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Families covered: Nassau of Auverquerque, Nassau of Orange, Nassau of Rochford, Nassau of Zuylesteyn

We could take the pedigree of this family back many generations, and link it in many places to families in the Continental section of the database, but for the moment leave that to other sites.
William I (Maurice) 'the Silent' van Nassau, Prince of Orange, Stadtholder (b 25.04.1533, d 10.07.1584)
m1. (08.07.1551) Anna von Agmont-Buren
m2. (24.08.1561, div 1574) Anna of Saxony (b 23.12.1544, d 18.12.1577, dau of Maurice Wettin, Elector of Saxony)
1. Maurice van Nassau, Prince of Orange, Stadtholder (b 14.11.1567, dspl unm 23.04.1625)
  p. Margaretha van Mechelen (b c1581, d 1662)
  A. Lodewyk (Lewis or Louis) van Nassau of Auverquerque (b 1602, d 28.02.1668) named Henry by BE1883
  m. Elizabeth de Hoorn (dau of Jean, Graaf von Hoorn)
i. Henry van Nassau of Auverquerque (b 1640-1, d 1708, 3rd son)
  m. Frances van Aersen (dau of Cornelius, Lord of Sommeladyck & Platt)
  a. Henry van Nassau of Auverquerque, Earl of Grantham (b c1672, d 05.12.1754)
  m. (12.01.1697) Henrietta Butler (d 11.10.1724, dau of Thomas Butler, Earl of Ossory, cousin)
  (1) Frances Nassau (dsp 1772)
  m. (1737) William Elliot (Captain)
  (2) Henrietta Nassau de Auverquerque (d 23.09.1747)
  m. (27.06.1732) William Cowper, later Clavering-Cowper, 2nd Earl Cowper (b 13.08.1709, d 18.09.1764)
(3)+ other issue (d unm) - Henry (b 1697, dvp 19.06.1718, 'Viscount Boston'), Thomas (b 1700, dvpsp 27.04.1730, 'Viscount Boston'), Emilia Maria (d young)
  b. Isabella Nassau (b 1668, d 1692)
  m. (1691) Charles Granville, 2nd Earl of Bath (bpt 31.08.1661, d 04.09.1701)
  c. Lucia Anna (or Frances) Nassau (b 1684, d 04.09.1744)
  m. (17.02.1704/5) Nanfan Coote, 2nd Earl of Bellomont (b c1681, d 14.06.1708)
  d.+ other issue - Ludwig/Louis (b 1669, d 02.08.1687), Cornelius (b 1675, d Denain 1712, Count of Nassau, Lt. General), Maurice (b 1679, d 1753, Field Marshal, had issue), Franz/Francis (b 1682, d Almenare 27.07.1710, Count of Nassau, Colonel)
  ii. Emilia Nassau
  m. (17.11.1659) Thomas Butler, Earl of Ossory (b 08.07.1634, dvp 30.07.1680, son of James, Duke of Ormond)
  iii. Isabella Nassau (b c1631, d 18.01.1717/8)
  m. (c1664/5) Henry Bennett, Earl of Arlington (b c1620, d 28.07.1685)
  iv. Mauritia Nassau (bur 1671)
  m. (c1670) Colin Lindsay, 3rd Earl of Balcarres (bpt 23.08.1652, d 11.1721/1723)
  v. Anna Elizabeth Nassau (b c1638, d 1688)
  m. (1671) Albrecht, Baron van Ruytenburgh
  a. Anna Elizabeth Ruytenburgh (d 16.01.1721/2)
  m. (c1701) George Cholmondeley, 2nd Earl of Cholmondeley (d 07.5.1733)
vi.+ other issue son)
  B.+ other issue
2.+ other issue - sons (dsp), daughters
m3. Charlotte de Bourbon-Montpensier (dau of Louis, Duke de Montpensier)
3. Charlotte Brabantine Nassau
  The following connection comes from TCP (Derby).
  m. Claude de la Tremoille, Duke of Thouars
  A. Charlotte de la Tremoille (d 21.03.1663)
  m. (26.06.1626) James Stanley, 7th Earl of Derby (b 31.01.1607, d 15.10.1651)
m4. Louise de Coligny (b 1546-7, d 11.1620, dau of Admiral Gaspard de Coligny, Sn de Chatillon)
4. Frederick Henry van Nassau, Prince of Orange, Stadtholder (b 28.02.1584, d 14.03.1647)
  m. (04.04.1625) Amalie (b 31.08.1602, d 08.09.1675, dau of John Albert I, Count of Solms-Braunfels)
  A. William II van Nassau, Prince of Orange, Stadtholder (b 27.05.1625, d 06.11.1650)
  m. (02.05.1641) Mary Stuart (b 04.11.1631, d 24.12.1660, dau of Charles Stuart, King Charles I of England, Scotland & Ireland)
i. William III van Nassau, Prince of Orange, Stadtholder, King William III of England, Scotland & Ireland (b 14.11.1650, dsp 08.03.1701/2)
  m. (04.11.1677) Mary Stuart, Queen Mary of England, Scotland & Ireland (b 30.04.1662, dsp 28.12.1694, dau of James Stuart (King James II of England & Ireland, King James VII of Scotland), cousin)
  B.+ other issue
  p. Amasia (dau of a burgomaster of Rotterdam or Emmerik)
  C. Frederik van Nassau of Zuylesteyn (b c1608, d 12.10.1672)
  BE1883 suggests that Frederik's wife was dau of Sir William Killigrew, Bart, but that Sir William d unm. TCP (Rochford) identifies her as ...
  m. Mary Killigrew (dau of Sir William Killigrew 'of Hanworth', Vice Chamberlain to Queen Catherine)
  i. William Henry van Nassau of Zuylesteyn, 1st Earl of Rochford (bpt 07.10.1649, d 02.07.1708)
  m. (28.01.1681) Jane Wroth (dau of Sir Henry Wroth of Durrants by Anne Maynard)
a. William Nassau of Zuylesteyn, 2nd Earl of Rochford (b 1681, d unm 27.07.1710)
  b. Frederick Nassau of Zuylesteyn, 3rd Earl of Rochford (b 1683, d 14.06.1738)
  m. (c08.1714) Bessy Savage (d 23.06.1746, natural dau of Richard Savage, 4th Earl Rivers, by Mrs. Elizabeth Colleton, m2. Rev. Philip Carter)
  (1) William Henry Nassau of Zuylesteyn, 4th Earl of Rochford (b 17.09.1717, d 28.09.1781)
  m. (05.1740, sp) Lucy Young (b 1715, d 09.01.1773, dau of Edward Young of Durnford)
  partner unknown
  (A) Frederic Nassau
  m. Catherine Rose, Baronne de Brackell
  (2) Richard Savage Nassau (b 1723, d 05.1780)
  m. Anne Spencer (d 09.03.1771, dau/coheir of Edward Spencer of Rendlesham, widow of James, 5th Duke of Hamilton)
  (A) William Henry Nassau of Zuylesteyn, 5th Earl of Rochford (b 28.06.1754, d unm 03.09.1830)
  (B)+ other issue - George Richard Savage (b 05.09.1756, dsp), Lucy (d unm)
  c.+ 2 sons and 5 daughters

Main source(s): 'RoyalData', GenEU (Nassau8) with support/input from TCP (Grantham), BE1883 (Nassau or De Auverquerque of Grantham), TCP (Rochford), BE1883 (Nassau of Rochford)
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