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This section first uploaded on 29.04.08.
?? Glover
1. ?? Glover
  m. (Elizabeth) Phillips (bpt 29.05.1664, dau of Robert Phillips of Wispington)
  A. Phillips Glover of Wispington, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d 17.06.1745)
  m. Mary Lee (dau/heir of Richard Lee of Winslade, 'cousin of Elizabeth Chudleigh, Duchess of Kingston') @@ below
  i. Phillips Glover 'of Wispington' (d 1796, Colonel)
  m. Rebecca Jepson (dau of William Jepson of Lincoln)
  a. Laura Glover
  m. (19.02.1799) Robert Vyner of Eathorpe
  ii. Mary Glover (b 16.04.1731)
  m. (14.09.1758) John Plumptre of Nottingham (b 17.04.1731, d 10.02.1762)
2. John Glover (d 28.12.1728)
  A. Richard Glover (b c1711, d 25.11.1785, author, MP for Weymouth)



This section first uploaded on 29.04.08.
Richard Lee of Winslade, Devon
m. Mary Sydenham of Winford
1. Richard Lee of Winslade probably of this generation
  A. Mary Lee
  m. Phillips Glover of Wispington (d 17.06.1745) @@ above
2. Mary Lee (d 1710)
  m. Sir George Chudleigh, 3rd Bart of Ashton (d 1710)



This section first uploaded on 30.04.08.
John Warnecombe
1. Richard Warnecombe of Hereford
  m. Anne Bromwiche (dau of Richard Bromwiche)
  The Visitation report is displayed unusually with the inference that the Richard & Anne had the following children. However, as noted below, the dates for at least some of the children suggest that the connections shown may have been misdrawn, with there being one or two intermediary generations between Richard & Anne and certain of the daughters.
A. John Warnecombe of Wintercott in Leominster (d 1427-8)
  m. Jane Scudamore (dau of John Scudamore of Hom Lacy)
  i. Jone Warnecombe (b c1419)
  B. James Warnecombe had issue
  m1. Mary Cornewall (dau of John Cornewall of Burforde)
  m2. Elynor Hiet
C. Richard Warnecombe
  m. Elizabeth Blount (dau/coheir of John Blount of Gryndon Wary (Grendon Warren))
  D. Alyce Warnecombe
  m1. William Wigmore of Shobden @@ below
  m2. Sir James Croft (a 1552)
  The dates (obtained from Croft records) indicate that there is something wrong here!
E. Mawde Warnecombe
  m. John Harle (Harley) (b 29.10.1521, d c1606)
  The dates (obtained from the Harley records) indicate that there is something wrong here!
  F. Katherine Warnecombe
  Visitation shows Katherine as daughter of John Harle by Mawde (just above) but the Harleian editor noted that other folios show her as Mawde's sister (which is supported by the Blount records).
  m. John Blount
  G. Margaret Warnecombe
  m. James Barome of Barowe (of Bullingham)
  H. Jone Warnecombe
  m1. Walter Kyrle
  m2. Philip Scudamore
  I. Anne Warnecombe
  m. Thomas Woode of London
2. Margaret Warnecombe
3. Elizabeth Warnecombe
  m. William Downes



This section first uploaded on 30.04.08.
Roger Wigmore
m. Sibyl Vaughan (dau of William Vychan or Vaughan of Bredwarden son of Watkin son of Roger)
1. William Wigmore of Shobden (Shobdon), Herefordshire
  m. Alyce Warnecombe (dau of Richard Warnecombe of Hereford) @@ above
A. Thomas Wigmore of Shobdon (Shobden)
  m. Mary (dau of Ellis Evans alias Bithill of Northop)
  i. Warnecombe Wigmore
  a. Richard Wigmore
  m. Catherine Leighton (dau of John Leighton of Wattlesborough)
  The Visitation ends with this generation. It is a speculative presumption that Richard & Catherine were parents of ...
  (1) Warnecombe Wigmore of Shobdon
  (A) Elizabeth Wigmore some uncertainty on this marriage
  m. ? (22.10.1635) Jonathan Walwyn (d 01.03.1675)



This section first uploaded on 15.01.17.
Thomas Hethersett (a 1666, rector of Brettenham, Norfolk)
1. Wormley Hethersett of Great & Little Breckles, Mayor of Thetford
  A. Mary Hethersett of Great Breckles
  m. Joseph Baylis of London
  B. Sarah Hethersett of Little Breckles (b c1672, d 11.1758)
  m. James Barker of Shropham (d 15.02.1718)



This section first uploaded on 01.10.20.
"Descended from a Huguenot family settled in Youghal, Co. Cork, since the 1680s" was ...
William Causabon (Casauban) 'of Youghal'
m. Sarah Hyde (dau of Arthur Hyde MP)
1. William Causabon (Casauban) of Carriglemleary (aka Gethin's Grot), Sheriff of Co. Cork (Colonel, a 1727, MP)
  BLG1886 ('Purdon of Tinerana') & BLGI1912 (Purdon of Tinerana) identify the mother of Arabella, William's 3rd daughter & coheir, as "a dau.of Gore, of Derrymore". BIFR1976 ('Purdon') identifies her as William's "3rd dau and co-heiress" but does not identify her mother. The turtlebunbury site, which names 2 daughters, identifies their mother as the following Arabella Rogerson but does note that "either Richard Newman or Colonel Causabon had been previously married to 'a daughter of Gore of Derrymore' ". Not least because of her first name, we follow the turtlebunbury site in naming Arabella's mother as ...
  m. Arabella Rogerson (dau of Lord Chief Justice Sir John Rogerson, m2. Sir James Cotter, Bart)
  A. Arabella Causabon (Casauban)
  m. (19.10.1715) George Purdon of Tinerana (d 1740)
  B. Catherine Causabon (Causauban)
  m. Richard Newman, Sheriff of Cork



This section first uploaded on 20.12.21.
Wikipedia reports that the following John "was the nephew of the diarist Thomas Rugge, and belonged to the same Rugge family as William Rugge, Bishop of Norwich".
John Rugge of Stirtloe in Buckden, Huntingdonshire (bur 28.11.1720, of the Inner Temple)
m. Elizabeth Wright (bur 31.10.1753, dau of Chief Justice Robert Wright of Wangford)
1. William Rugge 'of London & Stertloe House'
  m. Sarah
  A. William Rugge (b 16.05.1740, d 02.11.1786, Rector of Buckland)
  m. Lucy Henrietta French (d 1823)
  B. Charles Rugge (b 1742, d 1773, Clerk of Storrington)
  C. Sarah Rugge (a 1773)
  D. Mary Rugge (b 1752, d 22.02.1838)
  m. (16.12.1773) Sir Charles Price, Lord Mayor of London, 1st Bart (b 1747, d 1818)
  m2. (01.09.1763, sp?) Anne Clarke (b 1703, d 1769, dau of Sir James Clarke, widow of Samuel Sheppard)

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