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Families covered: Tulse of Hinton Admiral, Tregeare (Tregere) of Cowan, Tregeare of Launceston, Tudor of Welshpool, Trant of Dingle, Trant of Dovea

William Tulse of Hampshire
1. ?? Tulse
  Nephew of Henry of Hinton Admiral (MP) was ...
  A. Sir Henry Tulse, Sheriff then Lord Mayor of London (bur 12.09.1689, master grocer)
  m. Elizabeth Turgis (dau of Thomas Turgis of London) wife of Sir Henry and mother of ...
  i. Elizabeth Tulse (bpt 03.01.1660-1, d 25.11.1718)
  m. (31.08.1676) Richard Onslow, 1st Lord
2. Henry Tulse of Hinton Admiral, Hampshire (b c1590, d 1642, MP, younger son)
  m. Margaret Lambert (dau of Thomas Lambert of Laverstock, son/heir of Sir Thomas)
  A. Henry Tulse of Hinton Admiral (b c1637, d 07.06.1797, MP)
  m. Frances Harwood (d 19.11.1680, dau/heir of William Harwood of Sutton Scotney)
  i. William Tulse of Hinton Admiral (b c1673, a 1727, MP)
  ii.+ other issue - Henry (b c1681), Margaret (bur 09.10.1673), Catherine (b c1675, a 1686)
  B. Robert Tulse (b c1640, a 1686) possibly the Robert of Portsmouth who married ...
  m. (30.12.1673) Margaret Austin
  C.+ other issue - Thomas (dsp by 1686), Elizabeth (d 23.09.1642)



John Tregere of Cowan
m. Amy Owry or Tregonwall (dau/coheir of John Owry alias Tregonwall)
1. Thomas Tregere (dsp)
2. Richard Tregere
  m. Agnes Chapman (dau of John Chapman of Langetree)
  A. John Tregere
  m. Maude Slader (dau of Roger Slader of Tiptquet)
  i. John Tregere of Crowen (Cowan)
  m. Honor Hambley (dau of John Hambley of St. Earth)
  a. John Tregeare (b c1611, 2nd son)
  m. Mary (bur 02.09.1682) probably parents of ...
  (1) Richard Tregeare of Launceston (bpt 28.04.1634)
  m. (26.12.1672) Dorothy (widow of _ Gennys)
  (A) James Tregeare of Launceston (bur 10.04.1731) probably of this generation
  (i)+ issue - James (bpt 05.09.1715), Margery (bpt 27.03.1713)
  (B)+ other issue - Richard (bpt 04.07.1677, bur 19.11.1677), John (bpt 17.03.1678, bur 24.07.1683), Elizabeth (bpt 23.11.1673), Mary (bpt 18.06.1676, bur 06.12.1695), Margaret (bpt 05.06.1681, bur 18.12.1695)
  b.+ other issue (a 1620) - Richard (b c1601), James (bpt 21.08.1614), Christopher (b c1617), Anne, Grace, Christie, Katherin, Mawde
  ii. John Tregere
  m. Dorothy (bur 09.06.1620, relict of _ Wills)
  a. Edward Tregeare (bpt 20.12.1620)
  iii. Elizabeth Tregere
  m. John Lenn of Lavack



Humphry Tudor of Welshpool, Montgomeryshire
m. Anne Jervis (dau of Thomas Jervis of Hudan in Castle-en-Crinion, sister/heir of Thomas, "Descended from the family of Jervis of Staffordshire")
1. John Tudor (2nd son)
  A. daughter
  m. _ Palmer of Welshpool
  i.+ 5 daughters
2. Edward Tudor of Welshpool (youngest son)
A. Henry Tudor 'of Tudor Hall' of Sheffield (b 1738, d 22.01.1803, silverplater)
  m1. (06.06.1758) Elizabeth Dodworth of Sheffield (b 1734-5, d 08.06.1781, sister-in-law of Thomas Bolsover of Sheffield ("the inventor of silver plating"))
  m2. (06.01.1783) Elizabeth Rimington (d 22.01.1800 (22.03.1800?), dau of John Rimington of Carlton, sister of John of Hillsborough Hall)
  i. Henry Tudor of Englefield Green, Surry (b 16.03.1788, d 1864) had issue (1 dau)
  m. (05.1856) Eliza Julia Montague (dau of Colonel _ Montague)
  ii. George Tudor of East Cowes Castle, Isle of Wigt (b 01.08.1792, dsp 24.12.15857, MP)
  m. Elizabeth Mary Jones (dsp 1880, dau of John Jones of London, m2. John, Viscount Gort)
  iii. Elizabeth Tudor (b 24.10.1783, d 1814)
  m. (06.02.1808) (Thomas Amphlett) Phillips (Captain RN)
  iv. Harriet Tudor (b 09.05.1785, dsp 1807)
  m. Rowland Hodgson of Sheffield
  v. Mary Tudor (b 18.01.1787, d 1861)
  m. Henry Garrett Key of Blackwell Hall, Chesham
  vi. Charlotte Tudor (b 11.07.1789, d 22.01.1817)
  m. (08.02.1811) William Burgoyne Fernell of Chesterfield & Sheffield
  B. Elizabeth Tudor
  m. _ Hirst
3.+ other issue - Humphry, Richard (d unm)



BLG1886 ('Trant of Dovea') reports that "The Trants claim Danish extraction, and are of antiquity in Ireland."
?? Trant of Dingle, co.Kerry father of Sir Patrick & Richard, presumed also of ...
1. ?? Trant presumed intermediary generation, possibly the Dominick identified by BEB1841 as brother of Sir Patrick (and ancestor of Dominick Trant of Montserrat who m. dau of P.L. Story and had issue) who married ...
  m. _ Rice (sister of Sir Stephen Rice) possibly mother of ...
A. Dominick Trant of Dingle (d by 1759) the first mentioned by BLGI1912
  m1. Catherine Trant (d by 1725, "kinswoman")
  i. James Trant
  ii. Dominick Trant of Dunkettle (co. Cork) 'of Dovea' (d c06.1790, MP)
  BLGI1912 mentions only Dominick's marriage to Eleanor Fitzgibbon but it appears that he first married ...
  m1. Mary Rice (dau of Edward Rice of Mount Rice)
  m2. Eleanor Fitzgibbon (sister of John, 1st Earl of Clare)
  a. John Frederick Trant of Dovea, co. Tipperary (b c1777, d 21.11.1838, Captain) had issue
  m. Caroline Brooke (dau of Francis Brooke of Colebrooke by Hannah, dau of Henry Prittle)
  b. William Henry Trant (b 02.1781, d 01.10.1859, MP) had issue
  m1. (25.11.1812) Charlotte Lumsden (dau of John Lumsden (director of the East India Company))
  m2. (11.05.1842, sp) Eleanor Richards (dau of John Richards of Datchet)
  c. Maria Trant (d 15.10.1819)
  m. (10.07.1802) Henry Prittie, 2nd Lord Dunalley (b 03.03.1775, dsp 19.10.1854)
m2. ??
2. Sir Patrick Trant of Portarlington (Queen's Co.), (1st) Bart (d before 1702)
  Patrick was a supporter of James II who, according to TCB, "is said to have promised him a peerage as Baron Maryborough ... He followed James II into France" and was attainted with his title forfeited.
  m. Helen (d before 06.02.1728/9)
  A. 'Sir' John Trant, '2nd Bart' (d unm 05.05.1702)
  B. 'Sir' Charles Trant, '3rd Bart' (d unm by 1711)
  C. 'Sir' John Trant, '4th Bart' (a 1728, dsp?)
  D. Ellen or Ann Trant
  m. (19.09.1684) Christopher Fleming, Lord Slane, Viscount Longford (b 1669, d 14.07.1726)
  E. daughter (dsp)
  m. Prince d'Auvergne
3 Richard Trant, Governor of Barbadoes
  m. Sarah Ford (sister of Robert Ford and of Margaret, wife of Sir Richard Steele) mother of Margaret, presumed also of ...
  A. James Trant
  B. Margaret Trant (b c1688, d 05.08.1737)
  m. Richard Lambert, 4th Earl of Cavan (d 10.03.1741)

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