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Families covered: Hyde of Carrigoneda, Hyde of Castle Hyde, Hyde of Creg, Hyde of Marlborough, Hyde of Pangborne, Hyde of Purley Hall

Sir Arthur Hyde (d 1600, to Ireland)
m. Elizabeth Pates (dau of John Pates of Buckingham)
1. Sir Arthur Hyde of Carrigoneda (d 1644)
  m. Helen Power (dau of Arthur Power of co. Waterford)
  A. William Hyde of Carrigoneda
  BLG1886 suggests that William's wife was dau of Robert Tynte of Cork, eldest son of Sir Robert, but BLG1912 (Tynte of Tynte Park) suggests that she was a generation earlier, being ...
  m. Catherine Tynte (dau of Sir Robert Tynte)
  i. Arthur Hyde of Castle Hyde (d 1688)
  m. Elizabeth Gethin (dau of Sir Richard Gethin, Bart)
a. Arthur Hyde of Castle Hyde (d 06.10.1720)
  m1. (03.10.1695) Joan Yeats (dau of Richard Yeats of Youghal)
  (1) Arthur Hyde of Castle Hyde
  m. Anne Pryce (dau of Richard Pryce or Price of Ardmayle and Clonmore)
(A) Arthur Hyde of Castle Hyde (d unm 22.12.1773)
  (B) John Hyde of Castle Hyde and Creg (3rd son)
  m. (1763) Sarah Burton (dau of Benjamin Burton of Burton Hall by Anne Ponsonby)
  (i) John Hyde of Castle Hyde and Creg, Sheriff of co. Cork (d 13.02.1832) had issue
  m. (1801) Elizabeth O'Callaghan (b c1784, d 18.08.1824, dau of Cornelius, 1st Lord Lismore)
  (ii) William Hyde (d 1790)
  (iii) Anne Hyde (dsp)
  m. William Stewart (d 1842, Colonel, son of Sir Annesley, 6th Bart of Ramelton)
  (iv) Catherine Hyde
  m. John Leslie
  (v) Mary Hyde
  m. Benjamin Woodward
(vi) Sarah Hyde (b1780, d 06.09.1820)
  m. (09.06.1798) Henry Boyle, 3rd Earl of Shannon (b 08.08.1771, d 22.04.1842)
  (C) Jane Hyde (d 19.10.1751)
  m. (07.1749) Richard Barry (dsp 23.11.1787, son of 4th Earl of Barrymore)
  (D)+ other issue (d unm) - William, Anne, Deborah
  (2) Elizabeth Hyde
  m. John Lucas of Youghal
m2. Mary Evans (dau of Col. George Evans of Carrass, sister of 1st Lord Carbery)
  (3) George Hyde
  m. Sophia Hamilton (dau of Col. Frederick Hamilton)
  (A) Arthur Hyde of Hyde Park (d 1805, minister of St. Anne's)
  m. (14.10.1756) Anne Green (dau of Benjamin Green of Youghal)
  (i) Arthur Hyde (d 1833, vicar of Killarney)
  m1. (1787) Sarah French (dau of George French of French Park)
  (a) Arthur Hyde (vicar of Mohill) had issue
m. Frances Crofton (dau of Sir Hugh Crofton, 2nd Bart of Mohill)
  (b) Benjamin Hyde
  m. "a niece of the Knight of Glin"
  (c) George Hyde had issue
  m. Emma Hoy (dau of Captain _ Hoy, RN)
  (d) Henry Hyde (d unm)
(e) John Hyde had issue
  m. _ Johnston
  (f) Frederick Hyde of Hollywood (b 1804) had issue
  m. (1832) Elizabeth Bland (dau of Francis Christopher Bland of Derryquin Castle)
  m2. (1809) Louisa Piersey
  (g) Lucy Hyde of Belleview, Youghal
  (ii) Sophia Hyde
  m. (1800) Edward Spread (vicar of Ahern)
  (iii) Mary Elizabeth Hyde
  m. (05.02.1789) Daniel Conner of Bayswater (d 1848)
  (iv) Jane Hyde
  m. (1790) William Jackson of Youghal
  (v)+ other issue - Alice, Anne (d 1760), Anne (b1766)
  (4) John Hyde of Creg Castle
  m. Joanna Condon
  (A) William Hyde of Templenoe (d 1790)
m. Catherine Lane
  (B) Elizabeth Hyde
  m. _ Pooley
  (C) Sarah Hyde
  m. Ambrose Lane of Kilkenny
  (D) Mary Hyde
  m. John Alleyne of Coolprebane
  (5)+ other issue - Mary, Jane
  b. Sarah Hyde
  m. William Causaban of Youghal
  c. Deborah Hyde
  m. John Brown of Kilbolan
d. Elizabeth Hyde
  m. _ Foulkes of Kilvokery
  e. Gertrude Hyde
  m. (1699) Robert Gore of Sligo
  f.+ other issue - William, Richard, Catherine
  ii. John Hyde
  m. Susanna Rowlston
  a.+ issue - Arthur, William, Catherine, Ellen
  iii. Katherine Hyde
  m. Sir Henry Spottiswood (son of James, Bishop of Clogher)
  iv. Elizabeth Hyde
  m. James Spottiswood (2nd son of James, Bishop of Clogher)
  v. Susan Hyde
  m. Anthony Dowdall (son of Sir John of Kilfinny)
  vi.+ other issue (d unm) - Ellen, Janet, Helen
  B. Robert Hyde of Caherdrinna Castle
  m. _ Arriball
  i. Anthony Hyde (d 1720, Captain RN)
m1. _ Southwell (dsp, "of the noble family of Southwell")
  m2. Dora Harrison (dau of Col. _ Harrison of Castle Harrison)
  a. Robert Boyle Hyde of Ardmayle House (b 1718/26, d 1802)
  m. Catherine Walsh (dau of Anthony Walsh of Tullig or Ivy Park)
  (1) Arthur Hyde of Mitchelstown (b 1752, d 1808)
  m. (1776) Mary Jones (d 1842, dau of Robert Jones of Whitefort House)
  (A) Henry Barry Hyde (b 1785, d 10.01.1831) had issue
  m. (16.07.1816) Amelia Cole (dau of Major Robert Cole of Newport, Isle of Wight)
  C. Elizabeth Brereton possibly of this generation
  m. Robert Brereton (d 30.5.1642, Captain)
2. Thomas Hyde
3. Susan Hyde (dsp)
  m. Sir Richard Southwell of Singland (d 1640, son of John of Barham)
4. Helen Hyde
  m. Thomas Hyde
5. Catherine Hyde
  m1. Robert Gore
  m2. Cornelius O'Garvan
6. Frances Hyde
  m. Richard Pilkington



Hugh Hyde of Alnwickes (a 11.1594)
m. Bridget Dauncye (d before 30.11.1594, dau of John Dauncye of East Lavington by Katherine, dau of Edward Twynyho of Hyde)
1. Francis Hyde of Whitchurch & Pangborne (d before 21.01.1634)
  Both Commoners and BLG1850 show Francis as married only to Anne, mother of his 5 children. Visitation (Berkshire, 1566, Hyde of Letcombe), by way of note referring to "MS. Ashm. 852, p. 86", identifies 2 wives as shown below, providing also some details on his son Anthony.
  m1. Alice Phillpot (sister of Sir George Phillpot)
  A. John Hyde (dvp unm 1620)
  B. Richard Hyde of Pangborne (a 1655)
  m. (mcrt 03.12.1618) Mary Smith (d before 06.1682, dau of William Smith or Smyth of Whitchurch)
  i. Francis Hyde of Pangborne (d before 03.11.1688)
  m. (mcrt 30.06.1654) Anne Carew (sister of Anthony Carew)
  a. Francis Hyde of Purley Hall (d 13.01.1712)
  m. (mcrt 13.01.1687) Jane Fuller (d 13.08.1704, dau of Jervoise Fuller of Reading)
  (1) Francis Hyde of Purley Hall and Farringdon (b c1691, dsp 28.04.1745)
  m. (mcrt 14.11.1715) Elizabeth (widow of Thomas Widdowes)
  (2) John Hyde of Marlborough (b c1695, d 1750)
  m. Mary Cruse (d 02.1782, sister of Francis Cruse)
  (A) John Hyde of Marlborough, later of Hyde End (b c1747, d 09.1819)
  m. Charlotte Jelfe (d 1816, dau of Capt. _ Jelfe RN)
  (i) Charles Hyde of Hyde End (b 09.1783, 2nd son)
  (ii)+ other issue - John (dvp unm), James (d unm), Frederick of Seven Oaks (had issue), Joshua (dsp), Amelia (b c1782, d 1796), Elizabeth, Mary, Charlotte, Honora, Arabella
  (B) Jane Hyde
  m. John Vincent Gandolfi
  (C)+ other issue - Maria, Margaret, Anne
  b.+ other issue - Anthony, Margaret
ii. Jane Hyde (a 1686)
  m. _ Grimsditch
  iii.+ other issue - William (a 1686), James (a 1686), George (a 1686), Charles (a 1680), Richard (had issue), Mary (a 1686, in Antwerp), Constance (a 1686, in Liege)
  m2. Anne Tempest (a 1620, dau of Robert Tempest of the Bishoprick of Durham)
  C. Anthony Hyde of Woodhouse (a 1619, 1649)
  m. Mary James (dau of Sir Henry James of Smarden)
  i.+ issue - James (b c1634, a 1649), Frances (b c1630, a 16557), Mary, Anne, Catherine Elizabeth
  D. Thomas Hyde
  Not known which wife was mother of ...
  E.+ other issue - Bridget, Joan
2. Cecilia Hyde
  m. William Wilmot (b c1542, d 12.1618)
3. Anne Hyde

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(2) For Hyde of Pangborne and Hyde End : Commoners (vol iv, Hyde of Hyde End), BLG1850 (Hyde of Hyde End)
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