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This section first uploaded 13.10.15.
Edward Wheatley of Catesfield & Pevensey, Sussex
m. Anne Hill (dau/heir of Thomas Hill of Pevensey)
1. John Wheatley
m. Allen Groome of Norfolk
  A. Richard Wheatley of Edringfield, Sussex
  m. Mary Hurley (dau of Stephen Hurley)
  i.+ issue - Henry, John, Richard
2. Thomas Wheatley
  m. _ Dunston of Cuffold
  A. John Wheatley of Catesfield
  m. Elizabeth Smallpage (dau of Michael Smallpage of Chichester, m2. Sir William Russell, 1st Bart of Chippenham)
  i. Catherine Wheatley
  m. (19.09.1631) Sir Francis Russell, 2nd Bart of Chippenham (b c1616, bur 1664)



This section first uploaded 20.10.15.
William Beaw, Bishop of Llandaff (b 1616, d 10.02.1706, Major) dates from Wikipedia ("William Beaw")
HoP ("William Beaw") reports that this family "was descended from Guillaume Beau, who took part in the siege of Boulogne in 1544, and whose issue settled first in London and then in Berkshire". It appears that William married twice, with Frances being his relict.
m1. Cecilia West (dau of Charles West, 5th Lord De La Warr)
1. Elizabeth Beaw
  m. (by 1691) Thomas Lyster of Rowton Castle (d 07.03.1701-2)
m2. Frances Bowsier (dau of Alexander Bowsier of Southampton)
2. William Beaw (of London (b c1676, d 06.01.1738, MP)
  m. Margaret Lyster (dau of Richard Lyster of Rowton Castle)
3. Jane Beaw (b c1674, d 20.06.1744) identified by TCP ('Arundell of Trerice') as 6th dau of William & Frances Bowsie (sic)
  m. John Arundell, 3rd Lord of Trerice (b 25.02.1677/8, d 24.09.1706)



This section first uploaded 25.01.16.
Richard Boughton
1. Richard Boughton
  m. ?? (m2. Robert Turie)
2. John Boughton
3. Jane Boughton of Sheffield
  m. Thomas Diston of Sheffield Park (bur 01.01.1702-3, m2. Ann, ironmonger)
  A. Jane Diston
  m. Arthur Speight of Attercliffe
  B. Martha Diston
  m. (04.04.1722) Charles Wright of Sheffield
  C. Elizabeth Diston
  m. (25.04.1725) Benjamin Ferrand (vicar of Peatley Magna, curate at Attercliffe)
  D. Mary Diston
  m. (28.02.1719) John Ellison of Sheffield (m2. Ellen Fell)
  E.+ other issue - Thomas, Charles, Richard, Mary (d infant)
4. Elizabeth Boughton
  m. George Lee?



This section first uploaded 21.07.16.
Thomas Ince of Nottingham then Chesterfield & Wirksworth
m. Mary Rickards (dau of Benjamin Rickards of Nottingham)
1. Thomas Ince of London (dspl, of New Inn)
2. Rickards Ince of Wirksworth
  m. (27.09.1798) Catherine Norris (b 09.12.1770, dau of John Norris of Sheffield)
  A. Thomas Norris Ince of Wakefield (attorney)
  m. (c1846) _ Hemsworth
  B. Margaret Ince
  m. George Tertius Dale of Wirksworth
  C. Mary Ince
  m. Charles Imhoff
  D. Catherine Norris Ince
  m. John Dale of Winster
  E.+ other issue - Samuel, Frederick (d young), Rickards, Charles



This section first uploaded 21.07.16.
John Perrins (bur 15.09.1592)
m. Cahterine (bur 22.02.1593)
1. Peter Perrins or Pyrrans (bpt 01.02.1567, bur 13.01.1625-6)
  m. Ann (a 01.1625-6)
  A. Isabel Perrins
  m. (13.11.1623) Stephen Fox
  B.+ other issue - John, Thomas, Ann



This section first uploaded 13.09.17.
William Greaves of Gartside
1. William Greaves of Fulbourne
  m. (Dorothy) Bell (dau/heir of Beaupre Bell of Beaupre Hall)
2. Jane Greaves
  Wikipedia ("Robert Bell") suggests that the Jane who carried Beaupre Hall into the Townley family was daughter of the above William & the Bell heiress. BLG1952 suggests that Jane was William's sister.
  m. (c1725) Richard Townley of Belfield Hall @@ below



This section first uploaded 13.09.17.
?? de Towneley born in early 1400s?, mentioned in BP1934 ('O'Hagan') as ancestor of Towneleys of Fulbourne, Cambridgeshire
1. ?? Towneley
  A. ?? Towneley
  i. ?? Towneley
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  a. ?? Townley
  (1) ?? Townley
  (A) ?? Townley
(i) Richard Townley
  (a) Richard Townley of Rochdale, later of Belfield Hall, Lancashire (d 1762)
m. (c1725) Jane Greaves (dau of William Greaves of Gartside, sister/heir of William of Fulbourne who m. Bell heiress of Beaupre Hall) @@ above
  ((1)) Richard Townley 'of Foulmire' of Belfield Hall (b 1726, Colonel)
  m1. (1750) Ann Western (d 1761, dau of Thomas Western of Abington Hall)
  ((A)) Richard Greaves Townley of Belfield Hall & Fulbourn (Cambridgeshire) (b 1751, d 05.02.1823)
  m. (25.07.1785) Margaret Gale (dau of John Gale of Whitehaven)
  ((i)) Richard Greaves Townley of Belfield Hall & Fulbourn (b 1786, d 05.05.1855) had issue
  m. (23.08.1821) Cecil Watson (d 1856, dau of Sir Charles Watson, 1st Bart)
  ((B)) Katherine Townley probably of this generation, of this marriage
  m. Charles Wager Allix of Willoughby Hall (b 1748, d 1795)
  m2. _ Penny of Penny Bridge (d 1802)



This section first uploaded 13.09.17.
Richard Dorward
m. Agnes Morell
1. William Dorward or Doreward of Bocking, Essex (a 1367)
  Visitation identifies William's wife and mother of John as Katheren, dau of Sir William Walcott. HoP ("John Doreward") identifies her as ...
  m. Joan Oliver (dau/heir of John Oliver of Stanway)
  A. John Dorward or Doreward of Bocking, Sheriff of Essex & Hertfordshire (d 12.11.1420, Speaker of the House of Commons)
Some information on John comes from Wikipedia ("John Doreward") which confirms the identify of his father and identifies his 2nd wife as Isabella Baynard of Messing but otherwise says little of his family other than that he had a son called John (a 1440). Visitation identifies the mother of John's children as Blanch, dau/heir of Sir William Cogeshull, which is supported by 'The Genealogical Magazine' (vol 3, 1899-1900, 'Hawkwood-Josselyn Pedigree', p103) which names her as Blanche, dau of Sir William de Coggeshall of Codham by Antiocha, dau of Sir John Hawkwood. However, HoP ("John Doreward") suggests that there has been confusion between the generations of the wives and shows as follows.
  m1. (before 1370) Elizabeth Rochford (dau of Thomas Rochford)
  m2. (before 05.1386) Katherine Walcot (d c1397, dau/coheir of Sir Walter Walcot of Gunton)
HoP suggests that John & Katherine had 1 son (m. dau of Sir William Coggeshall) + 3 daughters, one of whom married a grandson of Sir Richard Waldegrave. Visitation shows his son John as dsp and him (the Speaker) as father (by Blanch Coogeshull) of the following children.
  i. John Dorward (dsp)
  m. (Blanche) Coggeshall (dau of Sir William de Coggeshall of Codham)
  ii. William Dorward or Doreward
  The following is supported by History of the Hundred of Launditch and Deanery of Brisley' (G.A. Carthew, 1877, Part 1, 'Pedigree of Harsick of Southacre', p160).
m. Mary or Margery Harsick (dau/coheir of Roger Harsick)
  a. John Dorward or Doreward of Spains Hall, Essex (dsp 02.1495)
  m. Margery Naunton (dau of John Naunton, m2. Sir James Hobart)
  b. Elizabeth Dorward or Doreward
  m. Thomas Fotheringhay or Fodringhay 'of Southacre, Alderford & Dorwards Hall' of Brockley
  c. Joane Dorward or Durward possibly of this generation
  m. Sir William Walgrave of Smallbridge (d 1461)
  iii. Richard Dorward of Barking (sb Booking?)
  m. Joanne Harsike (dau/coheir of (Sir) Roger Harsicke 'of Southacre & the Dunhams')
  a. Richard Dorward
  (1) daughter
m. _ Guilford
  (2) daughter
  m. _ Walsingham
  b. Margaret Dorward
  m. John Wingfield of Great Dunstan
  c. Joanne Dorward
  m. Richard Ingowe of Barking (bur 1498-9)
  iv. Raph Dorward (priest)
  v. Margaret Dorward
  m. Richard Spencer
  vi. Blanche Dorward
  m. John Bowen
  m3. Isabella Baynard (d 22.10.1426, dau of Richard Baynard of Messing, sister of Richard of Messing, widow of Walter Bygood of Alfriston in Grean Dunmow)

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