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This section first uploaded 06.10.10.
It is possible that the following family was connected to Thomas Wynn of Plas Newydd, Sheriff of Denbighshire (a 1595) but we have no good reason to show that other than the reference to Plas Newydd. Indeed, it is not unlikely that Plas Newydd came into this family only through the marriage to the Griffith heiress of Plasnewydd.. Before showing that, it is perhaps worth showing that there were at least some Wynns of Garthmeilio before that marriage, including the following (who may have been contemporaneous or have at least overlapped): John Wynn of Garthmeilio (m. Elizabeth, dau of Robert Gethin of Cerniogau), Hugh Wynn of Garthmeilio (m. Mary, dau of William Pugh of Penrhyn Creuddyn), and Evan Wynn of Garthmeilio (m. Barbara, dau of Thomas Price of Giler, daughter Jane).
Robert Wynne of Garthmeilio, Cwn Mein and Plasnewydd (d 06.1757)
m. (30.06.1713) Elizabeth Griffith (dau/heir of Edward Griffith of Plasnewydd) presumed parents of ...
1. Robert Wynne of Plas Newydd & Garthmeilio, Sheriff of Merionethshire the first shown on Griffith (p355)
  m. (21.11.1751) Mary Roberts (dau/heir of Humphrey Roberts of Brynyneuadd)
  A. Evan Wynne (b 28.11.1752, d young?)
  B. Robert Watkin Wynne of Plas Newydd & Garthmeilio, Sheriff of Merionethshire (a 1798)
  m. Anne Sobieski Dod (d 08.12.1818, dau of Thomas Dod of Edge)
  i. John Wynne (b c1778, d 19.12.1836, 2nd son)
  m1. (24.07.1797) Sarah Ann Parr (d 08.07.1810, dau of Dr. _ Parr)
  a. Caroline Sobieski Wynne
  m. (1822) Rev. John Lynes of Tooley Park in Leicestershire
b. Augusta Eliza Wynne (b 16.07.1800)
  m. (17.09.1828) Sir John Michell (dsp 29.01.1869, Captain RN)
  c. Madeline Wynne (d unm 1820)
  m2. Anne Fry
  d. John Wynne had issue
  m. Phoebe Virginia Monier
  ii. Charles Wynne, Sheriff of Debighshire (d 1851, 5th son?) had issue
  m. Grace Sparrow (dau of John Bodychen Sparrow of Red Hill, relict of Capt. (Robert) Shaw)
  iii. Ann Wynne
  m. _ Ogilvie (Colonel)
  iv.+ other issue - Robert (dsp), Julius (d 1823), Watkin (b 15.11.1786, d Waterloo 18.06.1815), Emma (dsp 30.11.1856)
  C. Jane Wynne (d 08.03.1814)
  m. (16.02.1785) John Wynne Griffith of Garn



This section first uploaded 29.10.10.
John Tuckfield of Tedburn St. Mary, Devon
m. Joan
1. John Tuckfield of Tedburn St. Mary & Little Fulford (b 1555, d 1630)
  A. Thomas Tuckfield of Little Fulford (d 1642)
  m. Elizabeth Reynell (b 1593, d 1630, dau of Richard Reynell of Creedy Widger by Mary Periam)
  i. John Tuckfield of Little Fulford (b c1625, d 1675)
  m. (1657) Mary Pincomb
  a. Mary Tuckfield (b c1661, dsp 1728)
  m1.(09.10.1690) Francis Fulford (Colonel, of family of Great Fulford)
m2. (20.02.1704-5) Henry Trenchard
  b.+ other issue - Elizabeth (b c1663, d unm 1695), 3 others (d infant)
  ii. Walter Tuckfield of Little Fulford (d c1676)
  iii. Thomas Tuckfield
  B. Roger Tuckfield of Raddon Court in Thorverton, Devon (b c1605, d 1683, 3rd son) presumed father of (but possibly same person as) ...
i. Roger Tuckfield of Raddon Court father of Margaret, presumed also father or uncle of ...
  a. Roger Tuckfield of Thorverton, later of Little Fulford (d 1739)
  b. Margaret Tuckfield (d 1754)
  m1. Samuel Rolle of Hainton (bpt 20.11.1646, d 10.1719)
  m2. John Harris of Hayne (dsp 1767)
  ii. ?? Tuckfield ancestor of John, Henry & Elizabeth, possibly fits here
  a. ?? Tuckfield presumed intermediary generation
  (1) John Tuckfield of Little Fulford (b 1719, dsp 1767)
  m. Frances Gould (dau of William Gould of Downes)
  (2) Henry Tuckfield of Little Fulford (d unm 1797)
  (3) Elizabeth Tuckfield of Little Fulford (b c1715, d unm 1807)
  Little Fulford, later renamed Fulford Park when a new building was built, passed to Richard Hippisley, later Hippisley-Tuckfield, who was a distant cousin.
  C. Mary Tuckfield probably the Mary (d 17.06.1663) who married ...
  m. (c05.1638) Rev. Dennis Prideaux (dsp bur 12.11.1640)
  D+. other issue - Walter (d 1639, rector of Morchard Bishop), Joan



This section first uploaded 29.10.10.
John Battiscombe
1. Peter Battiscombe
  A. John Battiscombe
  i. Roger Battiscombe
  m. Amy
  a. John Battiscombe of Burporte (Bridport), Devon
  m. Jane
  (1) Alice Battiscombe (heir)
  m. Thomas Oliver of King's Bridge @1@ below



This section first uploaded 29.10.10, reviewed 22.12.20.
William Oliver of King's Bridge, Devon
m. Margaret Carew (dau of Sir John Carew)
1. Thomas Oliver of King's Bridge
  m. Alice Battiscombe (dau/heir of John Battiscombe of Bridport) @1@ above
  A. William Oliver of Bridport
  m. Jane Montfort (dau/heir of William Montfort of Bridport, son of John by Jane, dau of John Clinton)
  i. Elizabeth Oliver
  m. John West of London (alderman) @2@ below
  ii. Alice Oliver
  m. Walter Hill of Hertfordshire
  a. John Hill
  m. Anne
  (1) Elizabeth Hill (heir)
  m. Robert Sabin



This section first uploaded 29.10.10, reviewed 22.12.20.
John Wesse or West of Millington, Yorkshire
1. Robert Wesse or West of Millington
2. John Wesse or West of London (alderman)
  m. Elizabeth Oliver (dau/coheir of William Oliver of Bridport) @2@ above
  A. Catherine Wesse or West
  m. William Colshill
  B. Bridgett or Beatrix Wesse or West
  m. Robert Palmer of Parham



This section first uploaded 29.10.10.
Sir Stephen Somester
1. Stephen Somester
  m. Margaret (dau of William)
  A. Raffe Somester (dvp)
  B. John Somester
  m. Beatrix Bonython (dau of Thomas Bonython)
i. Roger Somester
  m. Elizabeth Pemarth (dau of Thomas Pemarth)
  a. John Somester
  m. Jone Mannyfold (dau of Hugh Mannyfold)
  (1) William Somester
  m. Jone Pederton (dau of John Pederton)
  (A) John Somester
  m. Isabel Roch
  (i) Elizabeth Somester (coheir)
  m. John Colshill
  Note the possible confusion with another Elizabeth Somaster who m. a John Coleshill.

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