard Smyth of Ballynatray
  iv. Elizabeth Boyle (d c11.1634)
m. Piers Power of Ballygarvan
  C. Michael Boyle 'of London' (d 1596)
  m. Jane Peacock (dau/coheir of Walter (probably not William) Peacock of London, son of Walter of Redbourne)
  i. Richard Boyle, Archbishop of Tuam (d 19.03.1644)
  'Ducatus Leodiensis' (Ralph Thoresby, 1715, p65) identifies Richard's wife as ...
  m. Martha Wright (dau of Richard Wright of Guildford)
  a. Michael Boyle, Primate, Archbishop of Armagh, Lord Chancellor of Ireland (b c1609, d 10.12.1702)
  BE1883 suggests that Murrough, described as his only surviving son, was by Michael's first marriage but TCP (Blesington) reports that he was by Michael's second marriage.
  m1. Margaret Synge (dau of George Synge, Bishop of Cloyne)
(1)+ issue
  m2. Mary O'Brien (dau of Dermod O'Brien, 5th Lord Inchiquin)
  (2) Murrough Boyle, 1st Viscount Blesington (b 1648, 26.04.1718)
  m1. Mary Parker (d 13.09.1668, dau of John Parker, Archbishop of Dublin)
  (A) Mary Boyle
  m. (1684) Sir John Dillon of Lismullen
m2. (11.1672) Anne Coote (b c1658, d 06.04.1725, dau of Charles Coote, 2nd Earl of Mountrath)
  (B) Charles Boyle, 2nd Viscount Blesington (dsps 02.06.1732)
  m1. Rose Coote (dsp, dau of Richard Coote of Tullaghmine, cousin)
  m2. (11.07.1709) Martha Matthews (b 1683, d 15.06.1767, dau of Samuel Matthew of Bonnettstown)
  (i) Murrough Boyle (b/d 1710)
  (C) Alicia Boyle (d 28.10.1700)
  m. ( (14.10.1697) Pierce Butler, 4th Viscount Ikerrin (b 1679, d 04.01.1710/1)
  (D) Anne Boyle (d 27.10.1741)
  m1. (23.11.1696) William Stewart, 2nd Viscount Mountjoy (d 10.01.1727/8, Lt. General)
Their son William was created Earl of Blesington.
  m2. John Farquaharson (d 02.04.1733)
  (3) Honora Boyle (bur 14.11.1710)
  m1. Thomas Cromwell, 3rd Earl of Ardglass (dsp 11.04.1682)
  m2. (before 1687) Francis Cuffe (b 12.09.1656, d 26.12.1694, MP)
  m3. Sir Thomas Burdett of Garahill, Bart (d 14.04.1727, Captain)
(4) Eleanor Boyle
  m. William Hill of Hillsborough (d 1693)
  Not sure by which wife were ...
  (5) Elizabeth Boyle
  m. Denny Muschamp of Horsley
(6) Margaret Boyle (bur 01.05.1710) probably of this generation
  m. Samuel Synge (d 30.11.1708, Dean of Kildare)
  (7) Martha Boyle (d 14.05.1680) probably of this generation
  m. (27.07.1664) Sir William Davys (Secretary of State for Ireland, Lord Chief Justice)
  b. Martha Boyle probably of this generation
  m1. John Nelson (Lt. Colonel)
  m2. Sir Matthew Deane, 1st Bart of Dromore (b 1626, d 10.01.1710)
  c. Bridget Boyle apparently of this generation
  m. John Jephson (Major General)
  d. Elizabeth Boyle apparently of this generation
  m. (1638) Sir Robert Travers
e. Dorothy Boyle probably of this generation
  m1. Grenville Halse (Captain)
  m2. Henry Turner 'of Bandon Bridge, co. Cork' (recorder of Limerick)
  m3. (01.05.1654) Thomas Roberts of Brightfieldstown & Ballyfoyle (b 11.10.1590, d before 05.05.1664)
  f. Jane Boyle probably of this generation
  m. William Hull of Leamcom, co Cork (m2. ??)
  (1) Sir Richard Hull
  (2) Martha Hull
  m. (c1660) Sir Emanuel Moore of Ross Carbery, 1st Bart (d c1692)
  The following comes from BP1934 (Ventry).
  ii. Michael Boyle, Bishop of Waterford
  m. Dorothy Fish (dau of George Fish of Southill)
  iii. Jane Boyle (youngest dau)
  m. Thomas Caldwell of Newbury, Berkshire
  a. Mildred Caldwell
  m. John Eveleigh of Blackhall & Coplands Meade (Dean of Ross)
  D. Hugh Boyle of London
  i.+ issue - Ellen, Jane
  E.+ other issue - Henry, Leonard of London, Elizabeth (a 1593)
3. Eleanor Boyle
  m1. Watkin Russell
  m2. Hugh ap Harry
4. Jane Boyle
  m. John Hayward of Wellington or Prior's Court

Main source(s): BP1934 (Cork and Orrery) with input from BE1883 (Boyle of Blesinton), TCP (Blesington), BE1883 (Boyle of Shannon), BP1934 (Shannon), TCP (Shannon), BE1883 (Boyle Clifford of Lanesborough, of Burlington), Robinson (Hereford, Boyle of Bidney and Hereford)
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