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Families covered: Devenish of Hellingleigh (Heiling Leigh), Dungan (Dongan) of Castletown, Dungan of Limerick, Dell of Aylesbury, Dycer of Wrentham, Dycer (Dicer) of Hackney, Dycer of Uphall

Sir John Devenish of Heiling Leigh or Hellingleigh
m. Elizabeth Hoo (b c1450, dau of Sir Thomas Hoo, Lord Hoo and Hastings, by Ellenor, dau of Lionel, Lord Wells)
1. Richard Devenish of Hellingleigh
  m. Fayth Litton (dau of Sir Robert Litton)
A. Thomas Devenish of Hellingleigh
  Visitation identifies Thomas's wife as Ann Tanke (coheir). Commoners identifies her as Anne, dau/coheir of William Fawke of West Hampnett. Provisionally we follow Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 2, 'Pedigree of Russell of Chequer's Court', p195) in identifying her as ...
  m. Anne Tauke (dau of William Tauke (of West Hampnett?) son of Robert son of Thomas son of Robert Tauke by Elizabeth, dau/heir of Thomas Warner by Isabella, dau/heir of William Overton)
  i. William Devenish of Hellingleigh (a 1570)
  m. Cicely Ingson or Juxon ## see here ##
  a. Richard Devenish (dsp)
  b. Elizabeth Devenish
  m. Henry Walrond (not Waldron) (d 18.02.1616)
  c. Ann Devenish
m. John Raymond
  d. Elizabeth Devenish (2nd)
  m. Robert Harrison
  e. Cicely Devenish
  m. Richard Lomley
  f. Katherine Devenish
  m1. Michael Smallpage 'of Chichester'
  (1) Elizabeth Smallpage (heir) apparently of this generation
m1. John Wheatley of Catesfield
  m2. (12.04.1628) Sir William Russell, 1st Bart of Chippenham (bur 03.02.1653/4)
  m2. (29.04.1606) Sir Edward Morley of Chichester (d 13.05.1620)
  ii. Thomas Devenish
  iii. Elizabeth Devenish
  m. Bartholomew Horsley of Dorset
  iv. Katherine Devenish
  m. Richard Shelley of Sussex
  v. Dorothy Devenish
  m. John Yeldeing
  B. Fayth Devenish
  m. _ Boulstree
  C. Mary Devenish
  m. _ Rivers
  D. Anne Devenish
  m. John Hall of Horsham
  E.+ other issue (dsp) - William, Robert, Lawrence, Gerard, Goddard
2. daughter
  m. _ Poole
  A. _ Poole (Lady Heron)
3.+ other issue - Anthony, John, Richard, Lawrence



John Dungan or Dongan of Dublin (d 08.08.1592)
m. Margaret Foster
1. Sir Walter Dungan or Dongan, 1st Bart of Castletown (d before 11.02.1627)
  m. Jane Rochfort (dau of Robert Rochfort of Kilbride)
A. Sir John Dungan, 2nd Bart of Castletown
  m. Mary Talbot (dau of Sir William Talbot, Bart of Cartown)
  i. Sir Walter Dungan, 3rd Bart of Castletown (dsp by 1660)
  ii. William Dungan, 1st Earl of Limerick (b 1630, d 12.1698)
  m. (c1660) Euphemia Maria Chambers (d 1703, dau of Sir Richard Chambers)
  a. Walter Dungan (dvp unm Boyne 01.07.1690)
  b. Ursula Dungan (d 1680) apparently of this generation
  m. Luke Dillon, 6th Viscount of Costello Gallen (dsp 1682)
iii. Thomas Dungan, Governor of New York, 2nd Earl of Limerick (b 1634, dsp 14.12.1715)
  m. Mary (d 09.11.1720)
  iv. Bridget Dungan
  m. Francis Nugent of Dardistown
  v. Margaret Dungan (d 05.12.1678)
  m. (mcrt 20.07.1668) Robert Barnewall, 9th Lord Trimlestown (d 06.1689)
  vi. Alice Dungan
  m. Robert Nugent of Donore
  vii.+ other issue - Edward, Robert, Michael, Jerome, James
  B. Margaret Dungan
  m. Thomas Barnewall of Robertstown
  C.+ other issue - Thomas, Christopher (dsp), Mark (dsp), William, Oliver, Luke, Mary, Frances (dsp), Jane
2. William Dungan (d 11.12.1622, recorder of Dublin)
  m. Slany O'Brien (dau of Morough O'Brien, Baron of Inchiquin)
  A. John Dungan (dsp 28.02.1635)
3.+ other issue - Edward of Kiltaghan (a 02.1639), Thomas of Griffenrath



John Dell of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire (brewer)
m. (03.1752) Elizabeth Green (dau of Thomas Green (by Elizabeth Valentine) son of Thomas (by Mary Climson) son of Thomas by Mary Stevens)
1. Thomas Dell of Aylesbury (b 03.05.1760)
  m. (22.02.1789) Mary Irons (bur 06.10.1821)
  A. Thomas Dell (b 24.05.1791, d 03.04.1833, 2nd son) had issue
  m. Maria Sarah Coldicoate (b 17.11.1788, d 22.12.1835, dau of John Coldicoate of Shipston by Elizabeth Cave Hickman)
  B.+ other issue - John (b 31.03.1790, d 27.11.1793), Thomas Green (b 17.02.1797, d 27.12.1802), Elizabeth (a 1840)
2. John Dell of Walton (b 02.10.1776, d 07.10.1838, rector of Weston Longville in Norfolk)
  m. Margaret Shrimpton of Aylesbury
  A. John Dell in London (a 1840)



William Dycer of Wrentham, Suffolk
1. Robert Dycer of Wrentham
  m. Elizabeth Maddocks of Ipswich
  A. Sir Robert Dycer or Dicer of Hackney (Middlesex) & Uphall (Hertfordshire), 1st Bart (b c1595, d 26.08.1667)
m. Dorothy Styles (dau of William Styles of Emingston, m2. Robert Huntington of Stanton Harcourt)
  i. Sir Robert Dycer of Hackney & Uphall, Sheriff of Suffolk, 2nd Bart (b c1644, d by 1675)
  m. (c05.1666) Judith Goulston (dau of Richard Goulston or Gulston of Widdiall)
  a. Sir Robert Dyvcr of Braughing, 3rd Bart (b 1667, d unm 1676)
  b. Dorothy Dycer (bpt 11.05.1668, d 28.06.1711)
  m1. (23.11.1680) Eliab Harvey (dsp 06.1681)
  m2. (01.09.1681) William Harvey (brother of Eliab)
  ii. William Dycer
  iii. Elizabeth Dycer
  m. Isaac Meynell of London
  iv. Dorothy Dycer probably the Dorothy (bur 17.11.1704) who married ...
  m. Thomas Wood of Littleton (bur 14.06.1723)
  B. William Dycer
  i. William Dycer (a 1664)

Main source(s):
(1) For Devenish (uploaded 08.05.06) : Visitation (Sussex, 1530+1633-4, Devenish) with some support from Commoners (vol ii, Walrond of Dulford House)
(2) For Dungan (uploaded 12.10.06) : BE1883 (Dungan or Dongan of Limerick, in Addenda)
(3) For Dell (uploaded 11.08.15) : Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 2, 'Pedigree of Dell of Aylesbury and Walton', p71)
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