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Families covered: Price of Blount's Court, Price of Farnborough, Price of Foxley, Price of Giler (Geeler), Price of Lyminge, Price of Spring Grove, Price of Wantage

Rhys Wynn ap Cadwaladr, of Giler (Geeler) (d 23.02.1606-7)
m. Margaret (dau of Elliza ap William ap Griffith ap Jenkin, of Rhiwgoch)
1. William ap Rhys or Price of Geeler (Denbighshire) & Bath (Somerset) (bur 04.11.1596)
  m. Susan (bur 04.09.1592)
  A. John Price of Farnborough, Berkshire (d by 1646, rector of Farnborough)
  m. Jane (a 1646)
  i. Bartholomew Price of Farnborough (bpt 13.07.1623, d 17.04.1677, rector of Farnborough, 4th son)
  m. Mary Garnham (b 1633-4, d 30.06.1686, dau of William Garnham of Farnborough)
  a. Ralph Price of Farnborough (b c1660, bur 10.06.1720, rector of Rotherfield Greys, 2nd son)
  m. Margaret Jenny (bur 19.09.1739)
  b. Charles Price of Blount's Court (Oxfordshire) & London (bur 02.06.1744, 5th son)
  m. Catherine Stonley (bur 06.12.1745)
(1) Charles Price of Blount's Court (bur 05.06.1746)
  m. Mary Ovey of Henley-on-Thames (bur 25.01.1741/2)
  (A) Sir Charles Price of Blount's Court, Sheriff of Oxfordshire (bpt 16.03.1726/7, d 25.10.1803)
  m1. (23.05.1754) Mary Brigham (bur 22.02.1767)
  (i) Mary Anne Price (bpt 23.06.1755, bur 29.04.1823)
  m. (14.10.1786) John Buckworth-Herne (d 22.03.1852, vicar of West Hendred, son of Sir Everard, 6th Bart, m2. Elizabeth (Mrs Finch)))
  (ii) Caroline Elizabeth Price (bpt 15.04.1758, d infant)
  m2. (31.10.1771) Jane Child (bpt 23.08.1725, bur 07.06.1810, dau of Stephen Child of Richmond by Margaret)
c. Petley Price of The Ham in Wantage, Berkshire (bpt 27.10.1668, bur 10.11.1723)
  m. (12.01.1706/7) Joan Smith of Wroughton (bur 03.10.1734)
  (1) Petly Garnham Price of The Ham in Wantage (dsps 16.10. 1737)
  m. Mary Richardson (bur 16.01.1789/90, dau/coheir of Richard Richardson of Smalley Hall by Mary)
  (A) Mary Price (b 02.12.1736, d 20.01.1736/7)
  (2) Bartholomew Price of East Challow Park in Letcombe Regis, Berkshire (bpt 31.03.1712?, d before 10.12.1771)
  m. Martha Savery (a 1797, dau of Rev. Servington Savery of Marlborough)
  (A) Bartholomew Price of East Challow Park, Sheriff of Berkshire (b 1732-6, d unm 01.02.1799)
  (B) Sarah Price (b 1758, bur 25.10.1810)
  m1. Thomas Carteret Hardy (bpt 28.06.1757, d 1796, Lt. Colonel)
m2. (1797) William Watson
  (3) John Price of The Ham in Wantage, Sheriff of Berkshire (b 28.01.1709/10, d 28.11.1787)
  m. Anne Robins (d 12.10.1773, dau of Henry Robins of Wootton Bassett)
  (A) John Price of The Ham in Wantage (dvp 29.07.1786, of Lincoln's Inn, Captain)
  (B) Sarah Price
  m1. (15.11.1770) William Pitt Burnaby (Captain RN, nephew of Admiral Sir William, 1st Bart)
  m2. (25.05.1783) Humphry Walcot (bpt 04.11.1753, of the General Post Office)
(C)+ other issue - John (b 25.11.1734, d infant), John (bpt 18.06.1736, bur 20.06.1736), John (b 08.10.1738, bur 08.11.1738), John (b 28.04.1740, d infant), Anne (b 08.07.1737), Mary (b 13.10.1741), Catharine (bur 19.07.1758)
  (4) Ralph Price of Lyminge, Kent (b 17.10.1715, bur 25.11.1779, rector of Lyminge, 5th son)
  m. (18.02.1739/40) Sarah Richardson (d before 16.10.1780, dau/coheir of Richard Richardson of Derby & Smalley by Mary)
  (A) Ralph Price of Lyminge (b 18.05.1745, d 07.07.1811, rector/vicar of Lyminge) ancestor of Prices of Lyminge
m. (02.11.1775) Albinia Woodward (b c1752, d 17.08.1827, dau of Rev. George Woodward of East Hendred by Albinia, dau of George Courthope of Whiligh)
  (B) Sir Charles Price, Lord Mayor of London, 1st Bart of Spring Grove in Richmond, Surrey (b 25.01.1747-8, d 19.07.1818, 3rd son)
  m. (16.12.1773) Mary Rugge (b 1751-2, d 22.02.1838, dau of William Rugge of London & Stertloe House in Buckden)
  (i) Sir Charles Price, 2nd Bart of Spring Grove (b 03.09.1776, d 26.04.1847) had issue
  m. (03.05.1798) Mary Ann King (d 09.05.1847, dau of William King of King's Street, Covent Garden)
  (ii) Ralph Price of Sydenham, Kent (b 08.02.1780, d 03.04.1860, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (03.09.1805) Charlotte Savery Hardy (bpt 05.06.1781, d 02.04.1850, dau of Lt. Col. Thomas Carteret Hardy by Sarah Price)
(iii) Richard Price of South Lambeth (b 01.06.1781, d 15.09.1852) had issue
  m. (12.10.1805) Elizabeth Heyman (b 24.07.1784, d 04.03.1847, dau of Henry Heyman of Middlesex & Sutton Hill, son of Rev. John of Barwick House)
  (iv) Thomas Price of Clementhorpe Hall, Yorkshire (b 04.08.1783, d 29.01.1856) had issue
  m. (16.05.1814) Eliza Plumer (d 10.03.1857, dau/coheir of Hale Plumer of Stockton Hall, niece of Sir Thomas, Master of the Rolls)
  (v) Mary Anne Price (b 22.07.1775, d 18.07.1838)
  m. (24.02.1803) William Moore of Doctors' Commons & Finchley (d 06.4.1828)
(vi) Lucy Henrietta Price (b 13.11.1777, d 1809)
  m. (12.11.1807) John Harrison of Ripley Court (son of John of Beningholme Hall, Ruisthorpe & Ripley Court)
  (vii) Anne Price (b 28.06.1782)
  m. David Holmes (son of Robert of Ballyadam)
  (viii)+ other issue - George Rugge (b 03.02.1779, d 07.04.1786), Catherine (d 21.03.1869), Elizabeth Caroline (b 17.10.1786, d 30.12.1853), Sarah (b 27.02.1789, d 08.04.1793)
  (C) Catharine Price (b 22.03.1748/9, a 1804)
  m. (28.06.1775) Thomas Goodlake of Benhams (b 17.05.1744, bur 17.11.1787)
  (D) Sarah Price (bpt 04.1741, a 1804, dsp)
  m. (after 06.07.1775) George Evans of Balham Hall (d 13.07.1793, m1. Samuel Palmeter)
  (E)+ other issue - Petly (d infant), Mary (d unm 1764)
  (5) William Price of Charlton House (Wantage, Berkshire) & London (bpt 21.12.1720, bur 14.01.1792) ancestor of Prices of Coln St. Dennis, Gloucestershire
  m. Mary Collins (b c1729, d 08.1789, dau of Henry Collins of Richmond)
  (6) Catharine Price (b 11.03.1713/4)
  m. (before 07.09.1735) _ Robins
  (7) Elizabeth Price (bpt 06.07.1718, d 15.04.1778)
  m. John Scoles of London, Governor of Nevis
  (8)+ other issue - Charles (b 27.03.1711, a 1735), Mary (a 1775)
d. Mary Price (a 1676)
  m1. ??
  m2. (by 1676) _ Robins
  e.+ other issue - Bartholomew (b c1657, d 01.09.1668), John of Henley-on-Thames (d c10.1732), William (a 1676), Edward (bpt 14.02.1670, a 1676), Robert of London (bpt 29.04.1673, a 07.1722), Bartholomew (bpt 26.01.1674-5, bur 13.11.1732, rector of Farnborough))
  ii.+ other issue - Richard (b c1513, d before 09.07.1646), John of East Lockinge (a 1626), William (bpt 13.09.1620, a 1646), Edmond (a 1646), Mary (bpt 1607-8)
B.+ other issue (a 1596) - William in Denbighshire & Bath (bpt 17.08.1584), Thomas in Newton/Kennisham (bpt 10.06.1586), Mary (bpt 02.11.1590, d unm)
2. Thomas ap Rhys or Price of Giler (Geeler), Sheriff of Denbighshire (a 1624)
  m. Elizabeth (dau of John of Penmachno ap Tevan of Carrog)
  A. Robert Price of Giler, Sheriff of Denbighshire (a 1658)
  m. Elizabeth (bur 24.10.1616, dau/heir of Owen Lloyd of Dulassau)
  i. Thomas Price of Giler (d 15.05.1664)
  m. Margaret Wynn (b 1634, d 29.09.1723, dau/heir of Thomas Wynn of Bwlchy Bondy)
a. Sir Robert Price of Giler, Bwlch y Beudy, & Foxley (b 14.01.1653-4, d 08.02.1732-3, baron of the Exchequer)
  m. (1679) Lucy Rodd (dau/coheir of Robert Rodd of Foxley)
  The following is partly supported by Robinson (Hereford, Rodd of Rodd and Foxley).
  (1) Thomas Price (b 1680, dvp unm 1706)
  (2) Uvedale Price of Foxley, Herefordshire (b 17.09.1685, d 17.03.1764)
  m. Anne Somerset (d 1741, dau/coheir of Arthur Somerset, son of Henry, 1st Duke of Somerset)
  (A) Robert Price of Foxley (b 13.05.1717, d 09.1761)
  m. (06.1746) Sarah Barrington (d 1759, dau of John Barrington, 1st Viscount)
(i) Sir Uvedale Price, 1st Bart of Foxley (b 04.1747, d 14.09.1829)
  m. (28.04.1774) Caroline Carpenter (b c1754, d 16.07.1826, dau of George, 1st Earl of Tyrconnell)
  (a) Sir Robert Price, 2nd Bart of Foxley (b 03.08.1786, dsp 1857)
  m. (06.07.1823) Mary Anne Elizabeth Price (dau of Rev. Robert Price) @@ below
  (b) Caroline Price
  (ii) Robert Price (b 03.10.1748, d 07.04.1823, Canon of Salisbury)
  Griffith (p189) shows Robert's marriages the other way around but we follow DBART1839 which provides dates which indicate that his first wife was ...
  m1. (06.1786) Catherine Wroughton
(a) Caroline Price
  m1. Francis Baker (Captain RN)
  Griffith's shows Caroline's 2nd husband as Tristram, nephew of William, Viscount Barrington, but DBART1839 identifies him as Mr. Tristram. We suspect that this was ...
  m2. Rev. _ Tristram (m2. Louisa Barrington, niece of William, Viscount Barrington)
  (b) Jane Price (d infant)
  m2. (04.01.1797) Mary Anne Saunderson (d 04.01.1818, dau/heir of Rev. Thomas Saunderson of Haslemere)
  (c) Uvedale Thomas Skudd Price (b 26.09.1805)
  (d) Mary Anne Elizabeth Price
  m. (06.07.1823) Sir Robert Price, 2nd Bart of Foxley (b 03.08.1786) @@ above
  (iii) Barrington Price of Beckett, Berkshire (b 1757, d 1839)
  m1. Mary Jane Bowes (d 1806, dau of 9th Earl of Strathmore)
  (a)+ issue - Thomas of The Albany in London (d unm 1892), Edward of Mongwel House in Oxfordshire (Lt. General), Charlotte (d unm 1799), Rose (d unm)
  m2. Mary Thornhill (dau of Edward Thornhill, relict of Hon. George Bowes)
  (e) Barrington Price (dsp 1816, Captain)
  (f) Samuel Price (b 1793, Captain RN) had issue
  m. Dorothea Grace Anna Kennedy (dau of Hugh Kennedy of co. Down)
(g) George Price (b 1801, d 1851, rector of Romaldkirk in Yorkshire) had issue
  m1. (1831) Georgina Pelly (dau/hier of Capt. _ Pelly)
  m2. (1838) Elizabeth Harby Oddie (d 1851, dau/heir of Henry Oddie)
  (iv)+ other issue - William (d unm 17.04.1817), John (d 1761), Samuel (d unm, Captain RN), Charles (d 1760), Anne (b 1753, d infant), Mary b 1756, d infant), Sophia (b 1758, d infant), Elizabeth (d young)
(B)+ other issue (dsp) - Hester (b 1716), Ann (b 1718), Mary (b 1720, d infant)
  (3) Lucy Price
  m. (1702) Bampfield Rodd of the Rodd & Stoke Canon in Devon (d 1725)
  b. Elizabeth
  m. Edmund Meyrick of Ucheldre
  c. Jane (d 1684)
  m. Richard Kyffin of Maenan (d 1675 (sb 1693?))
  d. Anne
  m. Robert Maesmor of Maesmor
  e. Grace
  m. William Burkinshaw of Plas Issa
  f. Barbara
  m. Evan Wynn of Garthmeilio ## see here ##
  g.+ other issue - Thomas of London, Charles of London
  B. Jane
  m. John Ffoulkes of Ereivat
  C. Winifred
  m. Robert Brynkir
3.+ other issue (a 1596) - Cadwallader (b c1552, d 1616, rector of West Camel & Newton St. Loe), Robert, Jane

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(2) For Price of Giler & Foxley : Griffith's Pedigrees (Giler, p189), DBART1839 (Price of Foxley)
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