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Families covered: Crofts of Bardwell, Crofts (Croftes) of Saxham Parva, Crofts (Croftes) of West Stow (Westow)

The following family's name appears to have been spelt Crofts or Croftes interchangeably. We follow that example.
Thomas Croftes (or Croftys) of Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk (d 1443)
m. Emma
1. John Croftes of Bury St. Edmunds (a 10.1467)
  m. Katherine (d before 1467)
  A. John Croftes of Westow (West Stow), Suffolk
  m. Joan Cocket (dau of John Cocket of Ampton)
  i. John Croftes of West Stow (a 1467, d before 1518)
  m. Elizabeth Hervey (d 09.05.1519, dau of Thomas Hervey of Ickworth)
  a. Sir John Croftes of West Stow & Saxham Parva, Suffolk (b c1490)
BEB1841 starts with Sir John, identifying his wife Rose as dau/heir of George Sampson. Cage names her Rosa, dau/heir of the family of Sampson of Carsey. BIFR1976 identifies her as ...
  m. (1517) Rose Sampson (dau/heir of Sir John Sampson of Kersey, widow of John Bledlowe of London)
  (1) Edmund Croftes or Crofts of West Stow & Saxham Parva (b c1520, d 14.02.1557-8)
BEB1841 shows Edmund m1. dau of Thomas, Lord Burgh, mother of John, Margaret & Alice; m2. Elizabeth Kilson (sic), mother of Thomas. We follow BIFR1976 & Cage in showing the marriages the other way round.
  m1. Elizabeth Kitson (dau of Sir Thomas Kitson (not Kilson))
  (A) Thomas Crofts of West Stow & Saxham Parva, Sheriff of Suffolk (b 12.06.1540, d 03.04.1612) - continued below
  m. Susan Poley (d 13.09.1603, dau of Sir John Poley of Badley)
  (B) Henry Crofts (dsp)
  m2. Eleanor (dau of Thomas, Lord Burgh or Borough, widow of Sir William Musgrave)
(C) Margaret Crofts (b c1548)
  m. (23.08.1563) John Southwell of Barham
  (D)+ other issue - John of Wangford (dsp 26.12.1561), Alice (d unm)
(2) Thomas Crofts of Bardwell, Suffolk (d 17.11.1595)
  m. Margaret Copledike (d 01.06.1560, dau of Sir John Copledike of Lincolnshire)
  (A) Charles Crofts 'of Bardwell' (d 1616-7)
  (i) Sir Charles Crofts 'of Bardwell' (b c1580, d 1663)
  m1. Bridget (or Sisely) Poley of Badley
  m2. Jane Litton (dau of Sir Rowland Litton)
Not clear which wife was mother of ....
  (a) Bridget Crofts
  m. (Thomas) Read of Lincolnshire, later of Bardwell
  (b) Elizabeth Crofts (d unm)
  (c) Cicely Crofts
  m. Francis Brewster of Wrentham
  (ii) Elizabeth Crofts
  m. Roger (sb Robert) Drury of Rougham
  (iii) Margaret Crofts
  m. John Syllett
  (iv) Susan Crofts
  m1. Thomas Aldham of Sapiston
  m2. _ Aldham of Sapiston
  (v)+ other issue - John, Robert in London
  b. Margaret Croftes (bur 20.01.1569) shown by Cage a generation later
  ii. Walter Croftes (a 1467)
  B. Thomas Croftes (a 1467, monk)



Thomas Crofts of West Stow & Saxham Parva, Sheriff of Suffolk (b 12.06.1540, d 03.04.1612) - continued above
m. Susan Poley (d 13.09.1603, dau of Sir John Poley of Badley by Anne, dau of 1st Lord Wentworth)
1. Sir John Crofts of West Stow & Saxham Parva (b 1563, d 29.03.1628)
  m. Mary Shirley (bur 18.03.1649, dau of Sir Thomas Shirley of Wiston)
  A. Sir Henry Crofts of Saxham (b c1590, bur 31.03.1667, MP)
BEB1841 shows Sir Henry m1. Margery (mother of William + 3 daughters), m2. Elizabeth (mother of John, Charles, Edmund, Elizabeth, Mary & Esther). This appears to be supported by TCP (Cornwallis) which reports that the mother of Elizabeth, Elizabeth Wortley, was Sir Henry's 2nd wife. Nevertheless, for the order of Henry's marriages we are (provisionally) following BIFR1976 & Cage as it is partly supported by TCP (Crofts of Saxham) which reports that William's mother was his father's 1st wife, Elizabeth Wortley. Whilst BIFR1976 does not name the children (but does report that Henry had 5 sons and 5 daughters by Elizabeth and 1 son and 3 daughters by Margaret/Margerie), Cage does.
  m1. (1610) Elizabeth Wortley (bur 01.10.1642, dau of Sir Richard Wortley of Wortley)
  i. William Crofts, Baron Crofts of Saxham (b c1611, dsp 11.09.1677)
  m1. (c01.04.1661) Dorothy Hobart (dau of Sir John Hobart, Bart of Intwood, by Philippa Sydney)
  m2. Elizabeth Spencer (dau of William, Lord Spencer, by Penelope Wriothesley)
  ii. Elizabeth Crofts
  m. Frederick Cornwallis, 1st Lord Cornwallis of Eye (b 11.1610, d 01.1661/2)
  iii. Hester Crofts named Mary by BEB1841 but Hester by Cage and the Poley records, confirmed by TCP (Jermyn)
  m. Sir Edmund Poley of Badley
  iv.+ other issue - John (dsp 1670, Dean of Norwich), Edmund (bpt 04.08.1618, dsp), Charles (dsp), Henry (dsp bur 13.02.1641), Maria (bur 25.08.1628), Cecilia (d infant), Katherine (bpt 28.06.1637, d 1686)
  m2. Margery or Margaret (bur 26.05.1674)
  xi. Maria Crofts (bpt 25.01.1646, bur 26.01.1722)
m. Thomas Goddard of Brampton
  xii. Cecilia Crofts
  m. Thomas Coel of Depden
  xiii.+ other issue - Henry (bpt 19.10.1644, bur 17.01.1644/5), Elizabeth (dsp vur 18.10.1681)
  B. Anthony Crofts of West Stow (b c1593, d 01.10.1657)
  m. (16.07.1633) Mary Franklin (dau of Richard Franklin of Willesden, relict of Sir John Smyth of Leeds Castle)
  i. Sir John Crofts, Bart of West Stow (dsps bur 12.1664)
  The following is partly supported by TCB (vol 3, 'Crofts of Stow', p177).
  m. Bryers Wharton (d 13.01.1669/70, dau/heir of George Wharton of Wrotham by Anne Bryers)
a.+ issue (d infant) - Bryers, John
  ii. William Croftes of Saxham Parva (d 23.01.1694-5)
  m1. (1675, sp) Maria (dau of Philip, Viscount Wenman)
  m2. Anna Allington (bur 03.10.1727, dau of William Allington of St. Edmundsbury)
  a. Anthony Croftes of Saxham Parva (bpt 06.08.1684, d 1727, 2nd son)
m. (30.09.1708) Elizabeth Gipps (bur 21.08.1753, dau of Sir Richard Gipps of Horningsherth)
  (1) William Croftes of Saxham Parva (b 08.06.1711, d 14.11.1770)
  m. (12.1738) Maria Decker (dau/coheir of Sir Matthew Decker, Bart)
  (A) Richard Croftes 'of West Harling' of Saxham Parva (d 04.08.1783)
  m. Harrietta Darell (d 1828, dau of John Darell of Middlesex)
  (i) Harrietta Croftes (d 05.08.1826)
  m. (08.1793) Sir John Saunders Sebright of Beaford, Bart
  (B) Milesina Maria Croftes (a 1785)
  m. Francis Ludovic Samuel Pache of Morges (Berne)
(C)+ other issue - Charles (dsp 1785), William (dsp), Henrietta (dsp 1822)
  b.+ other isuse - William (b c12.1682, bur 23.04.1694), Charles (bpt 10.06.1690, d 25.04.1737, of Lincoln's Inn), John (bpt 09.10.1691, bur 29.01.1691/2), Henry (bpt 17.01.1692, bur 23.04.1694), Maria (d infant), Maria (bpt 15.05.1685, d infant)
  iii. Anthony Crofts of Badley (d 12.02.1713)
C. Anne Crofts (d 16.01.1637/8)
  m. (1611) Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Cleveland (b 1591, d 1667)
  D. Frances Crofts (b 1589, d 03.1661)
  m1. Sir John Compton of Skerne (d 1625)
  m2. Edmund Poley of Badley
  E. Jane Crofts
  m. (07.1616) Sir Humphrey Mildmay of Danebury Place & Hazlegrove
  F. Dorothea Crofts (d 1659)
  m. (c1615) Sir John Bennet (not Burnett) of Dawley
  G. Alice Crofts (b 1608, d 07.10.1678)
m. (1629) Sir Owen Smith of Norfolk
  H. Cecilia Crofts (d 01.01.1637/8)
  m. (29.06.1636) Thomas Killigrew (d 1682/3)
  I. Mary Crofts (bpt 10.1597)
  m. (12.1629) Sir Christopher Abdy of Rybridge / London
  J.+ other issue - John (bpt 12.1598, d 1664, cupbearer to King Charles II), Samuel, Edmund/Edward, Thomas (d 1600), Charles (d 1608)
2. Sir Henry Crofts (bpt 25.04.1565, d 24.12.1609, Captain, Scoutmaster General in Ireland)
m. Angel Guest (sister of Sir Lionel Guest)
  a. Susanna Crofts
3. Francis Crofts of Lackford, Suffolk (b 30.03.1567, bur 13.11.1638, Captain, to Ireland)
  m. (27.02.1594) Margaret Rampley (bur 25.04.1642, dau of Reynold Rampley of Walsham-le-Willows)
4. William Crofts (bpt 21.04.1568, d before 1612)
  m. (19.12.1599) Jane Poley (dau of William Poley of Boxted, widow of Capt. Powell)
  A.+ issue - William (bpt 28.09.1600), John (bpt 21.10.1604, bur 15.05.1676), Jane (bpt 04.01.1572, d 22.04.1623)
5. Anne Crofts (bpt 18.06.1569, d 1634)
  m. (22.04.1588) Sir Richard Gresham of Thorpe
6. Elizabeth Crofts (bpt 25.04.1575, d 1630)
  m. (1594) Anthony Penning of Kettleburg, Sheriff of Essex (a 1607)
7. Susan Crofts (bpt 09.02.1577) named by BEB1841 (Crofts) as a 2nd Anne and reported by BEB1841 (Barker) as daughter rather than sister of Sir John
  m. (27.09.1597) Sir Robert Barker of Grimston Hall
8. Dorothea Crofts (bpt 04.02.1581) possibly the unnamed daughter shown by BEB1841 as married to ...
  m. John Grime
9.+ other issue - Robert (bpt 04.01.1572, d unm 22.04.1623), Edmund (bpt 10.01.1573), Jane (bpt 29.10.1580, bur 06.01.1581)

Main source(s): BIFR1976 ('Crofts'), BEB1841 ('Crofts of Stow'), 'History and Antiquities of Suffolk: Thingoe Hundred' (John Gage, 1938, 'Croftes de Saxham Parva', p134)
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