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Families covered: Berkeley of Berkeley, Berkeley of Dursley

Sir James de Berkeley, 1st Lord (b c1394, d 11.1463)
m1. (mcrt 19.04.1410) dau of Sir John St John
BP1934 and Commoners leave out this marriage which TCP (Berkeley) admits may have not taken place even though it had been contracted.
m2. (1415) dau of Sir Humphrey Stafford of Hooke (dsp)
m3. (1423/4) Isabel Mowbray (d 27.09.1452, dau of Thomas de Mowbray, 1st Duke of Norfolk)
1. William Berkeley, 2nd Lord, Marquess of Berkeley (b 1426, dsp 14.02.1491-2)
  m1. (1466) Elizabeth (dau of Reginald, Lord De La Warr)
  m2. (11.1468) Joan Strangways (d 24.02.1484, dau of Sir Thomas Strangways)
  m3. (c1486) Anne Fiennes (d 10.09.1497, dau of Sir Thomas Fiennes (by Alice FitzHugh), m2. Sir Thomas Brandon)
2. Maurice Berkeley, de jure 3rd Lord (b c1435, d 09.1506)
  The barony was not formally passed to Maurice, apparently because his elder brother had disapproved of Maurice's marriage. Instead it was granted to King Henry VII, to be returned to the Maurice's heirs only on the death of the King's last male heir (which turned out to be King Edward VI who died in 1553).
  m. (1465) Isabel Meade (b c1444, d 29.05.1514, dau of Philip Meade of Meade's Place, Mayor of Bristol)
  A. Maurice Berkeley, de jure 4th Lord (b 1467, dsp 12.09.1523)
  m. (1484) Catherine Berkeley (d 1526, dau of Sir William Berkeley of Stoke Gifford)
  B. Thomas Berkeley, de jure 5th Lord (b 1472, d 22.01.1532-3)
  m1. (1504-5) Eleanor Constable (d 1525, dau of Sir Marmaduke Constable of Flamborough)
i. Thomas Berkeley, de jure 6th Lord (b 1505, d 19.09.1534)
  m1. (1526) Mary Hastings (dsp 03.1532/3, dau of George Hastings, 1st Earl of Huntingdon)
  m2. (04.1533) Anne Savage (b c1506, d 10.1564, dau of Sir John Savage of Frodsham)
  a. Henry Berkeley, 7th Lord (b 26.11.1534, d 26.11.1613)
  m1. (1554) Catherine Howard (d 1596, dau of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey)
  (1) Sir Thomas Berkeley (b 11.07.1575, dvp 22.11.1611)
  m. Elizabeth Cary (dau of George Cary, 2nd Lord Hunsden)
  (A) George Berkeley, 8th Lord (b 07.10.1601, d 10.08.1658)
  m. (13.04.1614) Elizabeth Stanhope (b 21.12.1604, dau of Sir Michael Stanhope of Sudbourne)
(i) son (dvpsp)
  (ii) George Berkeley, 1st Earl of Berkeley (b c1627, d 14.10.1698)
  m. (11.08.1646) Elizabeth Masingberd (bur 10.12.1708, dau of John Masingberd)
  (a) Charles Berkeley, 2nd Earl of Berkeley (b 08.04.1649, d 24.09.1710)
  m. (16.08.1677) Elizabeth Noel (d 30.07.1719, dau of Baptist Noel, 3rd Viscount Campden)
  ((1)) George Berkeley, Viscount Durseley (b 17.06.1679, bur vp 01.06.1699)
  ((2)) James Berkeley, 3rd Earl of Berkeley (d 17.08.1736)
  m. Louisa Lennox (b 24.12.1694, d 15.01.1716-7, dau of Charles Lennox, 1st Duke of Richmond)
  ((A)) Augustus Berkeley, 4th Earl of Berkeley (b 18.02.1715-6, d 09.01.1755)
  m. (07.05.1744) Elizabeth Drax (d 26.06.1792, dau of Henry Drax of Charborough)
  ((i)) Frederick Augustus Berkeley, 5th Earl of Berkeley (b 24.05.1745, d 08.08.1810)
  m. (16.05.1796) Mary Cole (d 30.10.1844)
  ((a)) Thomas Moreton FitzHardinge Berkeley, de jure 6th Earl of Berkeley (b 19.10.1796, d unm 27.08.1882)
  His title was not accepted by the House of Lords who disputed his legitimacy. An alleged marriage in 1785 between his parents was not proved.
  ((b)) George Charles Grantley FitzHardinge Berkeley (b 10.02.1800, d 23.02.1881)
  m. (16.08.1824) Caroline Martha Benfield (d 13.02.1873, dau of Paul Benfield)
  (((1))) 2 sons (dsp)
  ((c)) Craven FitzHardinge Berkeley (b 05.1805, d 01.07.1855)
  m1. (10.09.1839) Augusta St. Paul (d 25.4.1841, dau of Sir Horace St. Paul, Bart)
  (((1))) Louisa Mary Berkeley, Baroness (b 28.05.1840, d 10.12.1899)
m. (03.04.1872) Gustavus Hamilton Lockwood Milman (d 28.03.1915, Maj. General)
  Their daughter became Baroness Berkeley.
  m2. (27.08.1845) Charlotte Onslow (d 25.01.1897, dau of Gen. Denzil Onslow)
  (((2)))+ 3 daughters
  ((ii)) Sir George Cranfield Berkeley (b 1753, d 1818, Admiral)
  m. (1784) Emily Charlotte Lennox (d 19.10.1832, dau of Lord George Lennox)
((a)) Sir George Henry Frederick Berkeley (b 1785, d 25.09.1857, General)
  m. Lucy Sutton (d 13.02.1870, dau of Sir Thomas Sutton, Bart)
  (((1)))+ 3 sons and 1 daughter
  The 3rd son became 7th Earl of Berkeley.
  ((b)) Grenville Charles Lennox Berkeley (b 30.03.1806, d 30.03.1896)
m. (15.05.1827) Augusta Elizabeth Leigh (d 04.05.1877, dau of J.H. Leigh of Stoneleigh Abbey)
  (((1)))+ 2 daughters
  ((c)) Anne Louisa Emily Berkeley (b 02.11.1877)
  m1. (1807) Sir Thomas Masterman Hardy, Bart (d 1839, Admiral)
  m2. (02.10.1840) Charles Ellis, Lord Seaford
  ((d)) Georgiana Mary Berkeley (d 20.08.1878)
  m. (26.02.1811) Sir George Francis Seymour (b 17.09.1787, d 20.01.1870, Admiral)
  ((e)) Mary Caroline Berkeley (d 10.09.1873)
  m. (20.06.1812) Henry, 5th Duke of Grafton (d 26.03.1853)
((iii)) Georgina Augusta Berkeley (d 24.01.1820)
  m1. (20.04.1766) George Forbes, 5th Earl of Granard (b 02.04.1740, d 16.04.1780)
  m2. Samuel Little (minister)
  ((iv)) Elizabeth Berkeley (d 13.01.1828)
  m1. (30.05.1767) William Craven, 6th Lord (d 26.09.1791)
  m2. (13.10.1791) Christian Frederick, Margrave of Brandenburg Anspach and Bayreuth
  ((B)) Elizabeth Berkeley probably of this generation
  m. Anthony Henley (b c1704, dsp 1748, MP)
  ((3)) Henry Berkeley (b 1690, d 1736, Colonel, MP)
  The following comes from 'The Royal Families of England, Scotland and Wales' (John & John Bernard Burke, vol 1 (1847), 'Thomas Barneby, Esq.', pedigree CXXI).
  m. Mary Cornwall (dau of Henry Cornwall of Bredwardine Castle)
((A)) Mary Berkeley ("eventual hier")
  m. Charles Morton, (MD, Chief Librarian of the British Museum)
  ((i)) Elizabeth Morton (heir)
  m. James Dansie of Sandon, Hertfordshire
  ((a)) Mary Dansie
  m. (1798) John Freeman of Gaines
  (((1))) Mary Abigail Freeman ("eldest daughter")
  m. Charles Sidebottom
  ((a)) Elizabeth Dansie
  m. Richard Barneby of Worcester (b 1769)
  ((4)) George Berkeley (dsp 29.10.1746)
m. (26.06.1735) Henrietta Hobart (d 26.07.1767, dau of Sir Henry Hobart, 4th Bart)
  ((5)) Mary Berkeley
  m. Thomas Chambers of Hanworth
  ((6)) Elizabeth Berkeley
  m. Sir John Germain, Bart of Drayton
((7)) Penelope Berkeley (d unm)
  (b) George Berkeley (d 1694, prebentary of Westminster)
  m. (04.03.1689) Jane Cole (dau of George Cole)
  ((1)) daughter
  (c) Elizabeth Berkeley (d 1681)
  m. William Smith (of the Inner Temple)
  (d) Theophila Berkeley (d 1703)
  m1. Sir Kingsmill Lucy of Facombe, 2nd Bart
  m2. (sp) Robert Nelson of London
(e) Arabella Berkeley
  m. Sir William Pulteney (of Misterton family)
  (f) Mary Berkeley (d 19.05.1719)
  m1. Forde Grey, 3rd Lord of Werke, Earl of Tankerville (d 24.06.1701)
  m2. (05.1712) Richard Rooth of Epsom (d 21.11.1728)
  (g) Henrietta Berkeley (d unm)
  (h) Arethusa Berkeley (d 11.02.1742-3)
  m. Charles Boyle, 'Viscount Dungarvon', Lord Clifford (bpt 12.12.1639, dvp 12.10.1694)
  (B) Theophila Berkeley
  m. Sir Robert Cooke (son of Sir Edward)
(2) Frances Berkeley (d 29.12.1595)
  m. Sir George Shirley, 1st Bart of Staunton Harold (d 27.04.1622)
  (3) Mary Berkeley
  m. Sir John Zouch of Codnor
  (4)+ other issue (dsp) - Ferdinando (d young), Jane, Catherin
  m2. (09.03.1597-8) Jane Stanhope (dau of Sir Michael Stanhope of Shelford)
  b. Elizabeth Berkeley (dsp)
  m. Thomas Butler, Earl of Ormond (b c1532, d 22.11.1614)
  ii. Maurice Berkeley
  m. Alice Roydon (dau of Thomas Roydon of East Peckham)
  a. Edward Berkeley
  m. Elizabeth Berkeley (dau of Brice Berkeley)
iii. Joan or Julian Berkeley (d 31.03.1563)
  m1. (before 1536) Sir Nicholas Poyntz of Iron Acton, Sheriff of Gloucester (d before 08.07.1557)
  m2. Sir Edward Dyer
  iv. Muriel Berkeley
  m. Sir Robert Throckmorton of Coughton, Sheriff of Warwick and Leicester (d 1570-1)
  m2. (1526) Cicely Arnold (widow of Richard Rowdon of Gloucester)
  C. James Berkeley of Thornbury
  m. Ursula Veele (widow of _ Vuedall)
  i. Thomas Berkeley of Thornebury
  ii. Mary Berkeley possibly fits here (dau of James, '2nd' son of Lord Maurice)
  m1. Sir Thomas Perrott of Haroldston (d 1531)
  Their son has been identified as possibly Mary's illegitimate son by King Henry VIII.
  m2. (by 1532) Sir Thomas Jones of Abermarles & Haroldston (d 1559)
  m3. Sir Robert Whitney
D. Ann Berkeley
  m. Sir William Dennis of Dirham
3. James Berkeley (dsp)
4. Thomas Berkeley of Dursley (d 1484)
  m. Margaret Guy (dau of Richard Guy of Minsterworth)
  A. Richard Berkeley of Dursley
  m. Margaret Dyer
  i. Richard Berkeley of Dursley
  ii. William Berkeley, Mayor of Hereford (d by 1583, 4th son)
  m. Elizabeth Bunghill (dau of William Bunghill of Cowarne)
  iii.+ other issue - Thomas (dsp 05.05.1557), Edward, Humphrey (monk)
  B. John Berkeley (d 1536)
5. Elizabeth Berkeley
  m. Thomas Burdett of Arrow
6. Isabel Berkeley (2nd dau)
  m. William Trye of Hardwicke (d 06.12.1498)
7. Alice Berkeley
  m. Richard Arthur of Clapton (not Clapham)
m4. (c25.07.1457) Joan Talbot (dau of Sir John Talbot, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Berkeley), TCP (Berkeley) with some support/input from Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Barkley of Planches, ...) and a little support from Commoners (vol i, Berkeley of Spetchley)
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