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Families covered: Killigrew of Hanworth, Killigrew of Laroch, Killigrew of Pendennis Castle

Sir Henry Killigrew of Laroch, Cornwall (b before 1531, d 16.03.1602/3, Ambassador)
m. (04.11.1566/7) Katherine Cooke (dau of Sir Anthony Cooke of Gidea Hall)
1. Anne Killigrew (b 1568)
  m1. (c12.1584) Sir Henry Neville of Billingbere (d 1615)
  m2. George Carlton, Bishop of Chichester
2. Mary Killigrew
  m. (c07.09.1589) Sir Reginald Mohun, Bart of Boconnoc (d 26.12.1639)
3. Elizabeth Killigrew (d 06.06.1638)
  This Elizabeth is sometimes shown as wife of Sir Maurice Berkeley of Bruton but, whilst we are not certain how that Elizabeth fitted into this family (we believe that she was the Elizabeth who is shown below as cousin of this Elizabeth), this one married ...
  m1. (before 1592) Sir John Trelawny of Trelawny (d 1604)
  m2. (06.02.1606) Sir Thomas Reynell of Ogwell
  m3. (sp) Sir Nicholas Lower of Clifton
4. Dorothy Killigrew (bur 30.06.1643)
  m. (15.12.1600) Sir Edward Seymour, 2nd Bart of Berry Pomeroy (d 1659)
m2. Jael de Peigne (d before 28.03.1632, m2. George Downham, Bishop of Derry)
5. Sir Joseph Killigrew (bpt 04.02.1591/2, d 19.04.1616)
  m. (before 1614) Elizabeth Hext (dau/heir of Sir Edward Hext of Netherham, m2. Sir John Stawell)
  A. Elizabeth Killigrew (bpt 01.02.1613/4)
  m1. (18.02.1629) William Bassett
  m2. (before 1662) Henry Seymour
6. Sir Henry Killigrew (b c1598, d 27.09.1646)
  m. Jemima Bael (dau of Nicholas Bael)
  A. Henry Killigrew (dsp 1644, Major)
7.+ other issue - Sir Robert (a 1616), Jane
partner unknown
9. child (b/d 21.12.1583)



Sir William Killigrew (d 23.11.1622, Governor of Pendennis Castle, Chamberlain to Queen Elizabeth)
m. Margaret Saunders (dau of Thomas Saunders of Uxbridge, widow of John Leigh of Froyle)
1. Sir Robert Killigrew of Hanworth, Middlesex (b 1579/80, d 26.11.1632, Chamberlain)
m. Mary Wodehouse (dau of Sir Henry Wodehouse of Waxham)
  A. Sir William Killigrew 'of Hanworth' (bpt 28.05.1606, bur 17.10.1695, Governor of Pendennis Castle, Vice Chamberlain)
  m. Mary Hill (d 1686, dau of John Hill of Homiley)
  i. Sir Robert Killigrew of Crediton (bpt 26.03.1628, a 1694, Vice Chamberlain to Queen Anne)
  m. Barbara
  a.+ issue - Robert (bpt 14.04.1661), Thomas (bpt 21.07.1663), Sir Henry (bpt 04.04.1665, d before 12.1711, Barbara (bopt 10.1667, a 1711)
  ii. William Killigrew (a 1694, Captain, 3rd son)
a. William Killigrew (b before 1694)
  iii. Elizabeth Killigrew (bur 11.12.1677)
  m. Francis Clinton, 6th Earl of Lincoln (b c1635, d 04.09.1693)
  iv. Mary Killigrew (bpt 20.03.1627)
  m. (1644) Frederik van Nassau of Zuylesteyn (b c1608, d 12.10.1672)
  v. Susan Killigrew (bpt 01.04.1629)
  m. Richard Barrymore, 2nd Earl (bpt 24.11.1630, d 11.1694)
  vi.+ other issue - Henry (b c1630, dsp before 09.05.1661), Cecilia (bpt 24.08.1635)
  B. Thomas Killigrew (b 07.02.1611/2, d 18.03.1682/3, Groom of the Bedchamber for Charles II, Master of the Revels, dramatist, 4th son)
  m1. (29.06.1636) Cecilia Crofts (d 01.01.1637/8, dau of Sir John Crofts of Saxham by Mary Shirley)
  i. Henry Killigrew (b 09.04.1637, d before 16.12.1705, Groom of the Bedchamber)
  m. Mary Savage (dau of John Savage, 2nd Earl Rivers)
  a. Henry Killigrew (b c1681, d before 10.1724, Admiral)
  m. (30.11.1716) Frances Maria Bucknall (d beofre 02.05.1753)
  (1)+ issue - Mary Cecilia (b 21.08.1718), Elizabeth Frances (bpt 21.121719)
  b. James Killigrew
  c. Mary Killigrew (b c1678)
  m. (27.04.1696) William Newbury
  m2. (28.01.1655) Charlotte de Hesse (b 1629, d 1716, dau of John de Hesse of Holland)
  ii. Charles Killigrew (b 29.12.1655, d before 04.01.1724/5, Master of the Revels)
  m. Jemima Bokenham (d before 14.07.1731, niece of Richard Bokenham of London)
  a. Charles Killigrew of Thornham Hall, Suffolk (b c1695, d 09.03.1756, 3rd son)
  (1) Thomas Guilford Killigrew (bpt 04.02.1719/50, d 1782)
  m. Catherine Chubb
  (A) Mary Killigrew (b 23.11.1742)
  (2) Mary Killigrew (bpt 19.03.1722/3)
  b.+ other issue - Guilford (dsp 18.02.1751, Lt. Colonel), Thomas (bpt 23.02.1694, d 1719, playwright)
  iii. Thomas Killigrew (b 02.1656/7, bur 21.07.1719)
  a. George Augustus Killigrew (b before 1719, d before 20.08.1757, Captain)
  m1. Isabella
  (1) Dorothy Killigrew (bpt 24.04.1743)
  m2. Augusta Killigrew
  (2)+ other issue - Charles (b 10.04.1745), Frances Mary (bpt 23.06.1748, d 20.07.1819)
  iv.+ other issue - Robert (b c1659/1663, d 24.04.1707, General), Roger (bpt 02.10.1663), Elizabeth (b 03.07.1666)
  C. Henry Killigrew (b 11.02.1612/3, d 14.03.1699/1700, army chaplain, canon of Westminster, rector of Wheathamsted)
  m1. ??
  i. Mary Killigrew
  m. (14.08.1665) Nicholas Only
  ii. Elizabeth Killigrew (d 28.10.1701)
  m. John Lambe (rector of Wheathamsted)
  iii.+ other issue - James (d 18.01.1694/50, Commander RN), Anne (b 1660, d 16.06.1685, poet & painter)
  Some web sites show James & Anne as children of Henry's brother Thomas rather than of Henry.
  m2. Judith (d 1683)
  v. Henry Killigrew (b c1652, d 09.11.1712, Lord of Admiralty)
  m. (c1692) Lucy Jervoise (dau of Capt. Thomas Jervoise by Mary Purefoy of Wadley)
a. Lucy Killigrew
  m. (28.05.1716) James Cook
  b.+ issue - Henry (Major), Peter (bpt 14.01.1700/1, d before 26.02.1719), Alisha (bpt 19.08.1702), Jane (d 1733), Judith (bpt 05.12.1703, d before 24.07.1731), Mary
  D. Anne Killigrew (bpt 07.09.1607, bur 09.07.1641)
  m. (before 1630) George Kirke of Charing Cross & Sheriff Hutton (bur 26.05.1675)
  E. Katherine Killigrew (b 1618, d before 30.04.1689)
  p/m1. George Eliot (son of Sir John)
  m2. Sir Thomas Stanley
  F. Elizabeth Killigrew (bpt 16.05.1622, d before 04.1.1680/1)
  m. (24.10.1638) Francis Boyle, 1st Viscount Shannon (b 1623, bur 19.04.1699)
  p. Charles Stuart, King Charles II (b 29.05.1630, d 06.02.1685)
  G. Mary Killigrew (bpt 24.06.1623, d 06.11.1677)
  m. (after 1656) Sir John James
  H.+ other issue - Charles (dsp before 01.06.1689), Robert (bpt 14.02.1609/10, a 1632), Joseph (bpt 14.02.1609/10), George (bpt 28.05.1619), Elizabeth (bpt 11.05.1618, d before 1622)
2. Elizabeth Killigrew possibly the Elizabeth (d 04-5.1626) who married ...
  m1. Sir Henry Trelawny
  m2. Sir Maurice Berkeley of Bruton (d 01.05.1617)
3. Katherine Killigrew
  m. (1599) Sir Thomas Jermyn

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